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  1. Great tutorial by Anton. I purchased this tutorial and it was well worth the money. Would highly recommend. Anton knows 3DCoat and is an excellent instructor like AbRanger & Javis Jones
  2. I think I must have attention deficit disorder. I start working on a 3D model, 3D scene or a 2D painting and I take it so far. Then a new idea pops into my head that I have to immediately start on, abandoning the project. And most times completely forgetting. I think with all the 3D & 2D graphic apps, 7 DSLR cameras and a real life 1960 Corvette, I simply have too many hobbies and distractions. And now that I'm retired too much time on my hands. Here's a couple of car bodies I started to work on recently. But abandoned. I hope to revisit them soon. As you can tell, I am obsessed with hot rods and cars of the 1930s to the 1970s. I have a large collection of car & hot rod books/magazines, die cast cars & quite a few unopened plastic car model kits.
  3. Love the style. Looks like a Dylan Cole matte painting...
  4. kenmo

    Kenmo's 3D Art

    Various 3D images I've created
  5. kenmo

    The Prisoner

    From the album: Kenmo's 3D Art

    Influenced by Robert E Howard's story - Tower of the Elephant. - 3DCoat, & Hexagon3D, rendered in Vue with detail added with ArtRage & Photoshop

    © Ken R Morris Jr 2015 ©

  6. I would appreciate any articles on artists using 3D Coat for automotive modeling. That is land vehicles, my preference is for cars but would like see trucks, buses, tractors, tanks, etc . There are plenty of articles on hard surfaces like space ships (which are appreciated) but a big shortage of anything automotive.
  7. Yes. It's one of the most intuitive 3D modeling apps. Silo3D 's interface kind of reminds me of Wings3D.
  8. here's one for my home province of Nova Scotia (Canada) and a personalized license plate for a Boston Bruins fan in Massachusetts or 3DCoat user in Hawaii. It appears the "GO BRUINS" contained a few too many characters. BUT I think you get the idea... Cheers, take care & stay safe...
  9. Need a texture for your 3D car model? Then you maybe interested in this link which can generate for you a texture for your license plate for any US state or Canadian province... Enter what you want for a license plate Select the American state or Canadian province & the era http://www.acme.com/licensemaker/ Below I selected my plate number as KENMO and then seleted California and 1956 and generated the plate below, which can be downloaded as a jpeg.
  10. Here's 8 greebles I've created over the years and used in some of my models. I created them with Wings3D, Hexagon3D and Silo3D. use them for whatever you want. These may not be of the best quality or of little use to some of you, I just wanted to give back to the 3DCoat who has been so helpful and friendly over the past years. People like Abranger, Anton, Javis Jones, Carolsan, Andrew and so many others who truly make this a fun & very helpful place to visit. Cheers - take care, stay safe and healthy... GREEBLES01-08.zip
  11. Are you suggesting not to create a subfolder for your models? But instead dump them into the Objects folder? If so, I do not like that idea. I like to organize my Kitbash objs by category - ie: Space ship, Automotive, Mech, Buildings, etc.
  12. I agree 100% there has to be a quicker way to do this.
  13. I bring the whole model library into Hexagon3D or Silo3D. I then export each model separately to a new folder created under your VoxStamps\Objects folder. In my case it was "G:\3DCOAT\3D-CoatV48\VoxStamps\Objects\Antons Kitbash" It's a bit of work. Perhaps someone has a more efficient & less labor intensive way then mine.
  14. One of the first 3D apps I started with many moons ago. Nice to see it's still in development. And I do fire it up from time to time. Wonderful & easy to use FREE 3D modeling app without all the clutter of other programs. http://www.wings3d.com/?page_id=84
  15. Still use Hexagon & Silo3D for things I'm not yet comfortable in Blender. I also have Moi3D which I love.
  16. Wow...thank you ever so much for the reply & tips. So much appreciated...
  17. I can not seem to find this new spline tool. I only see the red ball spline tool. I'm using 4.9.44.
  18. PS: Any tips or suggestion on how I would model a pulley belt for the 3DC engine? Cheers & please stay healthy & safe. Kenmo
  19. For comparison here is the Ford engine I did about 5 or 6 years ago in Hexagon3D. Quite pleased in the amount of time it took to model engine in 3DC considering I am only a 3DC hack and not near the skill level of most who post their work on this outstanding forum.. However I dislike the thought of having to retopo it. Retopo is a BIG PAIN in the BUTT IMHO...
  20. After this morning's yard work (tearing up dead bushes, raking leaves), visiting my Mother's gravsite and going to the grocery store I was too tired to actually replace the fuel lines on my own antique car. A 1960 Corvette which I restored in 1983 and still own. I decided to kill my afternoon with 3DCoat. Using beta 4.9.44 I thought I would like to model a V8 engine completely in the voxel room. I used no reference images. It is completely from my mind. And influenced by the 1960s Chrysler Hemi and the the Ford Boss 429 of the late 1960s & early 1970s. The previously V8 engine I modeled was doing completely in Hexagon3D. And I used a 1/6 diecast scale model of a 1930s to early 1950s Ford flathead V8 as reference which is sets on a shelf in my computer room among near 80 other diecast models of cars (mostly vintage) of varying scales from 1/24, - 1/8th & 1/6th. I need to add some more details like a fan belt, alternator, starter, spark plug wires & oil filter. This was created in about two hours. Which is about 1/10 the time it took me to model in the Ford flathead V8 in Hexagon3D. But to be honest the Hexagon3D model has a lot more detail.
  21. A customized "led sled" pickup truck based on a 1950s Chevy pickup Sketchup model from 3D Warehouse which I remeshed in Blender 2.83 (actually BforArtist fork) with the Quad Remesher plugin and customized a bit in Hexagon 3D & BforArtist. Too comfortable in Hexagon 3D & Silo3D to totally jump to Blender. Also looking into the free version of Houdini.
  22. Traditional style hot rod tire & rim via 1950s / 1960s. The kind that appeared in Hot Rod Magazine & Car Craft when I was a youth cluttering Mom's kitchen table with glue, Testors paints and 1/24th & 1/25th scale car model kits by Monogram, Revell, Johan , Aurora and AMT.
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