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  1. Hi Is there an option somewhere that disables 3DCoat from exporting out an MTL file when you export out a retopologised mesh? I don't need it and it's a bit of a pain having to delete them every time. Thanks
  2. Hello guys ! I hope you have a great day ! I have a question. I need to do lot of object similar to this corbel and make them game ready. So of course i did my HP mesh and now i need to do the retopology. My question then is : With maya, how will you do the retopology of this mesh? By hand? I'm not really used to do the retopology of complex props like this one so any help will be appreciated ! https://app.gemoo.com/share/image-annotation/568558142831206400?codeId=Mp1XgXqZdLbko&origin=imageurlgenerator
  3. So, is it possible to alternate the color of specific colors along loops of faces in the retopo mode? Because when it's the same green shade, it's hard to make proper topology and I get lost easily. I mean something like in the attached image. I know that different "islands" have different colors, but when they connect in the mesh they all become the same green.
  4. Hi All, This is part two of how to build quick and easy terrains in 3D Coat. I go over working with higher quality Height Fields (4k) along with using adjustment layers to balance out specific areas or features that are added to the terrain design. Cheers.
  5. Hi all, I hope someone has an answer for this "problem" I am having. I have currently re-topologized a model inside of 3d coat 2022. I have pushed the smooth button and it looks great! Only one problem, it pushed my retopo from 410 quads to 3500. Is there a way to control this function? I have been searching for quite some time and unable to find anything. If I was able to use just %25 of what it gives me it would be spectacular!
  6. Here's a new retopology video, showing manual vs auto retopology with 3d coat.
  7. Hi, I've been learning 3D Coat and I'm loving it, but I can't quite figure out how to finish off the work done within the Retopo room. Could anyone tell me how I can do this? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi I seem to have a bit of an issue with the Symmetry whilst retopping my mesh. I've double checked in ZBrush, and apart from the alphas/tertiary details up the middle/centre of the head, both sides are symmetrical. I even tried the Modify Topology > Mirror and Weld tool for both the model itself and the small spikes. Apart from the tertiary details changing, the meshes on the opposite side didn't appear to move any. And yet, in 3DCoat, the opposite side isn't matching up very well. Mainly the small spike I've retopped on the right. :-\ What could I do to fix this? Thanks. The face doesn't always appear to fit in the outline either.
  9. Hi I guess this could be more of a feature request, but is it possible to make a quick ring? Similar to how you can do it with ZBrush's ZModelerGuide brush...? With that, you can make a stroke, and then holding Shift, it will make a ring around an object. That would be quite useful for my dinosaur's tail. As it currently is, is there any way of continuing a loop with Smart Retopo? Whenever I release the mouse button, there's only half a loop made, and I can't seem to continue it. It just makes a new curve, and the faces made in the middle end up stretching across to the new curve. Can you add new points in the curve too? I can only move the end point it seems. Thanks
  10. Hi, I bought 3D coat based on a peer recommendation for its retopology/UV tools. Is there a good and thorought guide on how retopology and UV tools work in 3D coat with an import from Zbrush? I searched a bit on youtube and found some but not knowing if these are using the latest version of 3D coat I'm not sure if they're relevant. Any recommendations?
  11. Hi After previously bringing back in a retopologised mesh from Maya, I noticed that the seams/unwrap I'd added were there along with a checker map. I'd switched off the checker map from Maya before exporting, so at first I thought it had been added from there. :p But then I noticed there's an option in 3DCoat's Retopo room to enable a checker map. However, now that I've started retopologising a new piece, and I've enabled it, no checker map is showing, and I'm not sure why. How do you get it to work? I'd love to be able to see one and see if it's clean whilst working. Thanks
  12. Hi all.. mediocre texturerer here so somewhat on the amateur side.. As you can see the attached image is a part to a model I've downloaded. Its triangulated to which I've unwrapped it myself in 3ds Max, though when imported into 3D Coat & apply a preset texture, the curvature map, calculates every triangulated edge & not just the physical corner edges. I have considered retopology but then I'd have to re-unwrap again which is more time consuming.. Is retopology the only solution around this?.. Thanks in advance...
  13. When i working on retopology sometimes i can see the topology on the back, so it is a bother me when working. I tried adjusting the Z-Bias ans Opacity value, but it doesn't seem to work out perfectly. Is there any option to hide that face or something?
  14. I am having some trouble with my manual retopo. For a project I did an automatic retopo, until I realized way later that this was a mistake and I should have just done it manually (I have to rig the character I am retopoing). I went back to my 3dcoat file and cleared the automatic retopo, thinking that would be the end of it, and started doing it manually. I realized that while my symmetry was working, I couldn't make a center line. Usually I can click on the "wrong side" of the symmetry plane and a point will automatically appear in the very center. This wasn't working for me on this project for some reason. I brought it up to my teacher, and he said it might be because the previous mesh I thought I cleared is still there. He told me to delete the polygons on the wrong side of the symmetry plane (which I am now realizing was not transparent like the wrong side usually is), turn off symmetry, then turn it back on. For some reason when I tried this, the symmetry plane would not turn back on. So he told me to close the program, open it again and reset my settings if needed. That seemed to work. The issue I now have is that there seems to be another distorted mesh underneath the new retopo I made. I am currently deleting the weird mesh polygon by polygon and hoping my retopo ends up ok. My question is: why did this last thing happen? If anyone could tell me, that would be great.
  15. Hi I have a problem with RFill tool. It doesn't fill gaps with quads properly.
  16. I have 3 meshes at the moment. the first 2 parts i did manual retopo now i want to just quickly auto retopo the third mesh but where i do i get the option. i know you get the option for auto retopo when you first import your model.but how do i do get it middle way through. sorry for my english
  17. I'm using 3DCoat to create retopology. I have run into the problems with complicated objects consisting of many parts. After importing into the program, I find part management very difficult (hiding, unhiding, selecting part for retopo) and the performance is very bad. Any idea how to improve this? I am thinking about dividing larger objects into smaller groups, but how could this be done most efficiently?
  18. Hello dear friends. I´am Paul and I´m from Europe. I have a little (big) problem with 3D-coat, at the moment. There is already a thread from 2017 with a similar problem; but non of the solutions work for me. I used 3d coat at school, and there we always used the auto-retopology function. Now, I bought the program, because I really missed it. But as soon I try to activate the auto-retopology, this happens: I click on auto-retopology. I import my model, choose the right setting (I already experimented with it.) The Program opens my model in a yellowish-beige color. If I use the density modulator, or not, changes nothing. Then comes the moment where I can draw the guidelines. (If I do it or not is also unimportant) Then I click on "Next". And then, nothing. The model stays how it is and I am stuck on the retopology screen, where I could theoretically begin to do the retopology by hand. No automatic retopology performed. I changed the size of the model. Tried objs created by another program. Always the same. I really don`t know what to do, and I really hope that someone can help me. I apologize in advance, if it`s a really stupid problem, that could be solved by one click. I´m trying for 2 days now to do it, and I have a deadline X( I thank you very much in advance and wish you a nice weekend Paul
  19. So I have got to the stage where I'm trying to bake but every time I try I get this separation in the middle I think this has something to do with the points not welding in the center but I have no clue since I'm very much a novice at this program is there any way to remedy this so I can bake?
  20. Hi Im a Modo, and C4D user and looking at the nice tools Maya has for topology. Some spesific ones that caught my attention is Smooth brush from the shift modifier key along with soft selection. What solutions does 3Dcoat have for retopology smoothing, and how does in general they compare with Maya. I use Zbrush so dont even need the sculpting part of 3DCoat. Here is a video I made to make my question more clear. Thanks, Dan
  21. I am new to 3D Coat. I want to import a relatively low polyshirt mesh and do auto retopolgy. Nothing happened except my mesh appeared in the viewport. So, I made a very simple test mesh (about 20 polygons) and tried with that. Again, me test mesh appeared but no attempt at retopolgy. Steps that I tried. I modeled and saved the obj in another program. I opened 3D Coat and chose the intro box that says perform retopology, then chose the lower right box that says perform auto-retopology, the navigated to my obj file. The obj loads but not any attempt at retopology. Help?
  22. Hello! I just bought it today, hoping that it works because in trial version it doesn't work. Basically what I was trying to say I'm trying to have multiples quads when dragging which is quicker than clicking at each quad. But it doesn't work for no reason. I created points for each quads and then drag the first quad across the screen by holding right click. But it's didn't work, it just gave me only one quad than giving me multiple quads. Does anyone have same problem? Any suggestions? Thank you guys
  23. Hello I'm sculpting in zbrush, exporting as .obj and then importing to 3D Coat for manual retopololgy. However, when I import the .obj in 3D Coat, what I get is like a soft, inflated version of my object. It works fine when I open it zbrush again. Any ideas? Apologies if this is a dumb question or in the wrong spot, I'm new to 3D Coat and this forum Thanks!
  24. I've been editing an existing retopo and saving my progress along the way. However, when I reopen the file, it is showing only the original version. My edits aren't shown until I use "delete edge" on it or click the retopo layer "hide" and "unhide" it. I'm not sure how to export my edited version. Any advice would be great, thanks
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