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Found 25 results

  1. So the snake, spike and similar brushes automatically apply boolean to new strokes. If I want to keep them as disconnected parts (for easier adjusting, posing, topo moving), I have to create new sculpt layer for each stroke then merge them later, which is quite clunky. Is there anyway to disable this auto boolean?
  2. When I bring in a mesh to try autoretopo, I need to zoom in a lot to find it. And then there is only a narrow window before it disappears again. In fact, I thought it simply failed to import the first several times I tried it. But I still can't practically view it. How do you adjust this? I haven't noticed this problem when importing models for other uses. It's funny that the software makes really complicated things feel intuitive. But some seemingly basic things I still can't figure out.
  3. In blender or in other software you have the ability to scroll with the middle mouse button , but for some reason I cant in 3d coat ?? Is there a setting I have to change ?
  4. This part is not intuitive to me and pressing F1 leads to an unrelated video. But I can apply the decal with the “picture” tool. But I can’t make it stay. “Apply” or enter or esc doesn’t leave it there. It disappears whenever I select any other tool. I also would like to apply more than one. But it always references the first. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. I've been seeing stuff like this every time I mouse over Alpha in the Brush and Strip panels. So I recently decided to look into it with interest and try to make it myself. Looking at the wiki (link) and the existing internal alpha images, I have a few questions while making it. 1.What exactly does EraseMask do? I've looked through the wiki and tested it around but I still don't know what exactly this is. Can you give a more detailed explanation? 2.It seems that the brush's alpha source takes precedence over the strip's alpha source. Obviously, the wiki says that the Strip's alpha source is prioritized, but in reality, it seems to give priority to the Brush's alpha source. Only the color of the strip appears properly The rest of the data is ignored. Here is the alpha source I tested. Brush&Strip.psd +Edit ) I forgot to add it to the content when using it as a brush alpha. Brush Alpha works as expected. But Strip doesn't. Are the settings wrong? Or is it a bug? Due to this problem, it seems that it is difficult to express a zipper line that contains metal materials.
  6. I have had this issue for awhile now, i have been using a surface pro 6 and surface pen on the 3D coat demo. I haven’t managed to get any pen pressure as brush strokes stay the same. I have downloaded wintab to see if that worked and it didn’t. I also contacted 3D coat support and they came back with changing tablet interface with windowsink instead of wintab and that didnt work either. how do i fix this?
  7. I have had experience with sculpting in blender, but wanted to try 3dcoat after hearing about its voxel features. Right now i only have the demo but havent tried it for long. Im a little confused with the brush layout. im not sure what the difference is to clay engine, voxel tools and claydraw. Is voxel sculpting always enabled with all these tools or do they work differently and seperately? Where do the surface tools come in? Ive been planning on getting the new suface laptop studio with 11th gen icore 7 with 32 gb of ram. With how much power 3d software needs, will that be enough, especially for high amount of details and sculpting full body characters and objects? because 3dcoat has voxels, do i still need to use subdivide, retopology and remesh when sculpting, or can it be completely voxel sculpting with none of those options?
  8. Hello there! I was going to put a .jpg as a background for one of my projects and when I go to select an image it's blacked out and won't let me select anything. I put it in a separate folder than the one I had for assets and had the same issue, restarted my machine, and restarted the program too. Do I have to put it in a specific folder or something? I'm also on a Mac and Don't know if that has something to do with it. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  9. So I'm currently considering buying an amateur licence but I want to know that if I purchase the licence can I use that licence on more than one device? For example, if I bought a new PC in the future would I have to purchase a new licence for that PC?
  10. I'm starting to get a bit more familiarised with how 3dcoat works. I'm just wondering, how does one duplicate an object from the paint room? Let's say I've already sculpted an object in the sculpt room, bring it to the retopology room to retopologise it, and then bake it to paint. One way I figured out is to bring the retop mesh to the sculpt room and duplicate it in the sculpt room, but what if I just made a small change, for example, add a hole to one part of it. Is there a way to copy the same retop mesh and keep the same uv maps without having to retopologise the new duplicated mesh?
  11. Hello everyone, I am a newie using 3d coat , I encountered two questions when using vox hide 1, How to control the bevel of new objects made by "vox hide-object-ify hidden" 2, a Problems encountered when using object-ify hidden,hope to get help, Thanks!
  12. hi, I am new to 3d coat and figuring out stuff. whatever I draw it's coming out like absolute black. help
  13. Hey guys, I think I made a mistake that might not be salvageable, but I wanted to check in with you and see if there's a way to fix it. Here are the steps I took before this problem happened: 1) Imported the whole mesh into 3D coat, all in one UV Texture and one material, and began painting. 2) Had to make a change in Maya, and ended up exporting the character out again, except this time I forgot the wings. 3) When I noticed the wings were gone, I went back in Maya and exported the entire character out again. 4) Using Import>Replace Geometry, bought the whole character back in but the wing texture was missing, and instead you see these tiny little squares with what used to be some of the colors I had in there. I spent a lot of time on the wings so far and I have a feeling I will have to paint it again, but is there something I'm missing here? The texture was there until I imported the mesh without the wings. Does that override the texture?
  14. Hello there! been using 3dCoat for a while now and something I havent been able to figure out yet is if there is a way to sort of drag select over a bunch of islands that are stacked so I can move and scale them all at the same time. They are all stacked ontop of each other to help with the texture resolution since it is just a bunch of planks of wood that dont really need dedicated space on the uv map. http://prntscr.com/lrbw9j Thanks!
  15. Hey guys, I do have a question as beginner using 3D coat. I am trying to follow this tutorial and realize that for the Sphere Voxel Tool, I am getting a different interface from the tutorial, as I am not presented with the border options like plane border. Can anyone explain where I might be able to change these settings? Or am I using a wrong brush? I realize with this option I can create a lot more with just the sphere tool like cylinders and planes, in addition to spheres. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I'm new to 3dcoat and using the trial version on a MAC. 1883x1026 sixed renders are saving properly to my designated folder, but any settings larger than the render window keeps cycling through the render with no saved file. Is this a limitation to the trial version or something I'm overlooking? Thank you for the help.
  17. I assume it does use one for Voxel volumes, but do Surface volumes not go under any such optimization? I ask as I notice the more dense a surface volume is(I work with 10-15 million triangles usually), some operations can be very slow(retopo to 1M can take 8+ hours on draft, accidental double click on the 1 million retopo mesh can take an hour for edges where it seems to selects all edges, sculpt room geometry->close holes various amounts of time...10mins to hour+, delete or fill hole 10 secs+, etc) . Using sculpt brush tools to add details(or live clay with not just push/pull triangles but add/remove) all seem to work pretty fast and responsively. It's not a hardware issue as far as I can tell, the machines I've used coat on have more than enough grunt. I know quite a few tasks are single threaded, but with an octree or similar perhaps that could use multiple threads by splitting the work across octants? The reason I get the impression octree is not in use is when performing a task like delete or fill hole on a small set of triangles, it would seem the more triangles in the volume, the longer this operation can take, the actual amount of triangles to delete or size of hole doesn't make the difference. I get the impression these performance issues can be fixed, is it well known as problematic? Or not common for users to work with 10mil + triangles in a surface volume? Is it a size that 3D Coat should be able to handle better?(I edit environmental scan data where voxels isn't really an option).
  18. I started using 3D Coat about a week ago, and I've run into this problem twice now. I was working in the retopo room for a while and had most of my voxtree layers hidden. When I unhid them later, one object that was in surface mode was full of holes. Trying to convert it back to voxel mode only made it weirder. At first it just looked like I had the surface hidden with the cell tool (even thought I never used it on that object), but as I tried to unhide it it only got worse. I've tried reconstructing it, using mesh doctor, resampling it, and nothing works. I think those triangles are just straight up gone. Then I tried to import the object from an earlier save, but that would crash 3D Coat every time I'd try to edit it. I'd get an error saying the program was unstable and not to overwrite my work. I've had similar problems with the cell tool not wanting to unhide cells and leaving square holes, but in those cases I was able to fix it with the fill tool. Does anyone know what's happening here and how to avoid it? I've kinda resigned to my fate that I'll have to redo that object, but if there is a way to fix it I'd love to know. Thanks in advance.
  19. hello, guys , sorry for my question, maybe will sound stupid for some guys but I really need help! I have this issue I am having in material, and I don't know how to fix this issue I am having in the smart mat, well here is the problem I am having please out , help out, this will be so useful for me , thanks in advance !
  20. Hey all, I've just changed up my version to the new 4.7 from 4.5.4 and I can't seem to setup my color picking in the paint room how it was in the previous version. I used to be able to paint onto a surface, then press 'V' and it would pick the color under the brush cursor (even if I didn't touch the screen with my stylus), but stay on the paint brush tool so I could continue painting. Now when I press 'V' it deselects the paint brush, selects the pick tool and I have to physically press on the screen where I want to pick the color, then press the brush key to go back to painting which is super annoying compared to the previous setup. Is there a setting I can change to have it work like my previous version?
  21. Does buying the 3Dcoat Professional allow me to install the software on both my desktop and laptop? or does that require the floating licence? Thank you!
  22. Hi guys. Please take a look at this. I decided to make this thread when I have found this work by J0linar. http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10817 It is enough for me. I am tired. Just ENOUGH!!! Of course you know the artists and works which I have posted here as an examples. Or at least you know something similar, because I point at the main stream of CG art. (Remove spaces in youtube-links, I don't want the embedded player to appear within the message) So... Please tell me, why THOUSANDS of artists paint and sculpt nothing except freaks, monsters, weapon, different kinds of violence? Why you, guys, are absolutely ignoring the real world? Why THOUSANDS of artists find their artistic interest only in violence, military spaceships and deformity?!! Ok, you are expecting to find the inspiration or fame at that resource, right? http:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=3nLp4ZP_6FY http://www.sketchtheatre.com/carlos-ramos/carlos-ramos-02/ Is it inspirational? Is it beautiful in any meaning? The games... The main themes are violence and war. So much efforts of artists, another reality is created, a lot of objects modelled and textured, so much money spent in the development of the code, stories told, all just to enable the player to kill someone. http:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=PjqsYzBrP-M Again, the main theme is NOT the friendship, love or something good. Main subject is the violence! The legend at the beginning of the video is just fooling us. Not the aliens really have arrived, but actually the player sits with this game at the computer and kills, kills, kills. http:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=qYDmq1TeDFs The well-known magazine. Hundreds of pages with excellent interviews, so much talented people are featured in the articles. But what they do really? To what do they invest their talent? http://shop.3dtotal.com/magazines/2dartist-magazine/2dartist-issue075-mar-2012-download-only.html It seems that the concept art and entertainment industry was made in order NOT to let people to have inspiration and joy, think about real issues and real ways to live together in peace. People are prohibited to know something different than comic books, blockbusters (violence, violence, violence and special effects to decorate the violence, to make it appropriate to the taste) and computer games (violence, freaks, violence, freaks and violence again). The killer's image nowadays has no soul, but has a carefully designed style. Killing became a STYLE nowadays, do you understand me? The killer (mage, knight, soldier, whatever) is usually depicted with a lot of decorative elements, but kills apriori, with no doubts. No one cares about the truth of the relationships between one and other sides of conflicts, no cons and pros, no dialogue. You are unable to find another way in the game. Just hatred and kill, illuminated and illustrated carefully with billions of poligons, lens flare effects and music. Ah! Furthermore. Love's meaning was degraded only to the sexuality in it's explicit form. http://cghub.com/images/view/190414/ No love! In the field of CG industry you are allowed only to paint hot chicks, stylised pin-up and so on. The creation of modern myths goes on. Maybe you think it isn't serious? http:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=Y_KGx0RYvDM Of course Russians are terrorists, yes! I am personally a badass terrorist, yeah. Because only terrorists want back "good old Soviet Union days". Then Hillary is laughing when she sees a terrible death of Gaddafi, and he was a leader of the independent country, btw. Was he good or bad, but he was not an alien gloomy monster. And of course USA is the one and only light of freedom and democracy, while the administration supports warfare all around the globe. The wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, support of "Friends of Syria" (don't you know about their real terroristic attempts to overcome "non democratic regime" of Assad?). But all the artists somehow are not exploring the truth, even in the sketchbooks. The mass culture always gives you something fantastic and bright, isn't it? http://puckducker.deviantart.com/art/Metal-Gear-Rex-Final-Renders-27734152 http://iunewind.deviantart.com/art/Mad-scorpion-Gold-Edition-98196991 Do you really think that war looks like this? Do you appreciate this? http://monsitj.deviantart.com/art/The-explorer-20703840 http://mikedoscher.deviantart.com/art/Siege-Mecha-Render-94312083 http://omen2501.deviantart.com/art/Shrapnel-117159284 http://omen2501.deviantart.com/art/Snatch-94494345 Do you think it is cool to spend your time and talent to make something like this? http://cghub.com/images/view/362789/ http://cghub.com/images/view/342132/ http://cghub.com/images/view/356579/ http://cghub.com/images/view/335305/ I am asking: WHY? Who forces you to sculpt freaks instead of something meaningful? Why you are using such a great tools and your talent just to sculpt freaks, decorate violence, hide it's pain and injustice? Why you are not exploring beautiful aspects of the real life? Why every one artist goes all the way to the virtual world while the reality is covered with cultural taboos? Why? Who forces personally YOU to go that way? Who attracts your attention with "beautiful fantastic world" filled with knights of all kinds, mages of all levels, dragons with a bunches of twisted horns and teeth? Why so much false? Is it a kind of obsession or what? Btw I am not even a christian or whatever. The question has nothing to do with religion or someone's commandments. I am just wondering, because I cant even turn on the TV without getting frustrated.
  23. Hello Guys! I'm Vaiktorg! 20 yrs old and I'm totally new here! x) I'm a Animation student. Today i finally got my hands on 3D Coat and I'm excited to start working on it! Hope to learn lots from you guys and try to contribute to the community. (wont be of much help due to my currently limited knowledge). Im currently having a problem on 3D Coat and my Wacom Bamboo tablet. When i make fast strokes on the model (while sculpting), it flickers for a fractioon of a second and then the stroke goes smoothly again. I have no problem with photoshop, but only with 3D Coat. Thanks!
  24. First I'd like to thank Pilgway team for making this awesome software! I created a zombie head, after I go through "AUTOPO for per pixel", there is no BakedOcclusion layer, the normalmap have no effect on the model. It's been very frustrating trying to figure out what's wrong. I also made a human head, which everything worked just fine. if anyone knows the problem, please let me know, thanks!
  25. ...Paint up to a height relative to the world, instead of relative to the brush or underlying pre-existing strokes? So that no matter how many new strokes I put down, it wouldn't build beyond a certain height, so creating a flat surface when it hits the height, perpendicular, or relative to a certain plane.
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