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  1. Have a look in your shaders , see if there is a "picmap" shader. You can edit it and select one of those sphere image maps ....I actually use the grey default one from Sculptris...
  2. I get this problem with the Transform key (T) It works from the left menu but occasionally the T key does not accept the press so to speak,the gizmo flashes on for a brief moment . Though I have found if I tap T twice in quick succession it seems to accept it ? Dennis ,try tapping twice just to see.See if it works for you...
  3. Fair enough!
  4. Nice job SG. A technical question for you. Was the plinth lying flat on the ground? I have been having a go with the renderer recently and it does not seem to render the shadows properly around the base of stuff that is lying on the plane I made,everything looks like it is floating above ,even if I bury it a bit below.....mystery.
  5. You are right...I just imported an object and it just shows wire frame . But interestingly because the object was painted so was the wire frame.It was shaded like the paint job. So the info is obviously there I think. But Im not a techie so I have no clue. I think it may be something to do with "paint objects" the window was empty of paint objects in my case. Gonna have to bow out of this one ,its gone beyond my abilities. Hopefully someone will chip in.
  6. Like this? Or have I misunderstood.
  7. You may have exported it using the wrong setting.
  8. Have a look here ...In Retopo look at the top line of menu/tabs, the last one to the right is "Colours" try that.
  9. I have used my Wacom Bamboo for the last five years, working great with 3dcoat . Though i have also had intermitant probs with the windows services( though not for ages now). What used to happen with me was that when I switched on my computer a little square would pop up that said "Tablet Driver Not Loaded" or something similar . The pen would sort of still work but not go to the edge of the screen.I finally figured out if I went to windows services I could restart from there. But generally my little Bamboo is great.( two of the little lights on it dont work now ! but I think the buttons still do, but I never use them anyway....)
  10. Looks good! I did some fur that may be suitable for your look, I made an alpha in photoshop then used the "Gum" tool to stamp them down. Also there was a video I saw last week, ( I think it was on the forum, I cannot remember....someone will know) It showed how to make an alpha from and actual part of the model. So in theory you could sculpt a section of fur to your liking then use this as your alpha. Hopefully someone will know what I am talking about and post the link......please.
  11. I can load a jpg normal map just fine, Png is an instant crash.... I tried the default and a new shader. Just tried Targa, that was fine also. No big deal I suppose.Now I know it is usable . I missed the offer deadline, but I wouldnt be using it seriously for now anyway. Ive got the 30 day demo ,so I will dip in and out for a bit. Its just one of those mysteries.
  12. I just noticed this on offer today( 30 %). So I downloaded the 30 day trial. Seems reasonably straight forward , even for me.......But when I import a normal map ( made in 3dcoat) it just crashes everytime . Any one use this software or got any knowledge ? ( I used Maya NM in Coat and selected same for Toolbag import) I noticed Phil Nolans name on an old forum,.....he/you were not having much luck with it. Anyway, it is 30 percent off today. Edit: Seems it does not like PNG images ,I managed to make it not crash by converting to JPG.
  13. I had a problem with adding a primitive a while back.....I think the problem was that I had symmetry turned on. So with all the symmetry buttons unchecked it seemed ok ( press "s" ) This was a while ago so I cant remember which vers I was using. ( using the latest at the moment and it appears to be incredibly stable, for me any way!)
  14. Use the "split" tool. In voxels there is a "split border" width number to adjust on the top menu. Surface mode doesn't have this apparently. ( not the split tool, it has that but you do not get a border width option.) The voxel split border is defaulting at 2.5 for me , just make this zero for a clean cut.
  15. Mission accomplished ......move along.......nothing to see here..... Ta for the brush.