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I'm actually surprised that blender is higher than maya and c4d in the graph. Too bad we can't put monetary results.

Paid projects for blender are so few and if they do pay its so so low its like pity projects.

Lightwave and modo, yup just as expected its at the bottom. Those two are better off as secondary support in most cases. 


Not that much surprising, if you take into account, that Blender offers alot of dedicated  (free) tools,

for 3D Printing, Phyton- API, Animation, Compositing,  Modelling, Game Engine, Rendering (Fluids Sim) for example.


So if you have a one time project (e.g. Printing), you'll probably will use free Blender.

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I only use blender for fluids but those kinds of projects come less than 4 times a year.

For 3d printing lightwave outputs stl, vrml, etc which I use to do color prints on a zcorp 650 printer. They're all painted in 3dc ofcourse.

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