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Renderman support ?

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6 hours ago, Bungeecow said:

I hope this is not true, I just bought 3dCoat because of the Renderman function!!

Tell Andrew that, so he can get it started up again (support@3dcoat.com). I think one reason why it may have stopped is because the developer who implemented the Renderman support, has been busy creating a brand new GPU Path Tracing render engine in 3DCoat, slated for 3DCoat 2020 (probably late this Spring or Summer). Renderman support is quite limited in it's usefulness in this current implementation, because there is no interactivity, shadow-catching material, etc.  

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14 hours ago, welcomerobots said:

For what it is worth, it doesn't work with 3DCoat build 4.9.37 Dx nor Gl.

Or something I do wrong, because 3d Coat freezes if I change to RenderMan and click on RenderPreview.


I should have clarified. 4.9.05 was the last build before they did a TON of refactoring work, which has subsequently caused a lot of issues. It also included some changes in the Render room, and Renderman support has apparently taken a back seat to work done on the new render engine that should be part of 3DCoat 2020, when released. Feel free to contact support and ask about Renderman support being re-established. It does have it's benefits, even if it is quite limited.

My point was that if someone wants to use Renderman, now, try using build 4.9.05, in the mean time.

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I have the non-commercial free version of Renderman installed and it seems to be working in 3DCoat. 

There is a minor problem though, when I try to render a character brought in from Character Creator 4. The whole character is rendered in the UV Room using 3DCoat Hardware as Render Engine under Tool Options. If I switch to Renderman as Render Engine in the drop-down menu, it also renders the whole character. However, if I click Render Preview, then a separate Renderman-window opens, but only 1 part of the character is rendered, for example the boots or a necktie. How do I select all the parts of the character so that the whole character is rendered in the Renderman-window?

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