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Found 10 results

  1. From the album: 3dcoat sketches wips and final pieces

    my first attempt at a semi realistic face. It was fun.
  2. chris_solo


    From the album: Chris work

  3. AntonTenitsky

    Space Communists: Red Phobos

    From the album: Space Communists

    Phobos has been a base for the space communists for over 200 hundred years. It was eventually reshaped to resemble the original leader of the Soviet Revolution - Vladimir Lenin. Violent conflicts left numerous scars and craters on this moon but it is still one of the most powerful weapons in our solar system. It will help to continue the revolutionary fight against imperial transhumanists, inhuman AIs, and other degenerate factions until the final and inevitable Soviet victory!
  4. Ausdemenon


    My first sculpt feamle head.
  5. artofcharly


    Hello everyone! This my new head sculpture which I've done for customer from Sweden. Sculpting - 3d Coat Texturing - Quixel Suite 2 Rendering - Octane, 3dcoat, Vray You can buy this model here - http://3ddd.ru/3dmodels/show/biust_gierkuliesa
  6. netgoblin

    LOTR: Sauron's helmet

    From the album: netgoblin 3D

    Modelling - 3dsmax, UV-unwrapping and texturing - 3D Coat.

    © netgoblin (c)

  7. germaincg

    Germain's Sketchbook

    Hi all, these are my first w.i.p.s made in 3D Coat. I will I began from Silo bust , and the other from a sphere. I hope you like them. Best Regards!
  8. syunikiso

    Female Bust Study

    From the album: Lucas' Works

    Another study, this time, a female bust. Sculpted in 3D Coat and rendered in Blender Cycles.
  9. syunikiso

    Male Bust Study

    From the album: Lucas' Works

    Personal study of a male head/bust. Sculpted in 3D Coat and rendered in blender cycles.