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Found 72 results

  1. I am new to 3D Coat. I want to import a relatively low polyshirt mesh and do auto retopolgy. Nothing happened except my mesh appeared in the viewport. So, I made a very simple test mesh (about 20 polygons) and tried with that. Again, me test mesh appeared but no attempt at retopolgy. Steps that I tried. I modeled and saved the obj in another program. I opened 3D Coat and chose the intro box that says perform retopology, then chose the lower right box that says perform auto-retopology, the navigated to my obj file. The obj loads but not any attempt at retopology. Help?
  2. Hello! I just bought it today, hoping that it works because in trial version it doesn't work. Basically what I was trying to say I'm trying to have multiples quads when dragging which is quicker than clicking at each quad. But it doesn't work for no reason. I created points for each quads and then drag the first quad across the screen by holding right click. But it's didn't work, it just gave me only one quad than giving me multiple quads. Does anyone have same problem? Any suggestions? Thank you guys
  3. Hello I'm sculpting in zbrush, exporting as .obj and then importing to 3D Coat for manual retopololgy. However, when I import the .obj in 3D Coat, what I get is like a soft, inflated version of my object. It works fine when I open it zbrush again. Any ideas? Apologies if this is a dumb question or in the wrong spot, I'm new to 3D Coat and this forum Thanks!
  4. edaddio1

    Retopo editing issues

    I've been editing an existing retopo and saving my progress along the way. However, when I reopen the file, it is showing only the original version. My edits aren't shown until I use "delete edge" on it or click the retopo layer "hide" and "unhide" it. I'm not sure how to export my edited version. Any advice would be great, thanks
  5. Metin Seven

    New quad auto-retopology algorithm

    Hi, For some reason I can't seem to start a new topic in the Feature Requests section, so I thought to post this here: The new Quadriflow auto-retopology algorithm looks very promising. It includes an option for sharp edges as well. It would be fabulous if Instant Meshes could be upgraded to Quadriflow in 3D-Coat. Quadriflow has much less singularities and triangle dead-ends than Instant Meshes, and better support for sharp edges. Many thanks in advance!
  6. I was doing some retopology and was using shift + Brush to smooth out the polys when it just stopped working. I don't know if I hit a key that did something or ??? Is there way to get the smoothing option back?
  7. The 3D Coat Youtube Channel is an official resource for Tutorials, New Feature Demos and more. New content is being added continually, so make sure to subscribe or check in often 3D-Coat Official YouTube Channel 3D Coat Training Channel
  8. This video is a brief overview of the Integration of the "Instant Meshes" Auto-Retopo engine into 3D Coat, as an option to using 3D Coat's default Auto-Retopo engine. For further information about Instant Meshes, please visit the following website of IGL and their more detailed demonstration of it. http://igl.ethz.ch/projects/instant-meshes/
  9. BillBoy

    [Solved] Mesh Importation Problem

    Hey guys, It's my first time on 3D Coat, and i have a problem when i want to import my mesh in 3d coat, there is dark areas on the mesh: And when i import my normal map on the mesh, there is some weird shapes on this areas: So if you have any idea if the problem come from my mesh or my importation in 3d Coat, let me know. Btw, here is what my mesh look like: For information, i did the retopology on Topogun, not 3D Coat. Thanks.
  10. MysticTeacup

    Retopologised... Now what?

    So I had a very high poly sculpt, which I then decided to retopologise as I needed the model to have a lower the poly count... However, I have no idea what comes next and how this whole retopology thing works, do I now have to texture bake it or is it an automatic thing? I'm very confused!!
  11. Hi, I wrote an evaluation of the two best 3D auto-retopology algorithms available today — 3D Coat's Autopo and ZBrush's ZRemesher. Read the article here. Regards, Metin
  12. So I'm using the Strokes tool: and I'm drawing lines with my mouse/tablet pen like this: Now sometimes I accidentally make a straight line by clicking OUTSIDE the object and dragging but I want to do it within the bounds of what I'm retopo-ing. How is this done? Note: I know to use Shift for 45 degree and straight lines but this isn't what I want in this particular case!
  13. alexlivingstone

    [Solved] 3DCoat HP to LP workflow

    Hi All, just using some free time at work to get some things sorted in my brain. I am a relatively new user of 3D coat and am really enjoying it. Sometimes I get a bit frustrated with the different rooms inside it and how things change but it's coming along. Out of curiosity I am just wonder what the proper workflow is to go from HP to LP game ready asset. Is this correct; - Sculpt HP in sculpt room - Retopo LP in Retopo room - UV Retopo - Bake Normal Map - Paint HP in paint room - Bake Textures (little confused on how to bake in the paint room with the options in the Texture menu.) I've only used Substance before to bake and paint. Thanks for your help.
  14. Papergami45

    Issues with autopo

    I'm having some issues with autopo in 3dcoat. I have a complex 3D mesh that I obtained with photogrammetry. It's very high poly and needs reducing, and is one sided mesh, almost like a very complex plane. When I use autopo on the object, it goes through all of the stages it should, loads for a minute or two, and then nothing changes. There is an added object to the retopo objects, but I can't seem to use it or drag it into the scene, I just see my extremely high poly model. The mesh looks identical, and I'm put onto the strokes tool? Why is this happening?
  15. I'm new to 3dCoat and searching for the best way to do good, clean well-aligned UV Mapping so that the borders are synched-up perfectly (doing figures). The other posts are a year old, and most of the pages are NOT FOUND - I'm open to hearing suggestions and seeing links for the best clips on these subjects! Thank you -
  16. Artem Ba

    8 Classic Lamps, 3

    From the album: 8 Classic Lamps

    All the sculpting I did in 3D-Coat in voxel mode, and Render in Unreal Engine 4. I did not use any post processing.
  17. Hey Guys, I just wanted to know how can I fix this, somehow when I retopologize a layer of my model (through Retopo via decimation) the retopo group is not on my mesh and smaller is there a way to revert this? Also sometimes when I retopo a layer it automatically merges to another layer (sometimes this is not desired) what can I do to avoid that? Here are some pics of what I'm talking about: Thanks in advance for any kind of help ! John
  18. ScrotieFlapWack

    Retopo Help

    I am looking for some help and advice on where to start to retopologize a model I have completed in 3D - Coat. I haven't tried Autopo just yet as I don't really fully understand the options and methods I should be using. Here is my model: Any advice on where to start when retopologizing this model would be appreciated. I don't know if there is quicker ways to do this, the model isn't all that complex either. I am hoping to get really clean topology for this model as it is going to be a previewer mesh for a game engine (as you might have guess from the logo in the middle of the model xD). Thanks!
  19. Hey Guys ! I'm so happy to have the opportunity to ask you guys for help on this, I really want to improve on 3d coat. So, I made some models to apply for a spot as a 3d Artist on a HL episode 3 Fan project and I've manage to catch the attention of the devs, but they also asked me to show my retopology and texturing pipeline for the model I made (the APC). Do you guys have some tips on what pipeline I should go through? I've saw some videos and have a generally well view of AUTOPO and some knowledge of Manual retopology but I wanted some opinions as to how can I proceed to this process for this model. The model is heavily Layered and have many holes and open spaces (as you can see on the renders), I kinda have some basic idea as how to proceed but I'm afraid to do something wrong. The main concern that I have is that I was sculpting without much care as to polygon density and my model kinda went out of control (52 Million polys) my PC slows a lot if I don't at least hide some of the parts is that normal? Here are the pics, I hope you guys like it ! and Thanks for any kind of help ! Johngvc P.S.: As a "Bonus" I attached a pic of one combine headcrab I made to apply for the project also (They had organic modelers thus the APC one was made), Do you guys think I can get in the project? Thanks !
  20. Hey all! Just jumped into this program today and curious how to achieve something I was hoping for. I am creating a model of a small fish that I sculpted in Zbrush and have moved into 3d Coat for retopology. I wanted to make the thin bits such as the fins and whiskers only one sided, to conserve polygons and to see how the effect turns out. So, in the end those pieces should be a flat plane rather than a 3d mesh, if you get what I'm saying! I've seen this done for strands of hair etc. This model will be tiny how I'm planning to use it so there's just no point in having them be full bodied. I can't seem to finish the mesh how I would like to. For instance, since I can't hide the reference mesh (I've tried going into sculpt mode to hide bits of it, but it does not show up in that mode) I can't close the holes around the parts I decided I wanted to make 2d. Also, I'm not sure how to even handle the tail fin in a way to put the quads on and then either merge the 2 sides or somehow be able to create quads between the reference mesh? I've also tried exporting the retopo mesh I have at the moment and loading it back in to continue making quads without the reference obj, but it was greyed out and wouldn't let me add any quads or do seemingly do anything. First pick is with reference mesh, 2nd pick is me loading my exported retopo mesh back into 3d coat and trying to edit it. Any ideas / information would be greatly appreciated!!!
  21. So, when I use 3D coat sometimes the topology keeps using the command "invert mirror" sometimes when I do something. Is there a way to fix this? Why does it happens? Any turn around the issue?
  22. halafradrimx

    [Solved] Retopo loop color

    So, is it possible to alternate the color of specific colors along loops of faces in the retopo mode? Because when it's the same green shade, it's hard to make proper topology and I get lost easily. I mean something like in the attached image. I know that different "islands" have different colors, but when they connect in the mesh they all become the same green.
  23. CheekFace

    Import updated model in Retopo Room

    Scenario: I import a high poly model for retopo (Out of Zbrush). Halfway through retopo I find issues with the high poly model. I go back to z-brush, update the sculpt and export a new high poly model that is mostly the same as it was previously with just a few areas updated. Question: Is there a way to replace the old High-poly model in the retopo room with the new updated high-poly model without losing all the retopo work I had done?
  24. DanielWaterhorse

    UV seam selection: 1 edge at a time?

    Hello all. I have a model I created in ZBrush, from which I made a "low poly" version (~60k faces) using ZRemesher followed by some manual editing in 3D Coat. I am using the latest stable version of 3D Coat, 4.7.24. Now I am trying to make UV seams on the low-poly mesh in 3D Coat so that I can texture it. I have it in the retopo room as a retopo object. I am trying to use the UV Mark Seams tool with the 'edges' selection, but even with with number of segments set to '1', I can mark, at minimum, 3 edges at a time, which automatically follow along the edge loops. Since this is my first time trying to make UV seams manually, perhaps this is intended for a reason I am unaware of. But there are points where I would like finer control if possible. Is this a bug, am I doing something wrong, or am I misunderstanding an aspect of creating seams that accounts for this 3 edge minimum selection? Thanks for taking the time to read my questions
  25. PaperSphere

    Zbrush to 3D Coat Retopology - Symmetry.

    I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice about how to get to grips with 3D Coat for retopology. I bought the program a couple of weeks ago, to speed up my retopology and UV workflow. The UV part of the program has been very easy to use and I think that I'll get to grips with it quite soon. However, I am having trouble getting up to speed with retopology using the program. On the face of it the 3D Coat seems brilliant for retopology. The tools that I have worked out how to use seem quite straight forward. However, I am encountering issues that are really slowing me down. It might be useful here to explain what I'm trying to do and the workflow that I'm trying to develop. My primary 3D software is Zbrush and 3dsMax and this is where I'd have done any retopology in the past. I've been importing high res meshes in for reference and then trying to edit a low res Zremesh - the areas that I want to retopo are the face, ears and hands. I usually manage to rebuild the detail that I need for these areas, but I'm encountering some issues with symmetry. The main concern is that faces, edges or vertices that overlap the line of symmetry which can either not be welded or have overlapping faces and edges. This will obviously cause the mesh seams to split when subdividing it back in Zbrush. I've managed to clean up meshes with messy symmetry in 3dsMax - but instead of speeding me up is adding another layer of work. Is there something that I can do about this? Also, I've struggled to fully get to grips with symmetry in 3D Coat. There is virtual symmetry and actual symmetry. Whilst this concept is easy to come to terms with when creating entirely new geometry, it's harder to understand when working on an imported retopo mesh. When I import the mesh that I want to edit and then turn on symmetry (with virtual symmetry) - I get a pale preview of the other side, but if I turn off virtual symmetry the actual geometry still exists. So I'm not sure if this is causing me problems - my mesh may look finished and clean but in fact its got other unseen hidden geometry. It would be nice to simply select and delete the polys on the side that I will not need, but this doesn't appear to be an easy process. The selection tool in 3D Coat appears to work like a brush, with no selection marquee. Getting rid of a whole side of geometry that you don't need would be fast to do in either Zbrush or 3dsMax. Is there a quick way to do this inside 3D Coat? Would I be better for me to import only half of the mesh for retopology? My primary concern is about the main line of symmetry running down the middle of the mesh. Instead of seeing a simple seam there can be a confusing zig zag of edges or overlapping faces. In 3dsMax, you can delete half your model set the transform modifier to Slice Along Mirror and Weld Seams to avoid problems. Are there settings that offer this option in 3D Coat? On the whole, I'm impressed with the program. However, I do wish that there were more quick start tutorials about how to use the 3D Coat. Many of the tutorials go in to detail about areas of the program that I'm unlikely to use at the moment and many of them seem to be from earlier versions. It would be nice if there were some more recent tutorials - like myself, a great many of your users must have come to this program from Zbrush just for retopology and UVs. I ended up resubbing to PluralSight hoping that they'd have some decent tutorials to follow, They are okay, but don't address the issues that are concerning me. Anyway, I will keep watching the video tutorials on this site to see if I can get the answers that I need - though it is quite time consuming and a bit hit and miss. So if anyone could offer some advice about how to make progress with symmetry in 3D Coat then I'll be grateful