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Voxel sculpting for iPhone

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App Store description images. Looks like export is coming soon. It's funny, right now there's only one comment on it and it's from someone who was obviously looking at buying 3DC.

Really crazy. The most important: It seems to bee really fast on the iPhone.

Very funny. :)

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Thanks for the info, philnolan3d. Just picked up a copy.

SculptMaster 3D performs well on my iPhone 3GS, but suffers from awkward navigation limitations.

I keep expecting it to work in a manner similar to the puzzle game Zen Bound, which employs natural multi-touch controls. In this application, such gestures just dribble extra voxels into space. Zooming doesn't appear to be available, either.

SculptMaster 3D draws a rather blocky approximation of each stroke and etching in real time, then smoothes everything out upon completion.

It's an interesting technology demonstration, but not terribly practical at this stage.

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Funny. Next to the info, there's an ad for 3DC

On the CGDigg page? They have that 3DC ad on every page. I believe the site is run by one of our fellow forum members, sorry I forget who.

Andrew has opened up the .3b file format, so it would be interesting if they could include .3b export.

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Wow this is amazing. Portable voxel sculpting? I wish I had an Iphod to test it out with. It looks really neat.

CGDigg is ran by Luo Chen, username lc8b105. Great site. :)

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I passed on info about the 3B file format to this apps creator and got back a response:

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the info. Exporting from SculptMaster to that format would

probably be doable, but not the other way around, due to iPhone's

rather limited resources and the fact that my app is designed them in

mind. I'll take a deeper look at some point in the future.



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Guest Cinnamon

Oh I know someone with an iPhone I'm going to tell him to get it so I can play with it for (5) minutes that is usually all the time I have with one :(

Philnolan 3D that is a really interesting find. I like when people find interesting things like this and thank you for sharing, usually on forums people find blah stuff and everyone gets excited about blah stuff .

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