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Found 23 results

  1. pixelhunters


    Another short film from Physics4fun series. A new, VR, approach of learning, gamified, to make Physics more appealing to students and inspire them to explore its world. Watch the video and share us your thoughts. https://vimeo.com/282865318
  2. pixelhunters


    A short film by Pixelhunters. All that matters is to be good persons. Otherwise, there are Consequences. Watch the film here: https://vimeo.com/297760830
  3. Hello, I am working on a prop for an animation its a cartoony spaceship. The working process should be intuitive and artistic, so its a perfect job for 3D Coat. The astronaut already exists in Maya. Rendering will be done with Vray. I would like to start this thread to show my development, as to ask some questions coming up. Also artistic comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy Martin
  4. I thought it a bit time consuming that the smart materials didn't have an option that directly connects to the installed alpha, strips and stencil extensions in the "condition mask" or "edge scattering" and mask field as a quick selection perhaps be clicking a small arrow or next button to cycle through the possibilities rather than having to open and load a texture. A small icon showing the alpha, stencil or strips would help as you cycle through them. I also mentioned in this thread title, the possibility of selecting a common animation style. This could be plasma, pulsing/flashing, scrolling up, scrolling down, left/right etc and or combos of pulsing and scrolling and this could be assigned to a texture in the smart materials or perhaps just apply it to the whole smart material.. This is also related to my other post about animating material properties http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/21323-animated-materials-for-each-layer/#comment-147512
  5. I know how to render the jpegs required for an animation within 3DC. However I'm curious what application you use to create the animated gif or avi? I have Photoshop CC 2017 and it can create an animated gif. But with 360 jpegs rendered by 3DC it would be quire labor intensive to load each jpeg as a layer in Photoshop and then load each layer as a frame. I know Photoshop has a script to load many jpgs as a layer, so that really isn't the problem. I did search for a PS action to convert many layers but found nothing. Can anyone recommend a good, free app? Cheers
  6. Here is the process of creating a Octopus Walking Cycle for the more curious ones!
  7. Hi everyone, Here is a tutorial for those who are curious and want to start animating in Blender. You can find the other parts in my channel. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, Here is a tutorial for those who are curious and want to start animating in Blender. You can find the part 01 in my channel. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, Here is a tutorial for the more curious ones, that will help to get into animation with a nice Pirate-Chest! Thanks For Watching!
  10. We are happy to share a new short film called Once Kitten, Think Twice. This short film talks about cat, monster and balance in life. Share us your thoughts and watch the film here:
  11. Hi ! I'm learning 3dcoat & have a problem understanding how to retopo a hard surface humanoid model for exporting & animating in C4D. I'm confused because it seems I lose all the fine details that i've been able to sculpt in 3dc. All those sharp edges precisely. I'd like to export it to Obj for rigging & animating in C4D. So, i understand i should make a low poly export with uvs, normal map etc...but if my model lose sharpness, should i edit edges in C4D again ? (which would be kind of annoying). Or should i make a not-so-low-poly model and in this case what's a good poly count ? If anyone has suggestions or ideas, tutorials about this topic, thanks ! Here's an example of a model i'd like to rig :
  12. From the album: Character Animation & Modeling

    Morgan Mascot Creature Character Modeling by GameYan Studio

    © GameYan Studio

  13. Hi folks, I was up last last nice simply trying to make some turnable animations of some asteroids I'm messing around with for a game. Being a 2D game, I figured, I could voxel together some nice looking astroid objects, render out a quick 36-frame turnable animation and use it for testing in an a quick 2D scene. I created a 512x512 custom sized render area and centered the "rock" within the window. Thinking it would be easy, I set the view to orthographic, and shift-rotated the rock to the Front view. I save the scene as "Frame00". Next shift-rotated the scene for the Left, Back, and Right views again saving the associated scenes. I checked Render Frame Sequence, specified 36 for the number of frames clocked Render Animation. After selecting the first saved file, and specifying again 36 for the number of frames, the program begins rendering the turnable. Everything goes great up to the last set of 9-frames - instead of continuing on to the last (Front) view again, the model reversed and quickly rotates backwards to the starting frame again??? I've even tried creating Camera Shortcuts and also turned on "Closed Spline" hoping it would complete the "circle". I realize that it's the interpolation of the rotation that is causing it to what?, take the shortest path back to the first frame, but then how are others creating these turntables? I tried rotating using 45-degree angles, which is painful compared to just shift-rotating to get the correctly locked views. What the HECK am I doing wrong - why can't I create a simple turntable? Any suggestions are appreciated! -Will
  14. will 3d coat ever have a camera path animation function. Similar to the turntable feature, but the camera can be moved, and zoomed in and out. That would be awesome! Just having the cam zoom in and out at a designated time during the turntable rendering would be would be Sooo good.
  15. Здравствуйте жители форума, профессионалы и уважаемые творцы, представляю вашему вниманию мою новую работу, которая полностью оттекстурированa в "3D Coat", большая часть работы проделанa именной в 3д соат. ССЫЛКА НА ВИДЕО http://mybestworks.webs.com/apps/videos/videos/show/18594194-cbc-reinsurance-company-logo-animation DIFUCE - хочу отметить, что эта не текстура, которая взятa и налепленa просто нa модели, 90 % это рисованная текстура, с помощью 3Dcoat и VACOM intuos. в 3д соат есть уникальные возможности для этого. остальные 10 % скачанные из инета, например, кирпич и железные стойки. BUMP - да ,я нашел способ получить бумп из 3D соат, несмотря на то, что нет прямого экспорта, все-таки есть возможность получить BUMP, когда рисуешь на модели с включeнным нормал мап и создаются вмятины и выпуклости, рельеф, нужно экспортировать как нормал мап, a потом c помощью CrazyBump открыть нормал мап, но при открытии указать Open us Normal map. и отрегулировать spelulariti вкладку, как ни страно, нормал отлично конвертируется в Bump, и нa модели получаю именно то, что я рисовал в Coat с помощью включенным нормал. потом можно миксовать в фотошопе с дисплейсмент мап. (сейчас появится у вас вопрос а почему бы не создать бумп в фотошопе, а потому что когда ресуешь вместе c нормал при экспорте получаешь толкo цвет но не выпуклости ) SPECULAR | CAVITY | тоже получены из 3д соат, с помощью разных манипуляций. DISPLACEMENT - кстати, что-то дисплейсмент барахлит, когда выпускаю в фотошопе, открывается нeправильно черно-белые точки без градации. помогают следующие действия, открываю в паинт, нажимаю сохранить, а потом открываю в фотошопе и потом все правильно отображается. вообщем, судите строго ПС: от тех людей, которые (неадекватно) комментировали (совершенно не понятным мне причинам удалили) мой старый пост про 3Dcoat. LOGO комментарии от них не принимаю!!! мне они не интересны. просто обходите стороной. комментарии от адекватных людей внимательно прочитаю и приму все ваше замечания. спасибо зарание _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PS: those people who (inappropriately) commented (completely incomprehensible reasons and delete) my old post about 3d Coat LOGO. comments from them do not accept! to me they are not interesting.!!! so please do not comment here. Thanks.
  16. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share the announcement of a mobile game I just released. It's called Buzzle and right now it's iOS only, but will be coming to Android soon. It's a pretty cool game, with a unique concept. It's a free download, you can play the first world before you decide if you want to buy the rest. I would love to get your feedback. And spread the news! http://www.glowbuglabs.com I did the ingame art. Models, animation, and tiles. I used 3D Coat and Photoshop for doing the tiles and making sure they are seamless. I also used Blender and TVPaint. The game is done in Unity.
  17. Just wondering about using models that are not retopoed to perfection! I used part auto-po for the mid section and hand retopoed the rest for my first character sculpt. http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?app=galleryℑ=421 I realized how bad the flow lines and loops are crossing weird ways from the auto-po, since I did not guide them very well with splines. Is this a major headache for animation/animators? Spend hours fixing it? It is all quads.....Maybe post and try and sell on Turbosuid for cheap stating they can clean up if wanted? I probably won't get into weight painting, bones and animation for some time myself , so I have no clue to possible flow line problems during animation...
  18. Hello everyone, Iam selling my Messiah Studio 6 Pro License inclusive my Setuptab Account! This means the one that buys from me the MS 6Pro License also gets all the Tuts i have bought at Setuptab.I want to have 190,- US Dollar via paypal. Messiah Studio works pretty good togehter with 3D Coat!!! Iam also selling one of my Audio Tools called Reaper.Great Digital Workstation and as good as Cubase but much cheaper and from my experience more stable.I want to have 160,- US Dollar for the full commercial License. you can check the demo out first http://www.reaper.fm/ have all a great week Dominik
  19. I purchased 3D coat last week after using the trial version. Here's a character I'm working. This is the "cartoon cute" version of the Ucides cordatus Painted in 3D coat <3 (diffuse and specular) [model made in 3ds max] the texture is still a wip, missing alot of details and better spec Here you can see the crab with some animations i'm doing (unity web player)
  20. http://mybestworks.webs.com/ Creators Website Used Software. 3D max ----- Phisyx - PF Vray RT ----- Render Time- 4 Days/ Core Tu duo 3,2x2/ Nvidia 570GTX Phantom Nuke ---- Compositing + FX Photoshop CS6---- For Video Editing And Compression /H.264/.mp4 Adobe audition CS5.5 Sound Creation, Recording, Mix 40% Sound Loops Download From Free Sound Website. 60% Created Myself ___________________________________________________________ 609 Frames. 24 FPS Original File size 3,53 GB . 1920x1080 . on VIMEO.Com ...https://vimeo.com/75068720.. HD..will be downscaled to 720p by default (1280×720) because I am not premium member. ========================================================= NOTICE- You Can Download And us This intro as you wish It's free and non commercial..///// Can us as Intro For tutorials .... etc
  21. Hey everyone, we're Mixamo. We just put together a great tutorial on how to use Mixamo and 3D Coat for amazing results. It's now easier than ever before to get animation on your 3D Coat characters using our Auto-Rigging and Animation services! Let us know what you think. Cheers, -Mixamo
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