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Houdini 17 Direct Modeling Sneak Peek..

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I noticed in the parts that I watched, that they created an easy to use API for certain features, like the Auto-Rig and Facial Auto-Rig, that pretty much let the user work without having to mess with nodes for everything. I hope they keep this up and try to create API's like that, for Modeling and Rendering. For VFX stuff, it would be nice, but that's one area where all nodes is pretty much expected.

I'm seriously considering the renewal of the Indie license and giving it another try, to see if I can get over that learning curve (and working in nodes all the time) hump.

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I love Houdini and have slowly been learning the free Apprentice version.  I plan to download the new release soon.

If I was not already monetarily invested in Cinema 4D R20 and was looking to purchase a new 3D program, I would definitely go with Houdini.  However, due to the high cost of 3D software, I cannot justify owning both Cinema 4D and Houdini for my no-revenue generating filmmaking efforts.




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I was just rereading that CG Channel article. This is sort of amazing...to see the logic of Houdini's system end up being applied like this to plug in toolkit development so that they're able to be universally applicable across radically different apps..


It’s provided as a Houdini Digital Asset, which means that it should be possible to use it in other DCC applications, including 3ds Max, Cinema 4D and Maya, Unity, via Houdini Engine.

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