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    Amazing tree generator on iPad

    Just wondering if anyone has this app kicking around anymore. It seems to not exist on iTunes now, and would love to give it a try. Please let me know if you have a copy EDIT: nm, found a download here. http://apple.vshare.com/421230117.html This may be another reason to keep the ol' iPad 1 alive.
  2. Try 'The Nightingale and the Rose' for a taste of Oscar's fairy tales. It makes my insides ache... I'm not sure yet what I can fit in this week, so don't extend the deadline on my behalf. Thanks for replying, and good luck to all.
  3. As usual I find these challenges when they're just about over, or I have no spare time What is the latest on the deadline for this one? Got a few ideas and would still be nice to have a go. I'm also thinking about maybe an Oscar Wilde fairy tale... Classic enough?
  4. Hammers

    Monkey King closeup

    From the album: Hammers' hand hewn handiworks

    A long-lensy closeup of that Monkey King.

    © © Stephen Hamacek

  5. Hammers

    The Monkey King by Moonlight

    From the album: Hammers' hand hewn handiworks

    My first real finished 3d coat sculpt, based on a painting by Jesper Ejsing. All modelling/sculpting and some texturing 3d coat, except necklace and gold wrist guard base mesh.Hair, rock, flame and render in Blender Cycles.

    © © Stephen Hamacek

  6. From the album: Hammers' hand hewn handiworks

    A slightly moodier monkey, just to try out some PBR materials.
  7. Hammers


    That was one very dark rabbit hole I was just taken down. But this is still the best thing I've seen in a long time. Fantastic!
  8. Hammers

    Smoothing groups import from Blender, low-poly

    Just a follow up note on that, the autosmooth left at 180º just picked up the sharp edges, and seemed more discriminating than the edge split mod. This actually helped me find a couple of bad internal faces that were causing shading problems. I tried exporting fbx without the modifier, and the edges came through without a hitch. I set the export to smooth 'normals only', not sure if that matters or not. Anyway, I think I'll be using autosmooth a lot more from now on
  9. Hi all, I've seen elsewhere that 3D-coat respects smoothing groups. I've been trying to get an .obj from Blender into 3D coat today, but have had not luck as far as the smoothing groups go. Of course in Blender, smoothing groups are set with edge sharpness, but the obj exporter converts these to SGs allegedly. As I'm typing this I thought to try an .fbx import, and that seems to work OK! So presumably there is either a problem with Blender's .obj export, or 3Dcoat's .obj import. For reference here are some images: my model in Blender, my export settings, and the model in 3D coat (obj). Posting my .obj here too in case it warrants investigating. Cheers! RockingHorseModelMerged&Smoothed.obj
  10. Hammers

    Smoothing groups import from Blender, low-poly

    Thanks for the ideas guys! The obj from B to 3dc was ok if I applied the edge split modifier, but that messed up the topology and I couldn't delete those edges in the UVs. But with .fbx from Blender I inadvertently left "apply modifiers" on, yet it still worked! So I think your last suggestion seems the most sensible Carlosan. @Daniel. I'd never seen that Autosmooth normals option before. Thanks for sharing that too!
  11. Hammers

    Taking a multi-part mesh into Substance

    @arumiat Not sure if this will help, but I just had a similar challenge getting from 3Dcoat to SP. My process was 1. Model in Blender (low poly, 5 objects) 2. Export .obj to 3dcoat for UV mapping. All objects on same UV set 3. Export .obj again to Substance - this gave me the 'one material' issue 4. Opened the .obj in Blender again, and add a separate default material to each object (naming them, head, eyes, hair etc.) 4. Open obj in Substance et voilá. Objects separated by material (as 'texture sets') ready for painting, and allowing for isolating parts. The obects still share the UV space as expected. Hope this gets you a bit further
  12. Hammers

    3D-Coat Applink for Blender Workflow Help Needed.

    I've just tried this new version of the script. Os X 10.9.5 3DC 4.5 Blender 2.74. The panel is showing in Blender OK but doesn't seem to talk to 3DC.
  13. Just thought I'd start my own thread for clarity. I've done a sculpt, which has been retopoed and unwrapped, but when I try to bake it to ppp, I get a 'blank' normal map and the retopo geometry doesn't go across. As a stopgap I tried exporting my hi poly sculpt to Blender, but the export also fails. I get a lot of vertices all at the same point in space. Here is my file. I'm just trying to paint the horns. Thanks in advance. https://www.dropbox....sRetopo.3b?dl=0
  14. Wow, don't know how that happened. I guess when I imported the body base mesh from Blender, but sheesh! Oh well, another gotcha to look out for. Thanks Carlosan!
  15. btw I'm on OSX 10.9.5 and tried this with and previous testbuild.
  16. I just had the same issue OS X 2.4RC1 sculpted, retopoed, then try to bake nm for ppp and I get paint object/retopo object, but no actual retopo geometry or proper baked normal maps in paint room. Also I've tried exporting the hi poly sculpt as an obj to Blender. It exports ok, but as far as I can tell, just gives me 300k vertices all in the same place, dimension 0,0,0 ... hm I sent my file to support. I'll post it here too once it gets to my dropbox. Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/50esg7wx5wh5o32/HornsRetopo.3b?dl=0
  17. Hammers

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I'm on Mac OS X 10.9.5. I tried some other tests and it seems to work OK from some sources (e.g. copying an image from Evernote), but if I copy and paste an image from Safari or Firefox (e.g. google images) I get reversed colour issue. Pasting the same clipboard to Photoshop looks as expected.
  18. Hammers

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I think this bug's been buzzing around for a while, but in the beta, when you copy an image and paste it into the Color Palette, the colours are all wonky. Looks like blue and red are reversed or something. Loading an image works ok, just C+P is strange.
  19. Hammers

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I also just had 2 major crashes/system hangs after trying to click with the eyedropper tool on my paint model.
  20. Hammers

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I just had this issue with multiple UVsets editing externally in Ps. Really messed things up for me and couldn't get them back... I'm on 14A Mac version btw
  21. Hammers

    Freeze tool in paint room

    Thanks, I think that might've been it. Cheers
  22. Hammers

    Freeze tool in paint room

    Hiya, I'm having some trouble with the freeze tool in the paint room. I've been trying to select an area with different tools, and using e.g. the vertex lasso brush. However when I select an area with vl, the freeze area always comes up significantly smaller than the selection. Before and after: Can anyone shed any light for me? Cheers.
  23. First Andrew and Javis teasing us with metally goodness, now Stu starts joining in!
  24. Great! Thanks for the teaser Javis. As if I wasn't teased enough already