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  1. Its similar to subd but cleaner, cool thx.
  2. THis is just an idea but maybe someone finds this useful. I thought that every action you do while modeling with some tools like cut Off brush should create a snapped curve onto the surface that can have several uses . A frame on top the voxel that you can use for retopology or selecting the voxel that correspond to the "face" or maybe some sort of curve magnets to alter your voxel shape, or even put primitives on these lines to do bevel profiles etc . These lines wont be visible until you do an action like the ones i said before. Anyway thats just a thought , i am enjoying 3dcoat already and cant wait for future updates. Cheers, F
  3. hey all, whats the best way to do mesh extrusions in surface mode WITHOUT icreasing the OVERALL density of the mesh just the extrution border? I tried to subd the border and then do the Vox Extrude but i dont get clear results. Im looking for something similar to z panel loops.
  4. thx man the curve tool works fine good to know.Thanks for your help also heres a screenshot from a fast paint wip
  5. I ll check the 4.7.09 release and no, reset scale to global doesnt corect the offset.
  6. iget a weird offset when i use the on brush feature to place models anyone knows whyy this happens? i tried many depth values including 0 bw im using version 4.7.06
  7. 7. array straight , i cant figure how to do arrays in lines NOT AXIAL. 8. mirror instances inherit mirror transforms. this is not a wishlist i m just asking cause maybe i cant find em. thanks again in advance still a wip :P
  8. Hi, I ve started modeling with 3dcoat and i want to ask for some help: 1. transform tool how to manipulate without the handles? Is there a shortcut i could really use it. 2.ghost on and of for all objects like hidden? 3.move all layers to root? if theres an option i have found it . 4.delete empty/unused layers? 5.save hotkey config for different rooms without reloading them? 6. how do i make it crash? :P seriously it doesnt crash Any help is appreciated. Also here a wip of a scifi gun i m making,
  9. Hi all, Just got my 4.5 upgrade thx 3dcoat team for this awesome release!!!! My only question is : I often paint normals on color image(flat plane with a color texture) and i need a good preview of the normal map, for that i need the viewport light rotation to be more like the previous version (3.7) . Right now i can only rotate the light in all angles in relief mode but when i swtich to smooth shade i lose the lighting angle.I found the lock enviroment check box but still i lose the light rotation. Is there something missed ? Anyway thanks again for this great release and cant wait for future updates!! cheers
  10. thx for your replies, i m importing geometry from another software, and i just want to do the packing ( i have the uv islands made externaly) . If I pack in coat my overlaped islands get separated and i have ,not only to cope paste them back, but also to rearrange. So is there and option from coat to pack and figure out overlaps or not? thx in advance
  11. I need some imported objects unwarpped but there are some overlapping islands and the pack/unwarp fanction splits them. Is there a way to preserve the overlaps? Thanks you in advance
  12. THx for the reply i didnt know it was there. 3dcoat is such a huge time saver .
  13. I would like to import models with existing textures ,pack or rearrange the uv islands and then coat could rearrange the textures to match the new uv layout. Of course layers should be merged?(i hope not) but i wouldnt mind that. ANother use of this is creating low poly stuff on the fly, making voxels-baking to lows-texture them -and rearranging uv islands so as to make your low poly modeling and texturing creation more fluid and add objects as u go. Thanks fotis,
  14. i use xnormal for baking ao maps, though i have to say that neither zbrush bakes true ao... Lately i dont even use ao. I bake my normal maps and then i paint with cavity filters on and then blur it .Ao maps usually need tweaking anyway.
  15. Hi all, my feature request would be to make the autopo to recognize hard surfaces. I sculpt my hard surface model using the voxel/surface tools. And when i retopo i want it to figure out where hard edjes(or double) loops are . One way would be to apply(internally) a material (black and white) so as to makes edjes appear more intense and then apply loops based on different views from the model on the edjes of it.Something like vector an image and then project loops. I hope it makes sense . Thanks 3dcoat team