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Found 18 results

  1. Is there a fast way to select a Paint Object from the 3D view? I want to single out a spesific object to paint on it, but finding it in the Paint Objects pannel takes way too long. I know you can hit H and it will automatically select a voxel layer but that doesn't work with paint objects. Is there a way to convert paint objects to voxel layers Another possible workaround would be if I can somehow see the Paint Object's name when I hover over it in the 3D view. Even naming the layers won't help btw because there are way too many of them.
  2. I recently can across a issue where I heavy need to import a obj file with textures already applied. For context I have a model that had multiple texture sheets and UV'd pieces that have existing textures I need to edit. Problem is that when importing any type of geometry file the program does not apply textures automatically. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a issue as having only one or two texture sheets wouldn't take much time to import the textures manually. Thing is that this project has upwards of 12 separate UV'd pieces, each with around 4 textures. Meaning that I would need to manually apply 48 textures for this one model. If there are any tricks or ways around this problem please reply back, as I will even try external plugins a try for fixing this issue. This is urgent as the window on this project is closing quickly. Thank you for reading and hope to hear back soon.
  3. Hey guys, Here's my Zipper spline object (see attachment). U can extract the .zip file to C:\Users\......\Documents\3D-CoatV....\VoxStamps\Splines. When u re-open 3DC, a new folder (called Ruud) will be added to the splines panel in the sculpt room with a custom icon for the zipper object (see image below). If u don't want a custom folder, just copy the zips content to your preffered folder, or move it to another folder within the splines panel (using right click). If u give it a try, please let me now what u think. Have fun with it! Grtz, Ruud Ruud.zip
  4. Hi, I'm discovering the Import tool to quickly create copies of an object on the surface of an other object, but somehow I managed to get a constant distance from the main object, and I can't get rid of the distance. I've tried the Shift option, but that doesn't help enough. How can I solve this? I've included a screenshot. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Hello I am new at this program and i have a question: I have a model with different parts, that i joined in two big groups (in blender i made this), and i would like that in 3d coat when i import them, to let them separate into these two group, so i can add entirely a smart material to one of this groups and the same with the other one. How could i do that? Thanks to everyone who will help me
  6. hello, I´ve done some sculpting and exported the object to obj/fbx and iomported it into another 3D app (MODO). The issue is, objects imported from 3D Coat seem to be not "centered" at 0,0,0 in my modo-scene. Objects have a little offset (dont know why) - is there a way to force objects to be centered in 3D Coat? Like origin/pivot is at coordinate 0,0,0 in the scene? Kind Regards
  7. Hello! Basically I try to import a model to a scene previously done as kitbash part in another program. The problem is with a scale of a scene. Since I was not aware of object scale, every thing I have in scene has 0.32 scale. And if I try to import a model, and fit it to the already existing geometries, it's extremelly low res. Is there any way to change scale of everything at one hit?:v I figured out I could put the model and basically resize it to the desired voxel density, then transform it once again to make it fit, but wanted to know is maybe there is a shortcut.Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi guys, Someone knows how to make alpha from an object in (3D-Coat 4.7) like MRGB ZGrabber di Zbrush? I try to change my workflow shifting all definitively on Linux. Thank so much!!
  9. See attached: I want to import each of the 3 Cinema4D objects as separate meshes into the paint room. I basically want them each on their own layer, as in Cinema4D. I've run out of internet searches, ideas and patience. I've accepted that I have to export each mesh separately and I've sorted out everything on the C4D end. The videos I've watched about isolating contiguous polygons, etc.. all apply to the vox tree/sculpt room and none of those features seem to be available in the paint room. ...unless there is another way to quickly isolate meshes in order to apply smart materials to each in turn. Please let me know.
  10. Thought I asked this before. Not sure......If I have an object out of rotation by accident, I would like to rotate it back along the axis. For ex., a rectangles origin is all 0,0,0 from the "main objects axis" but the rotation has the ends of the rectangle crossing the axis instead of dead center down the line.....
  11. Hi I have some trouble to create some nice chamfers on my object. See red lines. I have tried some stuff, but nothing works great. I get a nice result with the Carve tool and stroke splines. but i alway get some ugly corners. Flatten works nice too, but it is much work and and i dont get a clean well sized chamfer around my object. Did anybody have some ideas for me to create a chamfer in an easy way? Cheers Malo
  12. Please excuse my poor english Some days earlier I made a post "Huge .3b file?", which express some of my worries about the size of 3b file. And I see it's a pretty common problems, But I still having trouble dealing with it. I Just finished the calf of the leg for my character, I am having a hard time to combine it to the body, head, and feet. I REALLY REALLY wish if I can just combine all the parts I made in the voxel room and retopo them and then paint them altogether, and then get rid of those insane CPU memory killer "voxels" for good. but that's not possible, 2 more of those calf (not even with symmetry on) and my computer will simply stop running. So I separated my model into multiple 3b file, retopo them and bake the texture first and then tired to combine them later. but I have no idea how to combine or export/import different object from different 3b file. There is no option to do with object ( Materials ) other than hide or remove them, If I export my model as obj and import it back to another 3b file for paint it's layer will become messed up. I sure there must be some workaround for it, I am just too dumb to figure it out, please enlighten me!
  13. If I have several objects in the voxel room, the UI makes it impossible for me to change the lower/lowest object(s) to a specific parent. The UI puts the pop up list too high and by the time I can race my cursor up to it before it disappears to select a parent, it's gone.
  14. The locking of objects in the paint room doesn't appear to have any affect at all. If I want to lock an object, it implies that I don't want it to be affected by the actions I take in the paint room. However, whether or not I make the object visible or lock it, if I want to paint another object by using the Fill unfrozen action, it paints even hidden or locked objects.
  15. OK, I've created a multi-subobject Voxel asset, retopologized each, painted each, and now I want all the textures and subobjects combined. I can do this in Max, Photoshop, etc. but I'm trying to determine if there is a way to get this done in 3DC, thereby skipping a bunch of steps. I can see that the UV islands are placed appropriately already, but I don't know how to combine the texture maps together and to also get the assets out as one combined object. Is there a way to do this in 3DC?
  16. I'm just now getting into the freeze operations in the Paint Room and noticed there's an Unfreeze All/Object, etc. Can we also have a Freeze All/Object, etc.? I'm trying to texture an object, whereby it would be much easier and less time consuming to Freeze the whole object and Unfreeze the portions I want, rather than the other way around. EDIT: Never mind. I found the Freeze Sub-Object. It's confusing because I had only the one object to work with. I suggest renaming this to Freeze Object/Sub-Object. The other thing I'm seeing is that because my object extrudes towards me, it's hard to see what is frozen without wireframe on. I suggest giving an option to have a shaded freeze.
  17. Hi. I'm not sure if this already exists, but I was making a chair with a seat cushion and pillows in 3D Coat and realized afterwards that I didn't create the cushion separate from the chair, as I did the pillows. I can go into another app and do this, but if there isn't already a way to do this in 3D Coat, can this functionality be considered, please?
  18. I'm about to lose my mind. I'm trying to reduce seams between my hand model and body model and both use object/world normals. When I import my normals they look all messed up (really black areas with severe seams where there should be no seams). Am I correct in assuming that 3d Coat does not work with anything but tangent space normals? Should I just use flat shade and import and work on them as diffuse textures?
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