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  1. I like the last image. I couldn't see shadows from those guys on the ground Maybe you could work on shadows a bit more? And some color toning...? Also I think that it would be better to keep more space from the sides of the airship (make scene wider). All is my imho ))
  2. I like your work a lot. imho, the background in this composition makes difficult to see the Mech itself (many similar details). I would suggest to try another camera angle/placement or even another composition. Once again - Good job!!!
  3. Sweet truck. Maybe some more love for the background? Would look much better then
  4. ATTENTION GUYS! In response to your requests we extend the Challenge by 30 days. So the NEW deadline is August 10. This is a great news for all of you to show your best work of Art. Take a deep breath and make some stunning materials, light, background, final composition, and Final Render! Good Luck everyone!
  5. Добрый день. А какое разрешение текстур вы выставили?
  6. Так и есть. Чистый экспорт из 3Д-Коат - импорт в Блендер и видим "поломаный" меш
  7. 99.9% с сеткой проблема! Еще не посмотрел пока
  8. "Newbie" - is a group name for forum members who has small amount of posts (standard practice on every forum). So, don't worry
  9. Рад был помочь. С экспортом первое, что приходит в голову, это удалить из сцены хайпольный объект )
  10. Вот классический вариант )
  11. Soooo Coooool!
  12. Sweet! I would love to see it in the complete scene! :)))
  13. i would do the hard-surface parts WITHOUT touching it with brushes! Just primitives, cutting, booleans, etc Otherwise it looks not so good
  14. Hey benk, I could help you with Shader setup! First tip: set metal IOR to 1.0 Where are you from? Time zone?
  15. As you wish