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  1. marou_666

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Hey, it is still there, in the voxel tools. I have noticed other problem though, and I am curious if others have it as well. Twist tool now behaves weirdly, it previews twist on ALL visible layers, instead of just the one selected... when applied works fine on just taht one layer... but it is pain to adjust settings when I cant see a damn thing with all visible layers being "twisted", or in this case - "arrayed" (using 4.9.36 release) Also, I loaded scene in older version of 3d coat (4.8.37 to be exact) and twist works there as intended, previewing effect only on selected layer Not to be an ranting person here, but with each version of 3d coat, I find new bugs in place of old ones, it gets really tiring and exhausting sometimes to deal with those (and I use this soft for some time now). Guys, I really wanna love this software, since concepting in voxels is greatest thing ever, but those constant bugs are really making users life difficult (especially from working professional stand point)
  2. marou_666

    Natalia Galantseva artwork

    damn, that is really clean and sexy design! :O
  3. marou_666

    Marek Mazur experiments

    Some tests, all modeled in 3d coat, playing around with curve profiles and also some sketch tool, rendered in octane, trying to figure out toon shader stuff as well
  4. marou_666


    Cool design!!
  5. marou_666

    Return in Glory

    very nice comp!!
  6. marou_666


    Very impressive stuff!
  7. marou_666

    3D coat visdev

    Mostly personal stuff
  8. marou_666

    Marek Mazur experiments

    This is a bit different take with a different design:
  9. marou_666

    Marek Mazur experiments

    hah, Thank You @iceage , I was trying to do a crazy car, ended up doing a batmobile... XDDD
  10. marou_666

    Latest work

    Really impressive work You have here @dela!! I dig that double nosed spaceship the most!! ALso, on the renderer note: Personally I use octane, and can not reccomend it eonugh, super fast, great quality, and really powerful, I completely dropped keyshot at this point
  11. marou_666

    Skye's sketchbook

    Wow, I see You've been busy, quite impressive amount of work You did already. Keep pushing , I see You have some cool designs here!
  12. Practicing some vehicle design in 3d coat, what I find most challenging is trying to get precise results... also, vox hide is, as usual quite a bit buggy, which can be frustrating at times... but still, love the freedom that voxels give....Rendered in octane if someone wants to know
  13. marou_666

    3D coat 4.8.18 and empty fbx file..??

    it is a bit big, so I uploaded it here... I didn't deleted any assets, so to make sure You get the same scene I worked on https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f28wLxOg1vN2JI9aiy-I48yTaBQ6guN8/view?usp=sharing
  14. marou_666

    3D coat 4.8.18 and empty fbx file..??

    I usually dont even use this reduction with exporting, I reduce mesh manually, hovewer..... can this actually affect exported file..?? It never happed to me before, I usually set reduction percent as 0 value and file allways come up ok I can upload a FBX file if that helps....
  15. Hello I have a problem with latest 3d coat version which is 4.8.18, when I use export scene or export selected objects in *.fbx format, it exports just fine, but file itself is 0kB... every time, tried diferent files, same thing, tried reinstalling coat, same thing, exporting *.obj files works just fine though.... this is a HUGE headache for me, and I am not a noob so I am sure I am doing everything correctly , since I exported this way many times before..... unless there is some new "feature" that I am not aware about.. :O anyways, I would greatly appreciate any help with this.... also wonder if anyone else have same issue..?? aside from that, love the software, keep ut great work devs cheers