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  1. Hey Guys, Were having a Super Halloween Special at LEARN3DSOFTWARE.com. -Lifetime Memberships are 50% Off -Only $249 US (Reg.$499) Until October 31st!! -Training for 3D Coat, Lightwave, ZBrush, Modo, Substance Painter, and DDO training. -One Time Fee and you get Access to All New and Older Tutorial Releases!! -Over 157 Video Titles and More Being Added Every Month!! http://www.learn3dsoftware.com/membership_lifetime.htm
  2. From the album: FanArt

    First render for an upcoming project. Hope to show more very soon. Hope you like!
  3. I want to create characters that look like they are created from globs of paint, almost like the surface of a painting. heres a 2d example: Heres 3d examples Is there any way I can create a stamp with the shape of a pallet knife stroke, and at the same time assign it a color that is slightly random? or something like that Thanks!
  4. Initial stages of new character floating around in my head for a while now.
  5. From the album: FanArt

    Second illustration for Civil War Kids series. Team Iron Man Hope you like it!
  6. JoseConseco


    From the album: Randomnes

    Made in 3d coat, render in zbrush. Some post in PS and FilterForge
  7. Hi I need to do fast head sketches with hair For block the big shapes im using rapid2 But for details Scratches is enough ? any help to build a preset is appreciated Example to achieve with 3DC:
  8. Hi, I wanna try 3D Coat, because my friend tell me its really great! So I install trial and seems cool, but I have one big problem: I put a predefined medium sphere to the viewport, made it 4 times higher res and try to sculpt in voxel mode. It was sooo slooow, I think like 1 frame per sec. Its really terrible. Even when go to a higher level, it stop for like 5 seconds. I dont know why, I have pretty decent computer (i7 2600K at 4,4GHz, 32GB RAM 2133MHz, GeForce GTX 780 3GB, win 7 x64). ZBrush is super fast, but I hate it :-) and wanna try 3D Coat. But I dont know why, its really slow. My friend tell me he can do that without any problem. Sphere with 4 times higher resolution, its still not so detailed and 3d coat told me use only 1.26GB RAM, so its simple I think. Any other software works fine, so I dont know what to do. Can anyone help me please... Thanks a lot for any tips. Tim
  9. JoseConseco

    Thug 2

    From the album: Randomnes

    Another shoot. Made in 3d coat. Render in zbrush.
  10. Hi all!! i would like to post my second sculpt on 3dcoat, still its been 50/50 3d coat and 3ds max, im still thinking how to sculpt the fur, still need to learn a lot. all C & C are welcome.
  11. So i started making my first full project on 3DC and its a sword! im still new at this so i wish if you could lend me your advice! Im not making so many details since this is only for a game asset! Tho, i want it to look good! I still need to paint it, retopo, bake and finalize!
  12. So I decided to give the sculpting tools a shot so that I can fairly compare 3D Coat to my existing workflow to determine if it justifies the cost to purchase and have run into a few problems trying to replicate my previous workflow. I am wanting to find out how I can achieve the same results I get in Sculptris when I use the Grab tool. I found a tool in 3D Coat called Move, but it only grabs 1 pixel and drags this.. kind of works more like the Pinch tool from Sculptris. If anyone knows the name/way to use the right tool to achieve the same result please advise. EDIT I also have seen a Pointers counter at the bottom of the 3D Coat program and every time my cursor is over my model, it starts to rapidly count down. It was at -7000 a little ago and is now all the way to -12000. As this number decreases.. I am seeing my memory getting chewed up. this can't be good right? DOUBLE EDIT The larger the brush size the faster it decreases, the smaller the brush size the slower it decreases. I'm not clicking just hovering my cursor over the model with the Move tool selected. TRIPLE EDIT Is there a way to change how much detail is added or removed when you are sculpting. In Sculptris I was able to adjust the tessellation level so that it would either work without adding any new polygons or it would add extreme quantities of them. Using this method I was able to control the polycount in areas where high detail was not required. I'm just trying to determine how to achieve this same result inside of 3D Coat.
  13. Carlosan

    Merman Adapa

    From the album: Carlosan

    Adapa, the first of the antediluvian seven sages, was a Mesopotamian mythical figure who unknowingly refused the gift of immortality. Modeling, texturing, lighting and render: 3DCoat Postprocessing: Gimp

    © @Andreoni

  14. Carlosan


    From the album: Carlosan

    Nosophoros Sculpt Modeling, retopo, baking, SSS paint, cloth paint: 3DC Lighting, shading, render: Blender cycles Comp: Gimp

    © @andreoni

  15. Carlosan


    From the album: Carlosan

    Old project redone, all the sculpt, polypaint base, retopo, bake and texture paint done at 3DC. Hair, shaders, light and render at Blender cycles. Comp and postpro at Gimp.

    © @CA

  16. I would like to see a feature where I can limit the painting of an area by the angle adjacent faces. Similar to the "ingore back faces" option in the E-panel. There should be a limiter where one could set the angle which allows or prevent the painting or modelling of the area. MeshMixer or 3ds max has this option in the face selection dialog.
  17. Carlosan

    Faun Granma

    From the album: Carlosan

    Faun Granma Personal project.

    © @CA

  18. If sculpt layers can be grouped. A GROUP MANAGER allows to use the groups as layers. VoxTree / GroupTree Can work together A new windows popup with all Groups entry: For each group will appear the toggle buttons for object visibility, selectability and ghost mode. That way you can quickly organize your project like in a layer manager, navigate through it, and protect entire groups from selectability. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Im just taking/quoting Raul's proposal http://farsthary.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/new-proposal-asset-management/ and opening the brainstorm to implement a similar option inside 3DC ------------------------------------------------------------------- 0001587: A Group Manager to allow to use the groups as layers. Trello vote card
  19. From the album: Phil Nolan's work

    I recently made this short animation which required sculpting a coffee bean in 3D-Coat, then auto-retopoing and bringing it into LightWave where it was instanced many times to make the "floor" of the scene. This was Episode 7 of my series, jWords, where each epoisode teaches a few Japanese words.
  20. Short character reel showing work from a few years back. I use 3D-Coat for sculpting my characters, retopology, UV work and painting... Link to YouTube and Vimeo channel. http://youtu.be/pbGkBo0kg8c https://vimeo.com/100333717
  21. Carlosan


    From the album: Carlosan

    One day work
  22. Hello, I have been having trouble with a certain aspect of the sculpting tools because I am used to drawing and being able to draw using many strokes ( to adjust my hand or whatever). In 3D sculpting it is even more important because sometimes you are trying to draw something that is not on a flat plane ( it wraps around something for example) and thus you have to change your camera angle to be able to see where you are drawing. To to this (as far as I know) you have to lift up your stroke, change the angle, and then continue the line with another stroke. The problem this creates for me is illustrated below. If you lift your pen or want to draw something that isn't one continuous line, when you replace your pen at the point where you left off, it will either create a bump (when adding) or a divot (when subtracting) at that point. I assume this is because the brush adds or subtracts a fixed amount of...material... based on the height of where you clicked and the depth you have the brush set at. My question is, how can I create a seamlessly flowing line without having to draw it in one continuous stroke? Thanks, ElSte17
  23. Hi all Just thought I'd post a link to some work I did with 3DC voxels on my website. This link shows the all the characters, these were colorised in Photoshop ( done before you could add colour to voxels ) http://www.draw-it.co.uk/?project=trench-project The thumbnails on show some very quick auto retopo work done on the sculpts to get the geometry into LW. I used the mesh to position proxy versions of the characters in a virtual studio. The attached is better view of one character.
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