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  1. Yeh a CUDA version would be nice for macOS (I have a Nvidia card in my MacBook Pro) but I understand the argument against it. I'd prefer to see all the bugs of the Mac version solved first ( no loading bar, no incremental rendering, non-US keyboard not recognised, renderman not working...) Back at your problem, I do not have a geometry preview went I use the sketch tool, except if I hit "enter" every time. But I don't have that weird navigation with the sketch tool. Maybe you can try to reset 3DC ?
  2. There's is only a GL version for macOS, DX is windows only, and CUDA is not implemented in the Mac version because apple only sell AMD card ATM.
  3. Well I know what I'll ask for Christmas this year now , this would be really nice.
  4. 4.7.30 [beta] on Mac Shaders (except in "default" and "skins" folders) are not working anymore. When I try to use them, it display the default shader. 3Dc can't find Renderman.
  5. hello, It would be nice to have a release note for the Mac & Linux version too. It's hard to know if any of the bugs are solved (no loading bar, incremental rendering not working on Retina display, non-US keyboard not recognised). Also, Is it possible to have an shader for emissive light ? (I know you can do it with smart materials, it would just be a little faster in some cases).
  6. that's really cool !
  7. You need to download and install Renderman. 3DC will recognise it after that and it works like a plugin.
  8. Is it useful to update my renderman to 21.4 ?
  9. I should always upload a video, it's so much easier. I'm not using the rotate tool, it's during the navigation Is there a way to change that, so I can move around my object the same way regardless of the position of my object ?
  10. I'm using the version 4.7.24 on MacOS.
  11. Hi everyone ! If I rotate an upside down object (with alt+right click) the control are inverted (need to drag to the right to go left). Is there a way to change that, so I have the same controls even if my model is in a weird pose. I'm working on a project with a lot of object and I'll be useful for me. Thanks
  12. AbnRanger : thanks for the explanation. I understand now. I'd like a way to do my final render in the render preview window, with denoiser and everything. it's much more confortable for me and it stay open if 3Dc crash. I'd also like an option to render in the BG while I can continue working in 3Dc. If it's too much for the IPR, would it be possible to work in the IPR in the render room with a reduced poly count mesh ? (like when I want to export). I saw this in another software, I can't remember which one. I hope Carrots will see this thread.
  13. it works for me. I exported in .exr. You might want to look at the color profile before exporting (in the preview window). You're right, I probably better to have a threat just for the rendering and integration of external renderers.
  14. I have the same problem. the image is clean if I use "render preview" but is blurry if I use "render". I try to lower the denoiser but it's still happening. I don't understand how the SSS work with the shaders and Renderman and how to control it. there's a big difference between 3DC renderer and Renderman. The render preview window is good, I'd like to do my final renderer this way. it even stay open when 3DC crash, that's really useful. Is there a plan to support triplanar texturing ? And could it be possible to use AlShaders in 3DC ? it's free, open source and it can be use in a lot of renderer.
  15. Oh yep, I assume it's really hard to do. I don't understand when I should use "render" and when I should use "render preview". Is the final image different ?