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[Solved] Rename MERGING to BAKING


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Good, maybe people can explain to me what merging is anyway. I've been using 3DC for a couple years now (admittedly just for UV, Retopo, Painting, & texture baking - but not sculpting) and this whole "Do you want to merge" when switching rooms or various tasks like importing meshes has been confusing to me. I know a couple of people tried to explain it to me here before, and I'm in no way new to 3D, but I could not understand what 3DCoat was trying to do when it says it wants to merge. And if you guys say baking, what do you mean exactly? Do you mean texture baking? Because that is totally clear --> take a high res model & transfer or bake its textures to a low res (or different) mesh. If there is more than one kind of baking you should specify that too.

This whole merging thing of 3DCoat has been the only area of the program I don't fully grok.

(that being said, 3DC is still one of my favorite media apps!)

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