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[Fixed] glitchy ui is back in version .36

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Hi guys, after updating to version 36 from version 35, I'm noticing that my interface is glitching again (parts of the ui jump around in fragments).

I have been able to reproduce this by uninstalling completely and deleting all 3dcoat directories under the documents folder followed by a reboot of the system. I then installed 3dcoat version 29 which was behaving good, I then upgraded to v36 and the ui started glitching. I then downgraded to version 35 which is what I was running before, and the glitch went away. I then upgraded back to 36 and the glitch came back again.  I hope that's helpful, but if a video would help, I can do that as well, just let me know.


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Well, it looks like it just kind of worked its way out. As I went to try and make a video to show you, it didn't behave glitchy anymore. Now it seems to be ok. I've even jumped back and forth between the versions again, and it appears to be fine now. @Hickz I wonder if you are still seeing this issue, or if it went away for you as well.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Fixed] glitchy ui is back in version .36

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