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Relief view mode

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So there is Relief Only view mode in the View menu - hotkey: [1]

I have an old version 4.5.03 where I can adjust the light angle in this view mode. But also I can bake this light information using the Calculate Occlusion tool because there was an option for that.
I think this is pretty fast and straightforward method, and especially useful for handpainted workflow to quickly make a color base for further painting.

But in more recent versions I can't adjust the light angle in this mode (probably a bug). Also, it looks like there is no way to use this lighting information anymore because there are no options for that in Calculate Occlusion or Light Baking tools.
So, looks like this view mode is useless right now.

Yes, I know I can bake lights from the Render Room with the Light Baking tool. But this require some amount of jumps between rooms and some adjustments of lights and parameters in the Render room and that's not so fast and straightforward, but it's totally doable, and also looks like it's a more advanced option to do this kind of stuff. But again - what's the purpose of Relief Only view mode in that case?


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[Bug] Calculate Occlusion - Light source - the parameter is missing


Thx for point it up.:good:

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