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Mesh Mixer - Really cool


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Wow! I am really impressed! So good idea.

Applicable to 3dc - cutting out surface by closed lasso and replacing it with Bezier surface could be cool. Hyper-super-smooth.

Sounds good! This is something that's been mysteriously absent from voxels - the ability to blend two objects together with a nice smooth intersection. I always thought that voxels were ideal for this sort of thing. The closest we've had up until now has been the fillet option that can be found in NURBS modelers, where for example you can take a sphere and a box and boolean them together and leave a nice clean fillet at the intersection. Although even NURBS will sometimes fail to create a clean fillet if the intersection is too complex. Voxels should be able overcome to the problem..

Also, would be nice to be able to specify the size of the blend/fillet, like you can in NURBS modelers.

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