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  1. Good news everyone ! Renderman going cpu/gpu, that's pretty cool for 3dc
  2. AFAIK, renderman in 3DC is not working on Mac yet.
  3. Wait, did I miss something, or is it a new secret super shader ?
  4. I'd really like to have a post by Carrots on what is the futur of rendering in 3Dc, and what he think about the differents rendering engines.
  5. I know it doesn't help a lot, but 3DC works fine on my MacBook Pro 2014. Do you have every drivers up-to-date ? the only difference I can see is that I have a Nvidia card, and you have an AMD card.
  6. I don't think is it suppose to take THAT long to open a file with your rig. Is there situation where a file will take that long to open in 3Dc without a bug ?
  7. Thanks Sergyi, awesome job !
  8. Yeh a CUDA version would be nice for macOS (I have a Nvidia card in my MacBook Pro) but I understand the argument against it. I'd prefer to see all the bugs of the Mac version solved first ( no loading bar, no incremental rendering, non-US keyboard not recognised, renderman not working...) Back at your problem, I do not have a geometry preview went I use the sketch tool, except if I hit "enter" every time. But I don't have that weird navigation with the sketch tool. Maybe you can try to reset 3DC ?
  9. There's is only a GL version for macOS, DX is windows only, and CUDA is not implemented in the Mac version because apple only sell AMD card ATM.
  10. Well I know what I'll ask for Christmas this year now , this would be really nice.
  11. 4.7.30 [beta] on Mac Shaders (except in "default" and "skins" folders) are not working anymore. When I try to use them, it display the default shader. 3Dc can't find Renderman.
  12. hello, It would be nice to have a release note for the Mac & Linux version too. It's hard to know if any of the bugs are solved (no loading bar, incremental rendering not working on Retina display, non-US keyboard not recognised). Also, Is it possible to have an shader for emissive light ? (I know you can do it with smart materials, it would just be a little faster in some cases).
  13. that's really cool !
  14. You need to download and install Renderman. 3DC will recognise it after that and it works like a plugin.
  15. Is it useful to update my renderman to 21.4 ?