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  1. strip

    Great stitches and seams Cleitus . I will have to bring the space suit I gave up on back to life and give him some nice seams.
  2. Move points to nearest point in the lathe tool will not there a trick to this. This has not worked for me for a while. Anybody else?
  3. The thread above may help a bit more! Yup the PBR shaders are awful for sculpting, but once you figure out how to get the picmat/matcap shader( its one or the other ...I get confused easily...) its much better than it was.
  4. Ta for the video! Everything seems ok now. By doing what I said above seems to have fixed it ,even my Transform shortcut works properly again. ( I was proud of myself for figuring out the stacked thing all on my own!! but turns out it wasnt stacked anyway.) ajz3d mentioned a "user preferences" folder...pretty sure I have not got this ,I have scoured all my folders ..did you mean "Users > toolpresets " ? anyway not to worry , everything is good in the 3dcoat world of Stu! Thanks for the help yous guys are great!
  5. Thanks Ajz3d,that certainly seems to have helped a lot! ( though cant test properly till tonight.) I assume I deleted the right files ...the toolpresets in the "users" folder? Do these just get re written when you use a tool? Should I delete anything from the main program folders or would that be a disaster....
  6. Ta , I will check it after I have finnished rendering in my other software, my computer is like mollasses when two progs are running.....
  7. Help..... Changing brush presets still incredibly slow ...3-5 seconds sometimes , its the only thing thats ruining my 3dcoat experience at the moment....anyone else got this or suggestions? oh yeah...also when I hit the T key to transform it does not hold it , the feedback/options box pops up for a second but then it reverts back to the previous tool. It works if I quickly tap twice( shortcuts are not stacked by the way) If I hit Transform in the side panel it works fine...
  8. Brush selection is awfully slow in the last 2 betas .. any prefs I may have inadvertently clicked on/off?
  9. Have a look in your shaders , see if there is a "picmap" shader. You can edit it and select one of those sphere image maps ....I actually use the grey default one from Sculptris...
  10. Quicky question. Have the Brush Presets been upgraded recently ? I just noticed my preset list has been expanded with loads of new brushes! ( my old ones are still there there so thats ok...) Just wondering.... Not tried them yet ,so something new to play with. On the MatCap note . I like the default "Sculptris" grey one . If you download Sculptris you can find it and a load of others in one of the data folders. And ta for that link RabenWulf, maybe I will find an even nicer one there!
  11. Yeah sorry ,I just left that box checked ,cos its how I usually have it. I f you uncheck it ,the background moves with the cam, is that what you meant? Checking the box locks the environment to the view window. Unchecking the box locks it to the camera. Im confusing myself now .... I assume you have tried both... I tend not to use pbr shaders for sculpting because I find them hard to see properly and as you say you can have dark areas. I use a pic mat material( or is it mat cap? I get mixed up with these things...) for sculpting, specifically the default one they use for "Sculptris" this is not affected by the environment map ,it has a nice contrasty look to it, and looks identical from any angle. Sorry for rambling on.
  12. Here?
  13. I get this problem with the Transform key (T) It works from the left menu but occasionally the T key does not accept the press so to speak,the gizmo flashes on for a brief moment . Though I have found if I tap T twice in quick succession it seems to accept it ? Dennis ,try tapping twice just to see.See if it works for you...
  14. Or press '9' or '0' to rotate to desired position. ( on the qwerty keys not the numberpad.)
  15. To make a gun strap,what I would do is.....the simplified version to get you started. 1.Oped a cube primitive and reduce one of the sides to flatten it. 2. In the vox menu ,drag the object into the spline folder ( i think you grab it via the little divide symbol to the left of the plus sign.) 3 A window should open up with some sliders in it ,there you can adjust your spline. When you ok it, this spline is then in your folder. 4 Make some curves then you can select the spline you made. 5. Do not make your initial spline piece to poly heavy as when it repeats you will get bogged down. Sometime surface objects fail to work, though voxels seem quite reliable. You just need to play around for a bit to learn what works.