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  1. The log shows "Renderer: GDI Generic". This message means that the proprietary graphics driver is absent from the system. Please install the proprietary driver: NVIDIA https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx AMD https://www.amd.com/en/support If your system is a laptop, plug it into the power adapter. The laptop on battery may use an integrated Intel adapter (older versions of Intel adapters don't support OpenGL properly). But when the laptop is plugged into the power adapter, it uses a dedicated graphics chip (check for dedicated graphics in [RMB] START > Device Manager > Display adaptors). Note that "NVIDIA Control Panel" in "Manage 3D settings" allows you to select between "High-performance NVIDIA processor" or "Integrated graphics".
  2. Thank you all for the feedback. I have uploaded "3DCoat 2023.31" for macOS: https://pilgway.com/~sergyi/links-macOS.html The build is for Intel (not Universal). Here is the reason. I have bought a Mac mini M1 and investigated the cause of the issues you have encountered. It turned out that the "AngelScript" library does not support the native calling of functions and methods on the Apple M1 chip. "3DCoat" is heavily dependent on the "AngelScript". All functions and methods (thousands and thousands of them) are registered in "3DCoat" in a way that counts on the native calling of functions and methods. We will discuss this situation at the meetings to understand what we can do with this problem.
  3. "3DCoat 2023.29" for macOS has become "Universal": https://pilgway.com/~sergyi/links-macOS.html Does it run/work on your Silicon/ARM Mac?
  4. Thanks for the details. I have testes your steps in "3DCoat 2023.27" for Linux under Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04. No crash. Frankly, I want to fix this. But I don't understand the source of the problem.
  5. This is the first time you mentioned that the problem is not with all file dialogs but a particular one. Specify the steps to reproduce: every click, navigation, and selection. The principal here is the operation when the crash occurs: on opening a particular file dialog; on navigation inside an already opened file dialog and inside what folder (all folders or a particular one); after opening a selected file of concrete type.
  6. 1. Linux is a family of operating systems. The "3DCoat" executable has been built under "Ubuntu 20.04". This is noted in the "Downloads" section on the site and inside download links. Compatibility with other distros is not guaranteed. 2. In "3DCoat 2023.27" for Linux Ubuntu there are two executables. One has been built under Ubuntu 20.04 (Python 3.8). The other one is under Ubuntu 22.04 (Python 3.10). Is this a good idea? Please provide your feedback on running these executables directly to me: sergkryzh AT gmail DOT com. https://pilgway.com/~sergyi/links-Linux.html 3. To test the Python inside "3DCoat 2023.27" for Linux Ubuntu do: 3DCoat > Scripts > Run Script > inside folder "3DCoat-2023.27/UserPrefs/PythonAPI/Templates" select any py-file (not pyi).
  7. Thanks to the detailed explanation, the problem has been reproduced and fixed in 2023.26 for macOS: https://pilgway.com/~sergyi/links-macOS.html
  8. Building for Apple Silicon (arm64) is on the way. I have already built all third-party libraries for arm64. There is only one but the most critical step: migrate from the Intel-based TBB library into the standard library of modern C++. This complicated step is also in progress.
  9. Please download "3DCoat 2023.25" for macOS: https://pilgway.com/~sergyi/links-macOS.html For an unknown reason, the tab "Render" was crashing in "2023.23", built using the "Release" configuration (even on my Intel Mac). But it works in "2023.25".
  10. Thank you for your constructive input. After tedious hassling, I was able to include Python in "3DCoat 2023.25" for macOS: https://pilgway.com/~sergyi/links-macOS.html Since "3DCoat 2023.25" for macOS, you can remove the folder "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework" in case you have installed Python from the official site specifically for "3DCoat 2023.23". To quickly test the Python script, you can select "3DCoat > Scripts > Run Script > "/Applications/3DCoat-2023.25/UserPrefs/PythonAPI/Templates/py_Primitives/HelloWorld3D.py" or any other py-file from that folder (but not pyi-files).
  11. I cannot reproduce this problem on any of my three Macs. Do you still have this problem in the latest 2023.23 for macOS? https://pilgway.com/~sergyi/links-macOS.html Please provide feedback directly to my email sergkryzh AT gmail DOT com.
  12. The cause of the crash is the absence of Python on the system. I have uploaded "2023.23" for macOS again. It has a code that detects Python on the "3DCoat" startup under macOS. When Python is not found, "3DCoat" for macOS displays a message box that allows you to install it. Why is "Python" not included with the "3DCoat" data files under macOS? I had a hard time when including third-party binaries with "3DCoat" for macOS. Apple's notarization service denies notarizing the "3DCoat" disk image because third-party binaries do not satisfy some rules. Those rules are satisfied inside the "3DCoat" using settings in the "Xcode" project when building the executable. But those rules cannot be satisfied when binaries are already built. Is there a sense to find a minimal set of Python files and a way to include them inside "3DCoat" for macOS data files on every disk image? Or installing once Python as a third-party prerequisite is reasonable? Please provide feedback on your experience directly to my email sergkryzh AT gmail DOT com.
  13. Thanks for the report. "2023.23" crashes on my MacBook Pro with macOS Ventura. Please wait while I will sort out the problem.
  14. The second screenshot reveals that the system doesn't have proprietary graphics drivers. Note the string "Renderer: GDI Generic" (means "no hardware OpenGL"). Install proprietary graphics drivers for your graphics hardware: https://www.nvidia.com/download/index.aspx OR https://www.amd.com/en/support
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