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To change the room tab order following the habitual workflow


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My first attempt using 3DC was to try understood the rooms functionality. Was not easy to follow the jump to new room workflow.

But... may be a little change can help:

The idea is to reorder the ROOMS TAB following the habitual workflow AND the reading direction left to right -> :

VOXELS - RETOPO - UV - PAINT (with TWEAK subtools added) - RENDER

So new users easily can understand where begin... voxels and where to end... render


The 3DC versions that are used in countries with reading direction right to left <- need to be reordered too using same principle

Graphical attach added

TY ! ;)


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There's no usual workflow. And I don't want to offend you but you're kicking opened doors. I would gladly post the file that was made available to Andrew, except I only have a quite old version (mid-june) as I left the sharing circle of the actual doc (and since the creation of this doc was an act of good will I didn't want to potentialy leak the file in the so crazy hope that some of the content would be used at some point, of course now that changed since it seems this was a total waste of time).

This really pisses me off, because even if the doc isn't perfect, I'm sure most of the changes/suggestions made in there would be appreciated by all. The tool tray (icon/text) was LJB proposal, we insisted in the very begining to have custom sizes/option for text/and/or/icon, and we needed a public release to actually get the custom icon size option... And still everyone was pleased, because we proposed a cohesive and option based functionality.

Andrew is definitely dedicated and wants to do the thing right, but we need to fight as users to get the best solution available as end users, I've the feeling he doesn't really see what the users want or his priorities aren't meeting those of his customers. He sees the big picture, the functions needed to get there, but not the practical use, the general usability issues :/

This is a real problem. My latest rant in the beta update thread may look like nitpicking, and it is but it's one example, between so many, of what the app is as a whole: not really thought out for end users but for technicians.

Anyway tnx for reminding we need changes...

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I didn't intend that "end user" was a pejorative term, however, the apparent judgement is one of Andrew's priorities. His task is immense but I agree that a developer that is slow to respond to "end users" risks a poor response in the market. Anybody remember trueSpace? ;)

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