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  1. marou_666

    3D coat 4.8.18 and empty fbx file..??

    it is a bit big, so I uploaded it here... I didn't deleted any assets, so to make sure You get the same scene I worked on https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f28wLxOg1vN2JI9aiy-I48yTaBQ6guN8/view?usp=sharing
  2. marou_666

    3D coat 4.8.18 and empty fbx file..??

    I usually dont even use this reduction with exporting, I reduce mesh manually, hovewer..... can this actually affect exported file..?? It never happed to me before, I usually set reduction percent as 0 value and file allways come up ok I can upload a FBX file if that helps....
  3. marou_666

    3D coat 4.8.18 and empty fbx file..??

    Hello I have a problem with latest 3d coat version which is 4.8.18, when I use export scene or export selected objects in *.fbx format, it exports just fine, but file itself is 0kB... every time, tried diferent files, same thing, tried reinstalling coat, same thing, exporting *.obj files works just fine though.... this is a HUGE headache for me, and I am not a noob so I am sure I am doing everything correctly , since I exported this way many times before..... unless there is some new "feature" that I am not aware about.. :O anyways, I would greatly appreciate any help with this.... also wonder if anyone else have same issue..?? aside from that, love the software, keep ut great work devs cheers
  4. marou_666

    Shortcut problem (returns to previous tool selected)

    I tried this, problem still persists....
  5. marou_666

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone!! Just recently joined the forums, although been watching it and using 3d coat for some time now, I work as a inhouse concept artist, and freelance illustrator at times. It really feels great to be a part of this 3d coat community Since I satrted using 3DC I even completely forgot there is something like zbrush.. :P Really looking forward to how this software will continue to evolve Cheers everyone
  6. marou_666

    [Solved] Vox hide bugs

    well thanks a lot!!! actually, this is kinda stupid , cause I have been using 3d coat for a couple versions back now, and up until now I thought this is a bug that still was not fixed... XD But now it kinda makes sense, though I would never suspect it to be working this way... XDXD again thanks a bunch Carlosan!!!
  7. marou_666

    [Solved] Vox hide bugs

    Hello, new user to this forum. I just downloaded and installed 3d coat V4.8, this bug still exists in the same from shown above.... what's the best way to act/report this so developers would fix it....?? many thanks and cheers