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Found 23 results

  1. From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    A monstrous thing. Based on 2D concept artwork by Tooth Wu. #monster #horror #scifi #sciencefiction #alien #creature #CharacterDesign #3D #ZBrush #3DCoat #B3D #Blender3D #sculpture #art #artwork #DigitalArt #ArtMatters #artist
  2. From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    Frankie Hulkenstein, stylized 3D character concept. Sculpted using 3D Coat, fine-tuned in Blender and rendered using Octane Render. #3d #3dcoat #b3d #blender3d #art #artwork #monster #frankenstein #character #design #characterdesign #portrait #sculpture #illustration

    © Metin Seven

  3. Metin Seven

    One ugly mofo

    From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    As a certain muscular action hero once said: "One.. ugly... motherf..." Based on a 2D concept by Tooth Wu. More: https://metinseven.nl
  4. Metin Seven

    Cute critter

    From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    A cute cuddly critter for you to hug. Inspired by a Tooth Wu concept. More work: https://metinseven.nl #monster #rat #horror #creature #character #design #characterdesign #3d #3dcoat #b3d
  5. From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    Here's a little Krampus progress collage, starting with the great concept artwork by Maxim Verehin, sculpting in 3D Coat and ending with the Blender Cycles rendering. The full-size end result can be viewed in my 3D Coat album, and in my portfolio. #krampus #monster #creepy #horror #fantasy #3d #b3d #3dcoat #character #illustration #artwork
  6. Metin Seven


    From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    If you don't behave, Krampus will come and get you! Concept: Maxim Verehin More work: metinseven.nl #krampus #monster #creepy #horror #fantasy #3d #b3d #zbrush #3dcoat #character #illustration
  7. Metin Seven


    My first 3D Coat 2021 exploration. Concept: Maxim Verehin. Portfolio: https://metinseven.nl
  8. chris_solo


    From the album: Chris work

  9. Carlosan


    From the album: Carlosan

    Model: 3DCoat Paint: 3DCoat Render: 3DCoat Postpro: Gimp

    © @Andreoni

  10. My first sketch in 3d-coat with a new 2d-paint voxel tool mode in version 4.26 which give you opportunity to paint your 3d sculpts in 3d space. It is very fun! And of course I tested a new Renderman v21 which integrated in this version. I spent an one hour for this picture. P.S. Renderman will be available soon in the official beta. Happy viewing!
  11. This is my latest personal work. Well, it's a sort of fancy self portrait, that started as a simple 3D photogrammetric reconstruction and evolved in time to this finished illustration. 3D Coat role was retopology of the face itself, as i found it more suitable to the task due the inherent raw mesh asymmetry. Used also ZBrush, Agisoft Photoscan, modo and Photoshop for final compositing. Hope you like it! Cheers! Umberto
  12. ajz3d


    From the album: Crite

    A Crite from the "Critters" movies (New Line Cinema, 1986/1988/1991/1992) Final contribution to 3D-Coat Challenge #11: Hairy Creature (with hair done without a fur system or instancing). Fur consists of 283 hand-painted poly sheets manually distributed over the creature's body.

    © ©2015 Artur Julian Żarek

  13. ajz3d

    Crite Face Close-up

    From the album: Crite

    A Crite from the "Critters" movies (New Line Cinema, 1986/1988/1991/1992). Close-up shot of my final contribution to 3D-Coat Challenge #11: Hairy Creature (with hair done without a fur system or instancing).

    © ©2015 Artur Julian Żarek

  14. Carlosan


    From the album: Carlosan

    © @Andreoni

  15. From the album: Fantome artwork

    Model done in 3D coat and 3dsmax. Textures are done in DDO and 3D coat, rendered in Marmoset toolbag.
  16. Psionic

    Cthulhu Lives

    From the album: Psionic's finished images

    Created entirely in 3D Coat with a little Photoshop touch up at the end for the fine details ;-)

    © Psionic Games

  17. This was my first model done in 3D Coat. Basically it's a lab rat because I've been experimenting on him a lot (http://3d-coat.com/f...showtopic=10459) not to mention that I was learning 3D Coat on this poor sod. No Live Clay was used. Voxel sculpture was done in 3.7.08B and I didn't even know about beta tools back then. It's a reproduction of an alien-human hybrid from the first minutes of the "Xtro (1983)" film directed by Harry Bromley Davenport. It's one of those horror flicks you either love or hate. Very weird and bizarre. I remember seeing this creature on a back cover of a VHS tape when I was a kid and it scared the crap out of me. Picture descriptions: Image #1: Early version of xtro with beast claws and ugly feet (bleh!) Image #2-6: Various renders. Note the lack of texture on the teeth and a missing tentacle. When I was swapping the claws with human feet and hands I somehow ended up with main model and teeth+tentacle being separated into different scene files. Don't ask me why... Also, there are no eyes. Never did them in 3D Coat. There was no need to. Image #7: Everything back together. First SSS shader tests.
  18. Hello everyone! Here is a sculpture I have been working on for a bit. Can you guess where this guy is from? Feel free to critique .
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