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Trying to find a shader like this


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Hi all

Im modeling a head and have a little trouble


- I tried all the shaders

- Voxel>Highlights is off

- View > Low Smooth Shade

But can get the same light effect like the shader pic attached.

The light over the surface showing the shape without burning spots and facing the camera.

Any help is appreciated :)


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MaCrea Shader Maker created by Taron and is free. You can create basic shaders and export them out as png files. It is a good chance that you can create the shader you need.

No need to install, just unzip and run. Runs both on Windows or Linux. It is a easy program to figure out how to use.

Original post at Zbrush. I have given you the last version he created and uploaded that I know of.


EDIT---- I had a typo, I meant to spell Taron and instead typed Taros... Correction is done...


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If you are new for this -like me :rofl: -

add an primitive in voxel room

select any shader named PICMAT-something

RMB Construct new shader

add a shader name

the you need to find the matcap pic that you need to make the shader from

the new shader is created in the folder -the texture used is copied here by 3DC-


take care about the matcap pic size... 4kpics take more time to be loaded

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