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  1. To reset window position you can just remove one file: This PC > Documents\3D-CoatV2021\window.txt Please contact me: sergkryzh at gmail dot com. We will build a special executable to investigate where the freeze happens.

    Linux updates news

    On start-up "3DCoat for Linux" automatically enables tablets which it is able to recognize. Otherwise the tablet should be enabled manually by defining the environment variable "COAT_PEN" equals the name of the input stylus device. For example: export COAT_PEN="Wacom Intuos3 4x6 Pen stylus" Since "3DCoat 4.9.70 for Linux" it outputs into the Terminal the list of your input devices. Please see the attached screenshot as an example. You have to send a screenshot with the name of your input stylus device (similar screenshot as the attached) to me (support PERIOD linux AT 3dcoat PERIOD com). Then your input device name will be added into "3DCoat" to automatically enable it in the future builds.

    Linux updates news

    Fixed problem "Empty window Smart Materials" under Linux in "3DCoat 4.9.70". If you install "3DCoat 4.9.70" under Linux after running "3DCoat 4.9.69" or earlier then to fill the window "Smart Materials" in "3DCoat 4.9.70" please remove four items: Two empty files "~/Documents/3D-CoatV49/ToolsPresets" and "~/Documents/3D-CoatV49/patterns"; One folder "~/Documents/3D-CoatV49/Temp/Unzip"; One file "~/Documents/3D-CoatV49/Temp/UnzipAlways/smart_materials_4_8.done". After removing these items run "3DCoat 4.9.70". The window "Smart Materials" will be filled.
  4. 1. Thanks for sharing. I had tested "3DCoat" on my old iMac (CPU i3 3.06 GHz, RAM 8 GB, GPU Radeon HD 4670, VRAM 256 MB) and "3DCoat" allows painting texture with resolution up to 2K and sculpting up to 2 million triangles with comfort performance (about and above 30 FPS). 2. We don't have a Mac with an M1 processor yet. But "3DCoat" uses proprietary Intel libraries for some functions (Sculpt > AUTOPO, Retopo > UV > Mark Seams > Selected > To ABF/GU/LSCM/Planar). Probably those functions will fail on M1.

    Graphic drawing tablet, Issue.

    Hello, Armored_22 and all XP-PEN users. To use XP-PEN with "3DCoat" please enable "Tablet PC" mode: 3DCoat > Edit > Preferences > Brushing > Tablet Interface > TabletPC (instead of WinTab).

    [Solved] Testing under OpenSuse Tumbleweed

    Hello, kalwalt! The latest "3DCoat 4.9.69" for Linux doesn't require the dynamic library "libomp.so". Please download it from here: http://pilgway.com/~sergyi/3DCoat/3DCoat-4.9.69.tar.bz2 But please note that "3DCoat 4.9.69" has been built under Linux Ubuntu 20.04 and I am not sure if it is able to run on OpenSUSE. Please check this test application which has been built the same way as "3DCoat" but it is much smaller: http://pilgway.com/~sergyi/TestStroke/TestStroke.tar.bz2

    [Solved] Space Navigator stopped working

    Hello, MarkC! 3D-mouse under macOS has been fixed on systems with enabled SIP since "3DCoat 4.9.55" for macOS. Please download new build from here: https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/23667-3dcoat-49-beta-testing-thread/ Or from here: https://3dcoat.com/download/

    Linux updates news

    Here is a listing of disk images of "3DCoat" for macOS on our FTP. The gap was between the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. It was caused by refactoring of "3DCoat". A gap was under Windows too at that time. Here is a screenshot of the upcoming "3DCoat 2021" under macOS which works today.

    Linux updates news

    In case Apple will release macOS without OpenGL support I think we will go this path: Vulkan under Windows/Linux and MoltenVK under macOS. About refund. Contact our sales department. But I don't understand what you mean by "as it was never to what you delivered to Windows users". "3DCoat" under macOS has been built using absolutely the same source base as for Windows. All source files of Windows project are included in macOS project. The new Xcode project for macOS has been made completely identical to the Visual Studio project from Windows. "3DCoat" builds for macOS have appeared on our site sometimes even earlier than Windows this year thanks to the new Xcode project. Even the precompiled header is the same for Windows and macOS. That proves the identical project structure between Windows and macOS. I believe that the same project structure will be kept for the Linux project which is now in progress.
  10. SERGYI

    Linux updates news

    Hello! After spending some time (about a month or so) I was able to install on my MacBook Pro all 3 systems (macOS + Windows + Ubuntu, thanks to rEFInd). Now I have started the initial compilation process of "3DCoat" sources inside VS Code under Linux Ubuntu 20.04. Regarding macOS. Hopefully "OpenGL" will be still supported. Otherwise how Apple will be supporting WebGL and tons of games?
  11. Thanks for your detailed explanation! The problem is present on my Mac too but only in "Release" build of "3DCoat". For some reason buttons [+] works correctly in "Debug" build of "3DCoat". It will take some time to investigate the reason because the debugger is absent in "Release" configuration.
  12. Hello, Kev! I have the same problem too on my MacBook Pro. I will look slightly later because currently I am making a triple boot on my MacBook Pro.
  13. Thanks to "MaxHancock" the problem with To ABF/GU/LSCM/Planar buttons in "3DCoat" for macOS has been solved starting from "3DCoat 4.9.50A": http://www.pilgway.com/~sergyi/3DCoat/3DCoat-4.9.50A.dmg
  14. Enter this (without percent sign): /Applications/3DCoat-4.9.49D/3DCoat.app/Contents/MacOS/3DCoat
  15. Please run Terminal and enter: % /Applications/3DCoat-4.9.49D/3DCoat.app/Contents/MacOS/3DCoat This directly runs the "3DCoat" executable file (do not use the command "open" because it silences debug output which we need currently). Select the PPP model and in the UV room select any cluster and click any button from "To ABF/GU/LSCM/Planar". Please take a screenshot with Terminal output and send it to me "sergkryzh AT gmail DOT com".