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  1. Aardbeg


    Charming hedgehog - beautifully done
  2. Aardbeg

    First Official Contest Winners!

    Congratulations to all winner! Stunning, creative, attractive AND great technically detailed work all round. Very inspiring and you all have our admiration! Bravo.
  3. Aardbeg

    Goat scull

    So good!
  4. Aardbeg

    skate/hover board

    Totally delightful creation! Extra special that its Darwin's hoverboard. I love that you didnt stick to flat and straight lines - the shape is so beautifully done. Mr D would have been so pleased.
  5. Aardbeg


    Truly awesome work. Blistering Barnacles - amazing!
  6. Aardbeg

    Number 28

    Really cute vehicle and character. Amazing work - very enjoyable.
  7. Aardbeg

    Steampunk NEMO’S CAR Inspired

    Any steam Punk would be proud to have such a vehicle!
  8. Aardbeg

    Jumper S56921 (jumping spider mech)

    So This is where I was up to when I entered to competition - Still in Voxel Sculpt room, basic textures and all the body parts present with some pipe and grid detailing. I had already named the spider Jumper S56921 - (Part of a fleet of spider jumpers, of course!). Now I need to add a "cockpit"for a driver / controller to make this fellow into a vehicle. And then add more interesting steampunk aspects and proper texturing etc... I still have to master the use of layers and reducing resolution of the bits so the available memory does not run out, and getting things onto the paint room - -- so plenty of learning still for me to be able to improve and complete this project. The competition is a great challenge to spur our development - Thanks.
  9. Aardbeg

    Jumper S56921 (jumping spider mech)

    My steampunk jumper was quite advanced but here are some shots of body parts.The Abdomen and Head I shaped mainly with cut-offs from ovoid primitives. The great thing about the jumping spider is those large very reflective eyes. This shader I made in the scuplt room, is a rough approximation of what the main eyes will be like.
  10. I first saw this competition soon after it started, and I messed around with an idea for it, but my skills were not up to the job, so I forget about it and went to another 3D Coat project. Then 3 days ago I started work on a jumping spider idea which i'd got from photographing such a cute spider in my garden, and today I saw this competition was still running - SO i've pucked up the courage to enter.
  11. Aardbeg

    Pairs in the sky

    may your creativity flow true...
  12. Aardbeg


    Delightful creation. So cute and very interesting.
  13. Aardbeg

    Seven wheels for speed

    Very unusual and cool concept - looking great too. (hope theres a small transparent window for the driver to see straight forward?)
  14. Aardbeg

    Turtle Submarine

    Wow! I REALLY love your concept and execution. I'm blown away. Bravo indeed.
  15. Aardbeg

    Introduce yourself!

    Greetings 3DCoat people. I am Keryn from South Africa. I purchased the education version just before Xmass 2013 and am truly amazed at this wonderful program. Andrew and the team must be rare geniuses! The program is a lot to learn but the many tutorials are getting me there steadily. I do ceramic sculptor and am used to modelling in real clay; and I also use Carrara, Bryce, Hexagon and Daz Studio (since c. 2010). My real job is in wildlife conservation / ecology, but because I am starting to get a bit too old for running around in the African bush with large and dangerous (but wonderful) beasts, I am moving into 3D CG Art and animation, hoping to use these for wildlife conservation. awareness. I am beginning my 3Dcoat learning adventure at the beginning of the animal alphabet, with an aardvark model. (Aardvarks are cute nocturnal termite-eating animals the size of medium-sized dogs). Hope I can do justice to the many abilities of 3D Coat.