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silhouette material or how to make one?

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Hi, I find I can model things best from just a plain black silhouette. I've done it in photoshop to 3ds max a few times. Has anyone made a material that shows NO shading on the model but only shows it as pure black (so i can just see the shape of the model by the outside edges) if not how can I make one + make the background sky pure white? Thanks in advance.

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Thanks that works in render mode but Is there a way to have it like that in voxel mode?


What Daniel showed for changing the background colour should appear in all rooms and not just the render room. Don't worry about changing the lightness in the render room.

Attached is a pure black shader that I have used for a while that you might find helpful. It's nothing special, just pure black for silhouettes. Go to File>Install extension and browse to the file you downloaded to install it.



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Ok thanks a lot Javis that worked. Just what I wanted.

I have another question. I'm totally new to 3d coat and sculpting. But I've tried Zbrush before but abanddoned it because I hated the UI and it seemed too hard to learn. I am using the 30 day trial for 3d coat I have 26 days left. What would be the fastest way to learn 3d coat? Is there a set of specific tutorials you guys would recommend. I would mainly like to learn how to do hard surface stuff like guns swords, spaceships, robots. I saw there are some good tutorials on the main page but are there any beginner ones geared for hard surface sculpting? Thanks. I plan on spending the next 26 days trying to learn 3d coat and need to learn it fast, then if I find it good I plan on buying the 99$ educational version.

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The Sketch tool pretty much does silhouette-style modeling for you...


I think the best tutorials are on the official 3D-Coat Youtube channel. I learned most everything I needed to know from those. I watched all of them.

Also some good ones are by LJB from Scary Monsters (on Vimeo), and some from 3D Game Resources on Youtube.

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