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  1. Thanks for sharing the video. Hopefully Andrew can implement some sort of polygon level alpha sorting for correct rendering of transparencies.
  2. Nice work, I like the presentation also!
  3. I'm not a shader guru but I made a few shaders a little while ago (here) There are others scattered in the exchange section of the forums. Maybe the webmaster could create a central shader exchange similar to zbrush's. A thumbnail of the shader ball, example object, description and link to download. Also, it would be nice if the paint room could be opened up more for custom shaders. It's beyond me if it's possible in the current shader model of the paint room, but parallax mapping could be nice. Anyway, thanks for linking the eye shaders.
  4. Unfortunately non that I know of. What little I've learned was from other shaders and bits and pieces throughout the forum. It would be nice to have a pinned thread for shader tips though.
  5. For PC: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Q The shader, I believe must compile successfully initially when 3DC opens. But after that, if an error in the HLSL occurs, the object will disappear until it is fixed.
  6. That WebGL is impressive, didn't think it was capable of that. Displaying/presenting 3d models and scenes on a portfolio website or forum in an interactive ray-tracer, that would be very cool. +1 for Andrew integrating the Intel path-tracer into 3DC... (Joking...really...maybe...) I'd rather see a more advanced DirectX renderer (Element 3D, Marmoset toolbag, etc) Thanks for sharing pixo, I'll try to compile it when I get a chance.
  7. SubD Sculpting would be a very welcome addition, and a good move to make 3DC more attractive to those that are more comfortable with multi-res poly sculpting. And there have been times that I wish I could just sculpt on a base mesh without having to convert it to voxel\surfaces. Polysculpt could combine vertex painting (transferable from voxel sculpt), uv painting (ppp), and scupting. +2
  8. Nice work on the scorpion! Thankfully I've never met one in real life.
  9. Very cool, thanks for sharing! Just watching someone else's workflow can spark ideas or revive others.
  10. Nice sculpt and details! scary, but well done Looking forward to seeing it painted. And +1 for spec roughness and CUDA update.
  11. L'Ancien Regime, pixo, fleeting time : Thanks! Garagarape: Thanks! I moved the arrows around more to look more natural. The bow and arrows are coming up on my list to sculpt. I think I'm about ready to retopo after I finish a few more objects and details. Update:
  12. Looks great! I really like it. I didn't know about blenders vertex cavity feature, that will be useful.
  13. chris_solo & Kargall: Thanks! Garagarape: Yes, I forgot to hide the arrow for that render. Now they are more believable More wrinkles and detail for the clothing is definitely on the to do list and the hat was inspired by the Dunkleosteus. LkSMangako: Thanks! I plan on retopoing within the 15k tris limit, otherwise it's over 6 mil tris. (though in the turntable renders I forget to restore several of the downgraded layers)
  14. That's looking really great!