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  1. another quick question, is there a way to load a shape as curve ? eg draw a shape on my object and then load the same shape as curve also heres another quick doodle
  2. yeap exactly
  3. Hi again i have imported several layers painted with color and i want to add depth to each layer however i cant setup a border bevel . What i m looking for is something like ddo when you add layers and choose a bevel profile. I have managed to do this by loading each layer as curve but its a pain if got many layers. Any help is appreciated.
  4. nice, thx digman . I saw the conversion at the end though he doesnt incorporate the roughness information but its good enough for me . cheers man
  5. Hi, anyone knows how i can export bpr specular (metal roughness) to standard "old" specular map (1 map specular) ?
  6. I recorded a small timelapse (not the entire session) showing some voxel fun and sharing workflow. I ll make more in the future if i have time
  7. Sorry i mean custom cage using smoothing groups. Does it do it cause i think it treats low poly as 1 group and couldnt get clean hard edged beveled normalmap. If you can provide a tutorial of 3dcoat baking using smoothing groups id be greatful
  8. Curvarture is created from normal map and geometry in paint room but havent found high to low. Also you cant bake using cage or low poly with hard edges which is something i look forward in future updates.
  9. Also heres another sketch hope u like it
  10. I thought i found a way( i think ) but cant remember. When i have a layer in surface mode is there a way to select and split mesh islands? Split works with selections but there have to be no overlaping geometries. Thanks in advance
  11. Hey, is there a way to split mesh islands(closed in mesh room)?
  12. Thx man ,didnt think of it cheers
  13. also heres a little scifi model. Loved the mass effect designs :P
  14. Hi again , quick questions again . -How can i snap to angles when using vertex lasso to cutout ? When cursor goes outside of my model i lose the angle snap while pressing shift.
  15. When was added ? :P Finally thx man thats it. Thanks for your time.