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  1. Digman, Could you share this shader ? I can't find a way to do the same in my 3DC :/.
  2. RabenWulf, yup this is a useless discussion with no facts, let's just agree to disagree. It's important for some peoples, useless for others. Wilson66, but they are not developing a new rendering engine...
  3. To answer to RabenWulf 1 They're is competition, it's not only zbrush and 3DC. You can sculpt in Maya or Modo or even Blender too. It's not as good, but it exist. And Let be honest, I love 3DC, but Substance (I don't even know what you mean by "colouring book"but whatever...), quixel and mari are better for pure texturing. Are they a lot of good and accessible renderer ? yes of course ! but the goal is not to do a new renderer, they are building a way to plug an external renderer. I don't see your point. 2 I don't know why you think the zbrush renderer is "widely use". Do you have any sources or numbers ? (Are you saying than it's nice to have a good renderer in a sculpting app ? O.o) 3 If you argument if "3DC dev team are lying, this take dev time await from the sculpt and paint room" I don't know that to say, I have no info on the subject. I missed the post where they said than 3DC will be more expensive because of the ability to plug a external renderer. Can I have a link to this post ? 4 See answer 3 Once again, I don't think "you can do that by exporting to an external software" is a good argument. That's nice to see a lot of peoples are discussing what the software mean to them :). I understand than an external renderer is useful for a concept artist, but almost useless for someone who texture assets for a video game.
  4. I just really don't understand that. if you follow this way of thinking, you can say it about every aspect of 3DC. why sculpting when zbrush exist ? why texturing when quixel/SP exist ? why retopo when topogun or Maya exist ?... It's also great to have a way to plug an external renderer because you can't do that with zbrush (you can use keyshot & bridge, but it's really expensive). it's a huge advantage for concept artists and a good selling point. If it's not slowing down the developement of other areas of 3DC, I don't understand why peoples are against it. It's probably less work than trying to keep the internal renderer of 3DC up-to-date anyway.
  5. It's a great news, thanks a lot Carrots !
  6. Yup, Me too ! That's why I'd like to have a rendering engine developed by another team, so Andrew doesn't have to take care of it. Or a way to have renderer plug-in.
  7. Any news about something like Cycles ou ProRender (or another renderer like that) in 3DC in the futur BTW ?
  8. intuos 3 is a really good tablet, a little old but really robust. be careful about the wire, it's the only thing that break most of the time. I do all my works with a Wacom intuos pro 5M.
  9. Do you mean a graphic tablet ? like an Wacom intuos for exemple ?
  10. Oh my bad, I was talking about the pose tool in the sculpt room. I never use the tweak room, sorry.
  11. I don't know for the transform tool, but you can use the pose tool with the option "through all volumes". you can rotate using cmd on Mac (I assume it's ctrl on windows), or you can click on "rotate" and type any value you want.
  12. I'm not sure about the crash log file. But you can send an e-mail to with a step by step and your config (and ask if there's the crash log file). I usually do that and it's enough.
  13. Oh yeah that's what I did too. I did like a clown pass by hand, with each object on a layer, like you did. after that, you can use the clip mask layer. it's a very "2D/photoshop" workflow. But there should be a way to just clip mask layer to an surface or an objet... IF this option is not in 3DC yet, I read than the team is suppose to work on this part of the software in the near futur, so we could send an e-mail to Andrew.
  14. this export is weird. If you have some time, could you send an email to ? Maybe something change in 3DC or in Octane and the exporter need to be updated.
  15. Can you use Layer Blending -> Clip Mask Layer for this ? I don't remember.