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Found 11 results

  1. Hey welcome! Hello everyone! I would like to share with this fantastic community my work in progress that I make using 3D-Coat. In this my sketchbook, I invite everyone to participate and that you feel free to say what you really think of my work ...No heartbroken!
  2. syunikiso

    Lucas' Sketchbook

    Hi guys! It's been few months since I bought my license of 3D Coat on steam, and I spent these just messing around, reading articles and watching some videos. But now I started to do some tests myself and I'll be posting here. I'm currently studying at CGMA Character Arts Program (I dream to one day land a job in the field) and they don't use 3D Coat there, but I"m trying to replicate what I can in 3D Coat too (is good because I do more stuff and at the same time I adapt my workflows since I bought 3D Coat to use for my commercial work). I don't have time to do that always but I'll try my best. In any case I also do some personal studies in the software too. I must say that when I tested the previous version (it was the version 3.7 I guess, I don't remember exactly) it felt almost like a nightmare to sculpt in; however, this new version is AMAZING. I want to always scupt more stuff sometimes just because of the software xD Ok, so let's get started: I did this head after buying Grassetti's Gumroad Videos (pure awesomeness). I didn't started the anatomy classes in the program but knowledge is never too much, so I'm doodling and studying whenever I can. And I also did some fullbody characters (2 to be exactly). They were assignments of a current workshop of the program, however I had to use other software to do them. However, I noticed that I have huge problems in finding the leg sillhouette, so I started "investigating" this particular weakness and did these: This first one was a "blocky" kind of leg, based on references of George Bridgman drawings. And this one was made using several photos for reference: I'll be posting more stuff soon (I hope). I'll be really grateful for any tips and critiques on my work, they will surely help me in my journey. THanks!
  3. lunchtimesketch

    Beginner's Sketchbook

    Hey everyone, I started learning 3D Coat few days ago (at last). First attempt was (of course) some random things and shapes which started to look like spaceship, so I rendered it and threw it into PS for some overpainting and here's result: Yesterday I started watching someone designing vehicle on youtube and started doing wheel because it blew my mind how you can add and substract primitives while working on shapes. With some simple wheel done I started tinkering with some APC-kind-of-vehicle but I threw idea away and opted for something less militaristic and this led me to the second model: It took me around 6-7 hours of modeling yesterday and another 2 today playing with lights and rendering + basic compositing in Photoshop. I am starting to love this software now I need to watch some more tutorials, get a gist of what techniques work where, try some good ol' sculpting Cheers! Sebastian
  4. Wojtek Kapusta

    Wojtek's Sketchbook

    Hi! My name is Wojtek. Not so long time ago I started my 3D journey... started with 3d coat... (Jama Jurabaev's Intro to 3D Concept Art at learnsquared.com) Actually I work as a graphic designer, sometimes as concept artist. I would like to share some of my 3d coat wips and works here... Wojtek
  5. Hi all, my name is Brian. I've dabbled in 3d for years, but never had the time to get completely serious about it. Still don't honestly, but I fit it in when I can. I consider myself a novice still, but I have a good foundation to work with. My sketchbook won't compare to most of the ones on here, as there are some great artists in this community and I'm a noob to 3DCoat. But here goes! Here's my first real sculpt after messing around with all the tools for a day. Didn't get too crazy as this is more about practicing on retopo, detailing, baking, texturing. Not for anything particular just trying to figure out a good workflow for myself. Hopefully I'll have a cooler looking finished render for you guys to check out soon. Anyways, any critique is welcomed and I'll see you soon!
  6. I AM OPEN FOR FREELANCE WORK. (this will be updated if I am busy) Emildesign.org Emilchristenson@gmail.com Welcome to my sketchbook. My name is Emil Christenson and i live in Sweden. I am at the moment a student in university at Uppsala university in game design. I come from a 3ds max modelling background and then I tried Zbrush with a friends computer but it did not feel right to me and then I found 3d coat. What a wonderful software. It has nearly replaced every software for me in my pipeline. It is awesome. But i am still trying find every tool in this software. please feel free to give feedback. These models are creations from my start of the 3dcoat journey. So the quality can be good and bad.
  7. Hi, I've been using 3D Coat for some time now and I am going to be using it on a bunch of upcoming projects so I figured I'd share my creations here with you guys as I go along. First off I'm working on a kind of generic soldier model, see below - comments & crits welcomed!!
  8. Hello, all. I figured I may as well start a sketchbook, also. This is a piece I'm working on to replace an asset I already had in a scene. I still have work to do to it, but it's coming along. Low Light Setup: Medium Light Setup: Wireframe (Under 2k polys):
  9. Cowtail

    Cowtail's Works

    Hello everyone! I had purchased 3DCoat a while back but never used it for anything but unwrapping models until now. I've gotta get with the times and start sculpting This thread is for all of my works in progress. This is my first sculpt ever (minus a lumpy Rhino head ). A Weasel creature I designed a while back. About ready to have a go at detailing!
  10. hello guys my name is ymt3d japanese game artist I want to publish the work of recent 3D FightingGame Character Cyber Ninja WIP Created by 3D-Coat All Thanks
  11. Time to start my sketchbook around here. Here some finished illustrations, sketches, wip's, sculptures, etc... Enjoy and don't forget to watch my portfolio: www.GiovannyArce.com