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ogre fan art of a fan art

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hi there, this is my first model completely realized with 3d coat! I sculpted the high res model  and then I created 2 versions : the first for 3d resin printing merging all the meshes, and the second for a low res game version with texture baking.

Hi found that 3d coat is really powerful  and nice to use but some features and functions are a really hard to understand. For example it would be really nice to have coloured layers, layer visibility lock/unlock like photoshop and the new blender, shift select layer to move more than one layer into another with one click....some silly things that would make the software much more enjoyable to use.

Anyway, hope you like it, comments and critics are welcome!

this is the low res version:




orco a.jpg

orco b.jpg

orco c.jpg

orco d.jpg

orco e.jpg

orco f.jpg

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Like this one. good gait/weight on character, one crit would be he quite symetrical. Solid peice though. nice work. 

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