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  1. Nice ship! It's looking small - was that done for purpose?
  2. Это очень странно. Может попробуйте сбросить горячие клавиши на "по-умолчанию"
  3. Это у вас с самого начала было? Может скинуть настройки по-умолчанию? Какая версия программы?
  4. Наверное действительно не точно понял А что значит "рваные" края? Вроде как достаточно ровные ). И поделитесь, пожалуйста, тем, что вы нашли в Сурф. режиме - может быть станет легче сделать подобное в Воксельном. Спасибо! )
  5. Я предлагаю попробовать инструмент Plane. Правой кнопкой мыши устанавливается необходимый угол для среза. Он всегда параллелен плоскости экрана, т.е. срез идет паралельно. Чтобы более точно выставить объект, можно в Custom Navigation выбрать 3D-Coat+Arrows, а потом с помощью ALT+Up/Down вращать сцену вверх/вниз для нужного угла. П.С. Рекомендую использовать (и привыкать) английский интерфейс
  6. Links added to the titles! Thanks
  7. Hello Guys! At last we are happy to announce First Official Contest's Winners! All of you put a lot of effort and creativity in your artworks, and all of us could see very good results! For many of you it was a great practice and improvement of your 3D skills. We received a lot of thanks from you - big pleasure! Without further ado let us announce the Winner... And the Winner is... (tra-tah-tah-tah-tah) ... andeliseev with his great 'Turtle Submarine'. Congratulations!!! Second Place: ostapblender with his wonderful 'Stesla' work. Congratulations!!! And we decided to give three 3rd places to: - Kargall and his 'Seven Wheels for Speed' - Vladukenzo and his 'Steampunk TriTruck' - pauloduarte with his 'Tank Fortress' Congratulations to everyone, Guys!!! Of course, it was a hard task for us to choose between such wonderful works of Art. Also we want to mark Sculpting and Texturing works that we liked: - 'Six Wheel Cabriolet' by kornblume (sculpting). Prize: 3D-Coat PRO license! - 'Taxi' by zmei_f (texturing). Prize: 3D-Coat PRO license! All the Winners, please contact Stas (sales@3dcoat.com) for 'Prize-receiving' information. Thanks again to everybody who took part in the Contest! We hope to see more of you on our Second Official Contest which will start soon!
  8. Попробуй для начала сделать АВТОретопо без гайдов с вкюченной симметрией. У меня отличный результат получился
  9. So sorry to hear that I think you absolutely need to finish it and share with the Community! I think other guys think the same
  10. Hey motrJR, Thanks a lot for participating! Even though you didn't "finish" I encourage you to finish it for yourself and for the community to the stage/level you desire. As you mentioned - experience is a precious thing
  11. Dear 3D-Coat Fellows! We are thankful to everyone who participated in the First Official Contest. All of you did a good job! Now the Contest is closed, and we need to take some time to chose a Winner! Take a good rest
  12. Вкратце на русском: С такой глубиной резкости выглядит как игрушка. На предыдущем рендере было сложно различить контур (границы) "грузовичка".
  13. Cool! I like it much! One question: is it intended to look like a toy? If itis not, then you need to reduce DoF a lot Plus it looks like are using fish-eye-like camera lens, If so the perspective should look extreme, but it's not )) Also one problem the I saw on the previous render is that the vehicle blends with the background, so it's hard to see its contours and details... Hope that helps improving the final composition!
  14. Hi everybody! Our Official 3D Art Challenge runs its final hours! Make sure you submit your creations before we draw the line. We finish at 23:59 (GMT+0) Aug, 10 Good luck in the contest!