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  1. Thanks Kenmo, Yeah, I just hobby also....all the techie stuff leaves me cold,I just learn the bare minimum to get a picture done. Excited at the moment because I think I found my perfect workflow...for now anyway Sculpt,paint in 3dcoat using retopo via decimation. Import into Daz Studio and render with Iray ( only got Daz Studio last weekend,learned the basics in about two days!) Tart up the image in Photoshop and Artrage... .done!.. I can make and render a monster in 2 time to get bored with stuff. I reckon this workflow would do your hotrods or whatever just fine. Sorry gswartz for interloping your thread! Over and out.....
  2. I dont know how neat you guys need your retopos , but I am loving "retopo via decimation" ( right mouse button whilst over the model about half way down) It all ends up triangulated to heck. But once the normals are baked it looks perfect.... Obviously no good for games characters,because of messy edge flow. And maybe not good for vehicular stuff. ( the last couple of "Ladies" on my Artstation page were done this way.)
  3. Just popped by to suggest that very thing!! I am not sure if the option is available when you do your initial bake textures. But if you bake occlusion afterwards it is and it works fine.
  4. Maybe on the AO paint layer use the erase tool on the parts that are completely black.
  5. Darn it, wished I would have thought about relaxing my last model, I ended up with a jaggedy hair doo that I had to sort of fix in Photoshop.( I will revisit the model and check out to see if it would have made a difference!) But anyway Decimate -retopo worked a treat for me. Really pleased with the way this turned out. I had to render in Carrara as the 3dcoat renderer seems to have gone a bit flaky on me and that Renderman thing isnt doin' for me.... Edit, Just had a look at my model, I relaxed it but it started to soften any sharp points I had , so before I relaxed I subdivided, which actually turned all my polys 4 sided , then I relaxed and they fit a lot better . Lesson learned for next time....
  6. Great! But now the input sliders in the render room are broke , so got to juggle two versions! ( I think its a confirmed bug,so no doubt it will sorted.)
  7. Blimey! When did this appear? Just tried it on the Mannequin ,it works great for the sort of stuff I do. Its obviously a bit messy if you need a neat quad based mesh though.But I can see myself using this a lot.
  8. Thanks, I will check out .exr thingy. I did try a few color profiles, but must have missed that one as there seems to be so many to choose from. I'm gonna leave rendering alone for a few days I think, and get on with a bit of sculpting. I will keep an eye on the forum for tips though.
  9. No psd, Only PNG, TGA ,BMP and jpeg.
  10. There is a check box "store alpha channel" for transparent background. But I have found you always get a bit of "fuzz" around stuff whether you anti alias or not .So what I do is render a MASSIVE image then reduce the size later to try and eliminate it. Have you exported from the render preview? When I tried it the image looked a lot darker than in the preview window. There is another thread started for Renderman. It might be a good idea to start posting questions and tips there. Ha Ha Ha I,m telling Mr Panka about his own thread........ doh!
  11. That is not a problem here. Have you unticked "show render result" before switching back to 3dcoat render.( 28 beta) I have been plugging away with this since we got it ,and I have not really got any decent results yet. Image is always blurry. ( yes ,i have made DOF zero.) I think denoising just interpolates the image and makes it worse. Anyone got a result yet? Any chance of making those refraction glasshaders work with the 3dcoat render. Or is that wishful thinking.....
  12. I dont think raziel is takling about the GUI . I think he/she means the polygon construction is causing waves...I think the mesh just needs to be "relaxed" Go to the top line where it says "Extra Det" ( detail) and change it to "relax" then use ctrl+ shift to relax the polys. ( i think its control shift)
  13. !!!! This seems to have just been mentioned as an afterthought? Is not this big news... How does one go about this? I have looked in the render room and there is a nice little option for Renderman ,but as I dont have it ,nothing happens obviously. It is available free on the Renderman site so that bit is easy enough. If I download it will it just work and be amazing or is that wishfull thinking. Will we have to do lots of node shannanigans to get it to work. I'm tempted to just dive in and have a look,but just wondering why the announcement was literally just one line in the update list when it seems like quite a big thing.
  14. Thanks for the links, but i dont do ebay , anyway those links not in uk, still too expensive. Though I will keep an eye on the bidding just out of curiosity. ( computer stuff seems to be $1=£1 ...what a rip off! So in UK we pay 30% more or whatever the exchange rate is) The thread has gone off at a tangent ( that usually happens doesnt it!) Basically I might as well be saying I want a new engine for my Nissan Micra and you guys saying "I know where you can a BMW engine cheap" Sorry, I am not trying to be rude about being helped, the answers were drifting away from my original question. My computer is a cheap second hand workstation just to tide me over until I decide whether to call it a day with all this cg stuff, if i am still enthusiastic in when I hit 60 I will invest in a super-duper computer to see me out! I just need the bare minimum to keep me going until then. So mainly getting this card to update Direct x to try some new stuff that wont run at the moment. My usual technology timeline is generally 4 years behind . I used a Geforce 9800 for 8 years!!! I will get the 1070 in a couple of years when they are £ lot will be using quantum computers by then.... hee hee....
  15. Thanks for the info guys.Its always appreciated when i get a reply to my rambling! My workflow at the moment seems to be mainly vertex painting my sculpts, mainly for simplicity. Does this count as "textures" as they are not technically image maps I suppose, as the color info is part of the object.... I think I am heading for the 4 gb card just because bigger is usually better ! ( well thats what she said..) Im doing all this on the cheap at the moment cos its only hobby stuff and cant justify £350 for inbuilt obsolescence. I think Marmaset will import vertex colors, because an older version I tried did. I dont know if Instant Light or Unreal can use Vertex colors. My IL demo ran out months ago, but it didnt really work very well on my system,probably my gpu not good enough. ( the top row on my Artstation page is all vertex paint rendered in 3dcoat, anything below that is mostly image mapped and rendered in Carrara. Not a great deal of difference ,but so much easier when you dont have to faff around remeshing and baking and exporting and lighting... Sculpt ,Paint,