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  1. Where did the Beta 2 go? I installed it and now its back to Beta 1. Should I revert??
  2. Great! I have totally missed that. Thanks for the info. Roland
  3. When I tried to make retopo of a hard surface model (actually a lab-bench) I found it quite hard to get boxes and such stuff right (with 90-degree angles). Would'n it bee a good idea to have say a box-primitive which you could add and resize to wrap such things. Does not need to be any auto-wrapping thing. Just a box to place in right position and drag the sides to match the model.
  4. This helped me with 3DCoat4 and Modo 701 1) Open the folder C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Scripts 2) You will find 2 files with the extension .py there, 3dc_applink.py and 3dc_applink_auto.py 3) Open those files in notepad or any other plain text editor 4) Make a search and replace from CoatV3 to CoatV4 and then save I cant give any guarantee but for me it worked. I have attached those files already edited by me for those who are lazy Scripts.rar
  5. Yeah. Its hard to get decent FPS. Guess we have to wait for Voxel-based engines. But they are coming!
  6. Yes. Really looks great. What FPS do you get in Engine with that terrain?
  7. Ouch... Thats horrible in the positive way
  8. Yes, I can see what you mean. I also do some tweaking on the low-poly mesh in Modo before using it. But as you say. The retopo tools in 3DC are so great that its probably a better way to go. I depends on the actual situation I guess.
  9. Hi I have Groboto 3 Beta and have tested a little. The mesh density and some other parameters can be set before export so you may export a very low poly version suitable for gaming. From Groboto you may export one low-poly version and one high. Then import the high version as Voxel object and make your details. After that you may use the low-poly version as retopology object. This is described very good here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD0-bZKNrvU
  10. I made the UV-map in ZBrush and exported lowpoly to obj. That obj-file was imported as low-poly. I will check the UV-map Thanks Later: Yes man. the UV was corrupted...
  11. Hi I have a lowpoly model and also same model as a Voxel sculpt. What I want is to make a normal map for my lowpoly model using the voxle sculpt. Here is what I did. 1. Open voxel file 2. In Retopology imported the lowpoly model (snap to voxel = yes) 3. Merged to per pixel paint with Normal map The model turns up OK in Paint room but the occlusion and normal map i totally weird. How do I do this the correct way
  12. Yes. Thanks. Now my .3d file is back to voxel-only. But I found out why failed to clean up the painting room earlier. It was impossible to delete layer 0 (containing the actual mesh) so I figured out that the painting room mush have at least one layer. I then added a new empty layer to have to layers. This time it was OK to delete the mesh layer as it was not the last one.
  13. Hi I have made a Voxel sculpt and made some different tests with retopology and painting. Now I want to clean up the project so I have a .3d file containing the Voxel Sculpt only. I have not found a way to remove to mesh from the file once its retopoligized. Can that be done?
  14. Hello there. My name is Roland Strålberg and I live in the north of Sweden. I'm married and have 3 children (now grown up). I work as a Software Developer ( C and C# ) at Microbit in Sweden, mostly writing communication software. I have been pondering around 3D Game development for years without actually have created anything other than some simple samples and some code for others. So now I have pulled my self together and have started a bit more serious development of a game called CELLS. The goal is to get this out as a free game with some additional features as low-price shareware within 3 years. As being a professional software developer I have not problem with the coding parts of such a game. I'm using Unity 3D Pro as game engine. Back in the old days (when mud was invented) as school I had good art talents and painted some in oil and airbrush, but have not done any art work since then. So my first thing in the long list of ToDo's is training up my art skills and also how to implement them in 3D Tools. I have both ZBrush and 3DCoat and find them good in different ways, but when coming to do actual game models I think 3DCoat is the best tool for me. Its simple to use and works very well for this kind of work, and I just love Voxels. Together with Cinema 4D I have found that 3DCoat works very well for creating Unity assets. I have tested various tools and found that this combination is the right thing for me. As I'm doing everything my self, I also have to be a musician. But that is no great problem as I during many years in my youth play guitar is different rock bands and also have some knowledge about recording. For that part I'm using FL-Studio which fulfills my needs. If you check my age you will find that I'm almost an old man. Thats no problem for me and should not be for anyone trying to have some fun with interesting things. My webpage where I'm publishing some notes on what I'm doing is at My Blog
  15. oh... i forgot to tell the version. Latest beta 3.3.13
  16. You are great Andrew. Those fast updates are one of the reason to choose 3DCoat instead of others I think. Thanks for a great tool
  17. I do have a ZBrush4 license and was at first exited over all the new things. BUT! Now I'm back to 3DCoat after a week of the simple reason that 3DCoat is simpler and serves creating of game assets much better. Making a retopology in ZBrush is not cool at all. So my five cents goes to 3DCoat at least when making 3D game assets.
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