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  1. I grabbed the latest build v 2024.13. Edge loop no longer snap to the Reference mesh Select Slide Edges Hold Ctrl to select loop Slide edges and notice it doesn't snap to the reference mesh
  2. 3DCoat has an "Edit projection in external editor" feature, which is very powerful and enables a lot of possibilities (like utilizing Photoshop's AI outpainting for texturing). However, in the current version of 3DCoat (2024.16), it's completely broken when there are layer groups. Say I have this simple cube: I sent the projection to Photoshop and add a new layer there: Then I got this: See how messed up the group hierarchy is. I only added one single layer in PS, but 3DCoat decided to completely reorganize everything (and broke the texutre during the process). The feature seems to work fine when there is no group, but unusable when there are. The .3b file is attached. edit_projection_bug.3b
  3. In the modeling room, performing an Inset on a polygon selection can make the added points/polygons shoot off into space I notice that the gizmo for the Inset function is also placed far away. Thanks for any advice about this. I can get by with smart-extrude for simple selections, but if it's a more complex selection... yeek! 2024-03-15_12h39_25.mp4
  4. When I'm using a rectangular lasso to select/transform vertices in the Modeling or Retopo rooms, the UV island is also selected, which causes me to not be able to transform the selected vertices independently from the rest. 05ebcb5441ec975a16c3a420221a988e.mp4
  5. When I sculpt with a digital tablet, the brush and the cursor are not in the same position . I use a WACOM digital tablet. In the brush setting of the system, if the windosink function is selected, there will be no problem of position offset, but the tablet will lose pressure sensation
  6. I updated to 2024.07 from 2024.06 on my desktop and there is Multiple Objects Tool. I have done a clean install twice and updated to 2024.07 only to get the same results. I was able to get the Multiple Objects Tool when I did the update on my laptop. Any ideas why this would happen?
  7. When I press the left button to model and move the cursor outside the mesh with the left button still pressed, it disappears. And this really gets in the way when I want to model a detail that starts at the end of the mesh. In stroke mode curve stroke, this does not happen. Only hap 2024-01-20 15-09-27.mp4 pens in the default pen stroke mode
  8. Hello, it seems that 3d-coat have some issues with remembering/storing settings in custom brush presets and that's not the first time. I've created custom presets with "Rotate Alpha Along Stroke" and set the rotation to 90. Everything looks fine untill I change tool to something like Move tool and go back to my preset - after this operation, rotation is set back to 0 and not only in that one preset, but in all of them. Same thing happens every time I restart 3D-Coat. Any idea what is going on? 2023-11-29 19-53-22.mkv
  9. Hi guys and gals, I have issues with keeping 3dconnexion SpaceMouse settings for 3D-Coat. I'm still using 3DC 4.9 but I also have 3DC 2023 installed (different directory/drive), as I'm trying to make transition. For now, V4.9 is still more stable/reliable for me and it is heavily used in my workflow, so I would like to keep both installations. Anyways, thing is 3DC doesn't handle SpaceMouse settings correctly... it either work flawlessly in V4.9 and mess up 2023 settings or vice versa. I've been using SpaceMouse with 3DC for years and it worked great. Well, it still works great, but only with one instance of 3DCoat. Inside 3Dconnexion app, there are two 3DC instances listed( 3D-Coat and 3DCoat), but unfortunately only one keep parameters that I set up - if I change settings for 2023 version, it goes to defaults inside V4.9 and if I change settings in V4.9, it goes to defaults in 2023 version. Pretty weird and very annoying situation. Unfortunately, using V4 api in 2023 version doesn't work very well, not all parameters behave as the one set inside 3dconnexion app. Any idead what is going on and maybe some fix?
  10. I have an issue. Spent one day of baking textures and every time it's appear this bug. After i getting normal result, where this bug appear in the hiden spot i saved thet result and thought its all over. But today i reopen file and he showed again in the front spot. I reopen file and he appeared in another spot. Every time, when i reopen file, bug showed in new spot. Even if i hide all layers. What is going on?
  11. Hello, I think I might have found a possible bug in the rendering room. I rendered my model in orthographic view fine but in perspective view mode there are black areas on the edges of the model.
  12. When trying to link to MSIX installations, 3DCoat is unable to do so. Msix hides its install location due to Sandboxing. As an example of an affected program, Affinity Photo V2 is an MSIX installation. For those MSIX installs, the user needs to write in the exe filename.in the given example of Affinity Photo it would be as follows; AffinityPhoto2.exe
  13. Currently when exporting glTFs, they have the version number of 2.0.0 but the correct naming convention would be 2.0 The glTF version should be in the form of <major>.<minor> the version mismatch is preventing the import in other programs. Additionally other errors are popping up when checking 3DCoat gltf exports with the official glTF-Validator https://github.khronos.org/glTF-Validator/
  14. I've been using my 2022.36 version for months now, no isues what so ever, i've even used it for couple of hrs today and now it just stopped working, something is probably corrupted in either prefs or somewhere else but I dunno where exactly. Any clues ? thank you.
  15. Hi @AndrewShpagin Please check this issue with a perfomance on PowerSmooth Tool Steps - import model, select 2K Texture, paint wtih a big radius. And you will see bad FPS = 1-3, with small radius it 70-100FPS I tested it on 3080 with 16Gb VRam and the latest build - 3DCoat-2022-46 For example in Mudbox 2023 - everything is fast, even with a very big radius... and 4K Texture. If needed - I will record a video example with it perfomance. Video with an issue: power_smooth_tool_issue.mp4 Thank you and have a great day Best regards, Andrew. Plane.fbx
  16. So, recently I got a new Huion 4k display and got it all set up. When I moved my 3DCoat over to the display, all was good. However, upon closing the program and opening it again it just sits on a white screen and times out. I have to force the program shut and then, it won't work at all until I delete the folder. Once the folder is deleted it loads up on my ULTRAWIDE monitor (that is not 4k) and I have no issues. I can replicate this every time.
  17. Hello. I currently have Auto Unwrap Attached Faces unchecked in the mesh settings withing the modeling room but somehow when doing certain operations like "Split Rings" or using "Points To Polygon" tool and holding the "Ctrl" key to add an edgeloop my model automatically adds seams on that edge. Also the seam seems to be random. this also happens when using the "Cap" tool on an open edgeloop. Im sure this is a bug because when I go to the "Mark Seams" tool to use the "Ctrl" key to unmark seams these seams dont remove themselves. Very Odd. On a positive note I'm loving the modeling tools they are super handy. I spent the last month learning zmodeler like the back of my hand in ZBrush and in comparison to that these tools are second to only maya and blender. Going to spend the next month putting this software through its paces. I've used it before but not in a sense where my mind was constantly looking at other software. If it passes my tests its an automatic purchase for me! And this time I wont stop my rent to own payments 4 months in lol
  18. Hello, I just wanted to report a bug that I noticed with 3DCoat Textura. This is reproducible as well. If you have two layers and one layer is set to read the other as a clipping layer (Mask), upon deletion of the the "Mask Layer" you will get an instant crash. I am assuming the Main layer trying to read the Mask layer, can no longer find it, producing the crash. Where as, ideally that layer should just switch back to the Default "No clipping layer used." In addition, when the crash happens you get the usual notification that the software has become unstable and that you should save the file to a new file and not overwrite the existing file. Whether you chose, "Okay" or "Cancel" (the only two options for that message), the software will instantly close and you cannot save the file regardless. Whenever this crash message comes up, the instant closing of Textura happens, and it is not just tied to deleting the "Mask" Layer as noted above. More or less, two issues in one. Thank You, Rudy
  19. The interface window height is short every time I open the program. All other custom UI settings are retained except this; it's annoying to have to resize it every time. Bug or am I the only one with this problem? Screenshot shows the size of the new open window compared to the rest of my screen. Version: Textura 2022.43, but it has been like this since an older version. Windows 10 - OS 19044.1889
  20. Hello! Is there a way to disable the Color picker option in which it changes the color if you happen to color pick the same color you already have stored, meaning "Hitting V Twice" When I'm painting a flat 3D texture, I sample from the same texture, and eventually I color pick the same color by "accident" and the color swaps to white or gray or even a color that's nowhere on the scene (I've gotten Green, Pink, Violet etc from spamming V on a gray cube Flat Shade) I've tried all the tool options from the Pick Tool, no luck so far I want to pick a color and not being afraid to hit V twice and destroy the flow! Thank you :)
  21. Hi, I'm trying to freeze some geometry (voxel) but with hard edges, it is possible with brush but when I try to select something with box, circle etc tool it is smoothed out. The same happens with pose tool. Is there a way to disable smoothing? Or this is a bug?
  22. 3DCoatGL64_GuqykS4vE4.mp4 The video above is very descriptive of the error. I have 2 objects in the paint room that i need to export, but 3D is shutting down. This is the file for download and testing: https://we.tl/t-Fb7KJsMP9T One thing that could be the error is the AUTOPO, it leaved some holes in the mesh, but i didn't bother to clean it. Thank you!
  23. Hard crashed yesterday and locked up my pc while painting a sculpt. Turned out that in documents/3DCoat/data/Undo there were over 35 GBs of files piled up leaving my with almost non HD space. I assumed to occurred over the course of the day while modeling. Similar thing happens in documents/3DCoat/UserPrefs/UserScenes with autosave files.
  24. Sometimes Alt+Click layer shows only that layer or shows all layers and sometimes it only shows and hides that layer. It's repeatable, but not predictable (seems intermittent). Version 2021.92 on Windows 10, 64-bit.
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