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  1. Its similar to subd but cleaner, cool thx.
  2. hey all, whats the best way to do mesh extrusions in surface mode WITHOUT icreasing the OVERALL density of the mesh just the extrution border? I tried to subd the border and then do the Vox Extrude but i dont get clear results. Im looking for something similar to z panel loops.
  3. thx man the curve tool works fine good to know.Thanks for your help also heres a screenshot from a fast paint wip
  4. I ll check the 4.7.09 release and no, reset scale to global doesnt corect the offset.
  5. iget a weird offset when i use the on brush feature to place models anyone knows whyy this happens? i tried many depth values including 0 bw im using version 4.7.06
  6. 7. array straight , i cant figure how to do arrays in lines NOT AXIAL. 8. mirror instances inherit mirror transforms. this is not a wishlist i m just asking cause maybe i cant find em. thanks again in advance still a wip :P
  7. Hi, I ve started modeling with 3dcoat and i want to ask for some help: 1. transform tool how to manipulate without the handles? Is there a shortcut i could really use it. 2.ghost on and of for all objects like hidden? 3.move all layers to root? if theres an option i have found it . 4.delete empty/unused layers? 5.save hotkey config for different rooms without reloading them? 6. how do i make it crash? :P seriously it doesnt crash Any help is appreciated. Also here a wip of a scifi gun i m making,
  8. if i get the question right , this pipeline is when u dont care about topology or making something that has uvs .Its just to make a high res model to be used for baking normal and ao etc to low poly cage.A process useful in game content Hope it helps
  9. Thanks for this applink , very usefull and fast way to work using both zbrush and coat. Small request would be to import and export multiple objects and i have a problem exporting(voxel) from coat to zbrush,i dont see the message inside zbrush .Unless i m missing something. michalis ,I think its because zbrush can sculpt even dense meshes and if they are quads they re smoother
  10. michalis ,for now i ll finish modeling but i dont intend to make a high res model with textures.I wouldnt add bolts etc. for retopology.Maybe i ll bake it into a low poly game model instead. Garagarape, i blocked the main volumes with blob prim. and then started to cut and add more details to it.Smaller details are kept on a different layer with higher voxel division so as to "save" polys for later.
  11. i tested it and it works wonders .Huge thx man
  12. very good work with textures and shader on that creature
  13. cool work , i like the stylized look on ranxerox
  14. great work love the pose and details.Keep it up
  15. thx , i hope i have some free time this weekend to finish it.