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  1. See my post here. I've been getting some good results with Pixelberg. http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18782&hl= (3rd post in topic.)
  2. douglasrthomson


    Have a look at Udemy https://www.udemy.com/courses/search/?ref=home&src=ukw&q=3d+coat〈=en Some good stuff there. I paid for the following course and it really helped me get my head around 3D Coat: https://www.udemy.com/introduction-to-3d-coat/ Hope this helps.
  3. douglasrthomson

    Designing Zombie shot with 3D-Coat and Keyshot

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  4. douglasrthomson

    PBR materials to Cinema 4d

    See my post here (3rd post) about Pixelberg http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18782&hl= Cheers
  5. I've been using a plugin with Cinema 4D called Pixelberg and I've been getting great results. It's a realtime viewport renderer and it does a very good job when working with 3D coat's smart materials. Link here: http://frostsoft.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/pixelberg-beta.html I use a Mac with C4D and I'd been looking at buying a CUDA card and using either Thea renderer or Octane - but I had a play with Pixelberg and it's astonishingly good. It's also saved me a heck of a lot of money! Series of videos here showing it working: Nice!
  6. douglasrthomson

    Big test with 3D-Coats Autopo routine update

    Taros, this is great. Many thanks for taking the time to do and share this.
  7. douglasrthomson

    3d coat courses on udemy?

    It's more of a general overview of how 3d Coat works and how all the different 'rooms' fit together. There are examples shown in the videos but they're not 'start to finish' projects - if that makes sense. I went from being unsure of how to use 3d Coat to having a clear understanding of its functionality. I was having problems following the youtube tutorials and I needed a structured learning course. This did the job. The youtube stuff now makes a lot more sense to me. Hope this helps.
  8. douglasrthomson

    3d coat courses on udemy?

    I used Robert's course "Introduction to 3D Coat" - the first course you reference there. I thought it was very good and gave me a clear understanding of the basics. Definitely worth the money. Cheers.
  9. douglasrthomson

    Forger, sculpting app for the IPad

    I've just noticed that the 123D Creature app has had a rather excellent update (it's now called 123D Sculpt+). I've had a quick play with it and it is really good. Perfect for starting a sculpt whilst on the move, then exporting as .obj 3D Coat. Dare I use the word 'workflow'? Update information from the app store below.
  10. douglasrthomson

    Anyone using 3DCoat and Cinema 4D?

    Hi rui_mac I saw this last week but didn't have a chance to reply. It looks very interesting. Thanks for posting. Dougie
  11. douglasrthomson

    Substance Painter released

    I downloaded the trial yesterday. On my Mac running Mavericks it crashes a lot (I think half the time I've run it I've had to use force quit). Clearly it will improve with time but I think I'll stick with 3d Coat. Also, my brain is almost full up so the thought of another learning curve doesn't appeal.
  12. Ok, thanks. I'll note the actions that cause the problems and let Andrew know.
  13. Is there a sort of "best practice' for installing/updating 3d Coat? I've had quite a few problems with 3dCoat crashing on my Macs (I have it installed on a desktop and a laptop). I'm running OSX Mavericks on both Machines and am due to update from 4.1.04A to 4.1.17. The crashing seems to be getting worse with every 'update'. Should I be doing a 'clean' install every time there is an upgrade?
  14. douglasrthomson

    messiah partnership

    I have a problem with this company. I purchased this software when they had an offer on a few years back but when I upgraded my MacOS to Lion (or was it Snow Leopard, I forget which) the software ceased to work. If you're running a Mac, this software doesn't work - however they'll happily sell you a copy of the software for Mac. If you download the demo for Mac, it doesn't run. Have a look at the Forum here http://www.projectmessiah.com/x6/community.html Maybe things will improve but I think they're less than honest in their marketing. Just my two pence worth.
  15. I've had a bit of a play this morning and there still a few issues to be ironed out with this software - however I'll stick with it and see how it develops. Note that I'm not recommending this software, just bringing it to people's attention. Cheers.