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  1. When was added ? :P Finally thx man thats it. Thanks for your time.
  2. I have a feeling maybe its scene thing (scale or something).test.3b Its my scene with everything deleted and only a sphere drawn.
  3. Like i said ,if i use the Primitives tool it works fine issue is only with import tool.
  4. brush_mesh.obj Here it is . Placement works on the default starting voxel scenes but not on others.
  5. Yeap like i said it was created on 0,0. On the exaple image tha object was created inside 3dcoat.
  6. With RMB + drag you adjust the depth of the imported mesh while hovering with your mouse but the offset i m refering to not just the depth but also the other 2 axis. The objects that i made to be used as "brushes" were created with correct 0,0 pivot but the on brush option ignores it for some reason. I noticed that its not happening on all models(not brushes) and also there is no offset when using custom meshes via the primitives tab. In the picture i attach a custom mesh that is not getting the brush scale and has offset on placement
  7. YES thats it thx Carlosan
  8. sry to bump but really i need the on brush option ...
  9. Thanks Carlosan youre right , one quick question when i import a model with the "on brush" option there is an offset(distance) as i hover the cursor do you know how to fix that?
  10. I use voxels for making normalmaps and game assets. You can either make a high res model and then retopo to bake the maps or you can import a complete low poly with uvs and turn it into voxels for detailng... Voxels are very handy tool
  11. Hi, When i add a primitive after another they dont have the previous location and orientation could we have a check to stick to the latest position? Thanks
  12. Is there an option at 3dcoat were my low poly mesh(with hard edges) is calculated as averaged normals? (baking purposes) because 3dcoat doesnt support cages (as far as i know).
  13. Great works, love the starwars theme. Cool
  14. Thank you. No retopology on this one. I let 3dcoat do the uv unwarp
  15. I made a doom fan art weapon. Hope you like it. Modeled in blender with hardops and textured in 3d-coat. You can also check it on sketchfab