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  1. It certainly does sound cool. But the cost of the VR hardware is a big concern for a near 70 year old retiree like myself. I've always enjoyed your youtube channel. I hope you have some tutorials on Gravity Sketch like you did on 3D scanners. Cheers Kenmo
  2. I find it much easier to just export the model in Blender as an OBJ to a common folder and then import it into 3DC. When finished in 3DC export it to the common folder as an OBJ. This Blender plugin is too buggy to use and too frustrating to maintain.
  3. My 3D car modeling was specific to 3DCoat 2021 new modeling tools. I was not asking a general question about car modeling. Sorry I did not mean to be rude as I thought this thread was all about 3DCoat 2021 and not 3D modeling in general. So should I post a question about MOI3D or Blender's Hardops Add-on?
  4. Have no interest at ALL in Gravity Sketch and that funky VR headset and other stuff. It's not for me. My question was directed soley towards 3DCoat 2021. So not sure why you would drag Gravity Sketch into a thread on 3DC 2021.
  5. Sorry but I'm not sure what you mean or what you are asking.
  6. Will the new modeling tools in 3DCoat 2021 be of use for car modeling? Car modeling is something I really want to do more of. I've modeled some hot rods using Silo3D & Heagon3D. And started a few cars models in Blender. I can model spaceships in the present 3DC. But cars is another matter. Try modeling a 1957 Chevy BelAir or 1963 Corvette Sting Ray in 3DC 4.9 and you'll go insane. Any thoughts on 3DC 2021 for automotive modeling?
  7. APE WITH THE GOLD HELMET Frank Frazetta is one of my most favorite artists of all time. When I was a young lad of 19 I worked part time at the Sears warehouse on Mumford Road while attend Saint Mary's University. Now that I was earning my own money I could finally purchase my parents a real Christmas present with my hard earned pennies. For Christmas I purchased them a print copy of Rembrandt's "Man With the Golden Helmet" from the Sears catalogue. Having an employee discount was also incentive. I've always loved this painting. I often wondered whant the painting would have looked like if Frazetta painted it. Well here is my feeble attempt. I'm certain Mr Frazetta would have done a much better job. I created this all 100% digitally using Daz Studio 4.9 (3D Delight), Genesis 1 Gorilla, Photoshop CC 2021 & ArtRage 6.
  8. Thanks very much. I've not heard of these apps before other than Clip Studio Paint which I own as it came free with my Wacom tablet. Will check them out. Cheers & again many thanks....
  9. The Fearful Child I created this image this image 100% digitally on my computer. The Fearful Child - Dedicated to all those children who live their lives in constant fear neglected by society and for the most part must forge for themselves. Victims not of of their own doing, who's future is uncertain and perhaps even bleak. Society is blind, they dwell among us. Apps and hardware used : Photoshop CC 2021, ArtRage 6 (a fantastic digital painting app) , Wacom stylus & tablet and my homebuilt Windows 10 computer I assembled last year.
  10. Well, if you are the author of the video we can all be assured it will be of very high quality. I've always enjoyed your tutorials, videos and tips. Look forward to it.
  11. Most of my digital illustrations use 3D models as a base which are sometimes rendered in Vue or brought into either Photoshop 2021, Corel Painter or ArtRage and painted over to create a natural media look. Sometimes I will use all three. In the above I took the base render from 3DCoat and brought into Photoshop to give it a pencil sketch look using Topaz Studio 2 plugin. Cheers & take care... Kenmo
  12. Created in 3DC and rendered in 3DC.
  13. You can use Quadremesher on a 3 month subscription basis for $15.99 USA, thus allowing you to lease it only when you need it. Which is what I did as I spend more time in Lightroom & Photoshop doing photo editing then in any 3D apps. I too found quad remesher vastly superior to 3DC's auto retopo and now hardly ever use 3DC's retopo.
  14. Thanks for that tip. But I find videos with captions or subtitles too hard to follow as trying to read text and follow the mouse pointer is very difficult. Cheers & take care.
  15. Merry Christmas and all the Best in 2021 Stay safe everyone... Another Vue render I did for Christmas 2020.
  16. Christmas Eve Night in Peggy's Cove A snowman and Christmas tree near the Lighthouse are ready for Christmas morning in Peggys' Cove, Nova Scotia. A digital illustration I created for Christmas 2020 using Blender 2.92 (model the lighthouse), 3D Coat 4.9 (texture lighthouse), snowman, Christmas tree, fishing boat & houses are 3D props. Rendered in Vue Creator 1.5 with postwork using Photoshop 2021 CC & Topaz Studio 2.
  17. Cool work. One of the best Prime Ministers of the British Empire & Commonwealth ever....
  18. I do not deserve any thanks. The thanks goes to Andrew and the team at 3DC!!!! 3D Coat is an awesome app. Sorry if my earlier posts seem to be rude or too aggressive, I simply wanted to put aside my pennies for the upgrade. Cheers & many thanks...
  19. 89 Euros is equivalent to about $106 USA or in my case $138 Canadian...Which seems to be more then fair and a bargain. Many thanks.
  20. @haikalle I will send an e-mail to Andrew. I have issue with your constantly asking the same question not only twice but many times over, your inability to read what I am posting and your extreme slowness in resolving issues. It also appears you developed this plugin on a Linux platform as you are quite reluctant to divulge what Windows version & build you are using. I find dealing with you very frustrating. Yet you insist the issue is with 3DCoat or my directory structure. You fail to acknowledge it worked fine on this computer TWO months ago using 3DCoat & my existing directory structure which not changed. You lack the ability to communicate properly and to read.
  21. Andrew has given us the option to put our 3DC Data where ever we damn well please.
  22. Kindly grasp this - It worked great TWO months ago on this compute with 3DC 4.9.33 and my data folder "G:\3DCOAT\3D-CoatV48" I will name my DATA folder whatever I damn will please. I'm done with you until you answer my question.
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