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Sculpt, paint and bake or Paint with deep ?


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I have a Hipoly model and a Lowpoly model.

need to bake 1K color, specular and normal maps

if i understood well... there is 2 workflows (and i had tested the 2 ways working different models)

- Add sculpt details to the hipoly model, paint it using surface mode, import the lowpoly model into retopo room and bake -merge- with NM.


- Only bake the hipoly to lowpoly to get normal map... and paint the lowpoly for PPP in paint room adding normal details -if needed- using paint with deep.

and here im lost... which way give better results for you ?

paint the HP in surface mode and bake ? or paint the lowpoly using the paint room tools ?

any help is welcome

ty in advance :)

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You also can have this workflow, Do your base painting in surface mode much like an artist will do on a canvas, getting his color scheme down, then finishing up in the Paint room. Also you can paint a greyscale version and use that has a base for your colors in the paintroom using the layer blends... That is what I like about 3DC so many workflows available to us.

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so far I am still a beginner with 3dc but my two workflows so far are:

- creating the high poly in Voxel room, assigning shaders and baking (merging) this to a low poly and then do details (smaller scratches, aging, weathering and so on) in the paint room. This way I get the normals and (most of) the shader info from the high poly.

- getting a painted zbrush sculpt from the client and baking (merging) that on a retopo done in 3ds Max or 3dc. Works great. I am just stuck on the heavy normal seams so far.

I use "Use name correspondence for baking" in the Retopo room on areas like the eyes to not pick up color and information from geometry aroud it and later have all the layers for the different objects in Paint room to paint on the separately and use them as masks (freeze).

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