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  1. Thank you Andrew ...All seems good for me now.
  2. Yes, Im still getting this also.(win 7)
  3. Thanks fingers,yes I get that box also. My AVG was quarantine ING the application icon for the gl version then I deleted it by accident from the quarantine area... Pretty sure i pressed the make exception button. Oh well I will try again in a bit.
  4. I found it there ,but deleted it I think.... I thought I was maybe restoring it but I just deleted it...doh. So Its basically gone I think. I reinstalled everything but its still gone. Maybe I have to start from scratch, How would I do that ,Do I have to delete the users folders. This is all a bit beyond me. The Dx Version seems to work just fine, just dont like the thought that there is something missing that I broke. edit , It just crashed moving the color palette...sod it I will go back to previous version...this really need to work at moment. thanks for helping
  5. Thanks ,that sort of worked ...but during the process my GL icon shortcut got put in quarantine,now it is completey gone and I can only use the DX version... question .How can I get my application icon back...its nowhere to be seen, Ive been using GL for everything for ages .Will using DX affect anything? ( I am using a GTX 1050 gfx card.) thanks
  6. I have just tried to install 4.8, but my AVG flagged it as having a virus? I assumed It was possibly just part of it so made it an exception. When I tried to run it , it would not run and a box popped up saying It would not run because of virus. I uninstalled. Any ideas?
  7. Have you tried surface mode, voxel primitives can be blobby.Or maybe increase resolution. Its a bit of a trade off if you are making splines have too many polys , it bogs down the computer,too few and your edges get a bit soft. What I would do for a belt is make a cube with a decent resolution, then use the cut off tool to pare it to your belt profile.
  8. Try this thread...
  9. +1 for that. I dont find the current Alpha channel to be great.When I have used it I have had to render my image really large then reduce it later it eliminate unclean edge ,even with antialiasing off.
  10. Great ..thanks for effort!. Its appreciated. I dont need 360 just 12 stills. I guess the option to render a sequence of PNG images does not exist , for whatever reason, must be a techie thing . Targas only seem to render with alpha channel, if you switch off Alpha it renders BMP. I find an alpha channel render has fuzzy edges. If It can render single PNG why not a sequence ? I could do with it rendering to a playable movie also ( without going thru other software.), but those tabs in the help only let you upload stuff to youtube and the like. I think I am just expecting it to do suff I want, but just is not there. Its fine though, I can work around. Thanks for looking!
  11. Thanks ,Yeah I think i wrote jpg in my first post, when I meant TGA, Doh. ( formats swimming around in my head...) As I said in the second picture ,like what you just said ,I can get a jpg but my render was awful ,full of I turned on save lossless and it renders Bmp, which are great, but the files are quite a big size. I usually use png, they seem to be a bit more manageable sizewise . ( 3 mb as compared to 500kb ) When I scroll thru a turntable in Windows picture viewer, it takes a while to load up each picture.( if my client as a steam powered pc, its not gonna look good waiting for stuff to load. ....) All I want to do is render png images in turntable mode. But its not the end of the world If i cant. In the Render Turntable tab, if you click on render alpha channel, it says it will render TGA automatically, but it does not, it renders BMP, AND no Alpha Channel. Must be a bug. The crux of the problem seems to be that In Render Turntable mode you get a choice of 2 formats whilst in normal render you have a choice of 4 formats .
  12. Thanks Carlosan, Just tried 36, seems to be ok now! I tried a single frame and a turntable and it exited thats sorted I bet I wont use it for 6 months....
  13. I am using the render turntable option. It only seem to allow two options.
  14. No, vers 35, In all the previous versions Ive used I think it has only ever worked a handful of times ! I get a big surprise when it works. As it been addressed in 36? Does this happen to anyone else? I will give 36 a go.
  15. I have been rendering out turntables,they render out BMP format, is there a way to JPG or PNG them from the get go without having to convert them later. I cant find a setting checkbox/list.