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Can anyone else access this forum from their ipod touch (or iphone)?

I get a blank page. :unknw:

iPhone 3Gs - no joy! probably one of the myriad techs that can't be used on iPhone/iPod :( LAME!

if you do a google (GOOGLE APP) google search for the 3dc forums, and then under "more options" blue drop-down link underneath the search entry, there is a "formatted for mobile" link. It is almost un-readible, but it IS readible - more than a blank page.

if anyone finds a better solution :!

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That's odd, it used to work I definitely remember reading and posting on the forum here from my iPhone. I just now tried it and it gave me a blank white screen.

I've only had the iPhone for about a month, so as long as I've had it, it hasn't worked. same blank white screen.

It would be great if it was just a setting somewhere on the forum... e.g. "allow format for mobile devices" or something silly....

a search of the invision power community boards revealed this:

Topic about mobile skins for ip board.


looks like it's something you have to provide as a possible skin for mobile?

;) anyway...

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Well the iPhone browser should read any web page normally. The DAVE School's forum also runs on IP Board, I just browsed it with my iPhone just fine (screenshot). Perhaps the problem is only with the latest version of IPBoard. The school probably hasn't updated, I know their forum is missing a lot of the features we have here.

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