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Found 16 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I just did a test that did not work out or maybe I'm forgetting some step to successfully accomplish the goal. I'm sculpting in the Sculpt Room and I got the idea of using a function that is in the Paint Room. This function is in the Edit / Edit Projections in Ext. Editor menu. I thought I just use Depth and I deactivated Color and Glossiness. Remembering that I'm not in Per-Pixel or Microvertex mode, just by sculpting an object in Surface Mode. So after going to Paint Room, I used the Edit Projections in Ext. Editor that opened the GIMP, manipulated a texture, I saved the document and returned to 3D-Coat. I thought that the applied texture would deform the surface of the mesh (Depth) because it was the option that I had just left activated, but the result was the application of this texture in colors. I would like to know if it would be possible to only use the depth and deform the surface of the mesh using the function Edit Projections in Ext. Editor? Thank you
  2. Hi, I've recently been working on some 3D models for use in Unity, and I would like to paint textures with Smart Materials. For each texture that I wish to paint with, I have the albedo texture + a normal map. These normal maps work great in Unity, however I am unable to use them as a "depth" map in 3D-Coat. Is there a way to utilize these normal maps as depth maps?
  3. To bake parts of my retopo separately, I need to select them and bake while the option "bake selected only" is checked. Naturally I select a rectangular lasso for this. Then I start baking. That`s when 3D Coat awkwardly insists on keeping the rectangular select tool instead of letting me use my cursor to adjust scan depth. If I could only use the a regular stroke mode, I could paint as usual. So basically, you need to abort the whole baking process, switch stroke mode, then re-enter.
  4. Hi.i'm trying to paint on certain depth. let's say i have a model, and on top of it i'm having organic surface bumps. now i want to go to paint room, and paint the model in gray, but paint the organic bumps in green. can i tell the brush to use certain depth limit? for example, "paint only 5 millimeters deep" or "paint on this depth, but do not touch mesh that is higher than current depth". photo here shows my intent. i did it by manually aiming brush on the mesh details; but want to achieve depth detection automatically.
  5. Hello, I've been using 3D-Coat for a good while now but I've never run into an issue quite like this. When I import this particular model that I've been given to texture, I noticed that there were these strange diagonal bands in the texture editor. I didn't think much of it at first but when I paint with depth information, the depth gets applied at maximum strength when inside these bands regardless of what the brush strength is. This only seems to happen with this particular model. I've included the .obj version, but I can't figure out what aspect of the model may be causing this. The bands don't seem to correlate with any of the edges on the model. There is only 1 UV set on the mesh (I've checked it in 3ds Max, Blender, and Maya, all showing the same thing). The problem occurs regardless of whether I export it as a .fbx or a .obj. This problem occurs with this model in both 3D-Coat 4.5 and 4.7 regardless of the texture resolution I specify when I import the model for per-pixel painting. Any ideas on what might be causing this? You help is much appreciated! HumanShip01_Arm.obj
  6. Like the topic suggests this post is about brush size being linked to Depth strength. Is there a way to turn this off in 3dCoat? It's been this way for as long as I can remember and for the life of me I don't know why it was conceived this way. I have up until now merely put up with it but I can't stand it any longer. Why is it this way by default and can we get it changed? This program is for the most part great and is like a swiss army knife of tools but a LOT of them are ill conceived and poorly implemented. I have posted many comments over the years complaining about a lot of them and Andrew (god bless him) has answered most of them and when he doesn't it's because he's been too busy. Sorry for the slightly ranty post but it's been bugging me for too long.
  7. Hello, I'm exporting the depth of a sculpt to be used later as alpha for a brush in paint room. The problem I'm having right now is there's a mismatch between what I see in the viewport, as you can see here: and what 3DCoat exports, as you can see here: After a rapid investigation, I'm very newbie with 3DCoat, I discovered 3DCoat use the defaul Camera position, ie if I reset the viewport will be this, which seems to me to match the exported images: I'm pretty sure I'm missing something, so my question is: how do I tell 3DCoat to use the actual viewport camera to export the depth? Thank you very much in advance, please, help me!
  8. Hi there. On all types of painting, using regular or smart materials I can't get any depth to paint. Strength of Brush Depth is set to 100. Layer Blending's 'Depth Opacity' is also set to 100% Tried on 3D Coat v4.7.7 and v4.5. Using OSX 10.11.6 - El Capitan Any ideas? Thanks in advance! --shift studio.
  9. I'm trying to draw a weld seams... So I use a Brush Tool, a Depth channel active and the Additive paint checkbox turned on. But when I draw I get a plainly extruded stroke. Is there a way so that each brush drop (tick) will be overlayed on top of the previous one? Spacing parameter in Brush options doesn't help much. I use standard round alpha, maybe that is the problem? Do I need a specific alpha for a welded seams effect? thnx
  10. I started painting my model, and noticed that sometimes I get a transparent checkered area as I paint depth. Am I painting too much depth? The depth amount is set low, like 5% or so. See the attached picture which shows the issue better. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I am a relatively new user to 3DCoat, but I am having difficulties with version 4.5. In version 4, I can easily paint depth with the paintbrush tool. For example, I could select a texture/stencil, adjust my depth, and build normal maps. However, in version 4.5, I can no longer seem to paint depth at all. At any depth setting, no depth appears whatsoever. I'm not sure if I am just not pressing the right buttons or what, but I was unable to find help for this topic on the forum. This is a very frustrating issue, and I really appreciate any help to solve this problem! Thank you! - Cory
  12. Is there a way i can bake good quality depth like the "export depth along y" in sculpt room, but for a mesh in the paint-room or a reference mesh.
  13. Hi Carlosan Here is a new interesting trouble that needs to be solved... I have created some kind of a Sci-fi tank and have textured it using PBR materials. Everything looks wonderful for me especially PBR library! But when i try to export Depth channel i always get a black matte with no any value on it. Exr file doesnt have any layers that i can use. Not "Textures" nor "layers" exporter doesnt give me depth map as it should! What can be wrong with it?
  14. Hello, fellow 3D artists! I'm still new to 3D Coat, so please forgive. I'm sure there's a simple answer to my question: "Is there a way to scale a layer in Paint mode?" For example, I want to scale the depth of a layer to half because the bumpiness is too great. Or I want to scale down the shininess (specularity) of the layer, or opacity. How would I do that? Thank you.
  15. Are masks supposed to work with depth painting in the paint room? Mask images work just fine with specularity and color channels, but not depth. Is this a feature that hasn't been implemented yet, or is this a bug in the new releases? I'm using the V4 experimental version 4.0.15, Windows x64.
  16. Hi, I'm new to 3D Coat, and although I'm loving it so far, I've hit an issue I can't seem to find a way around. I created a material form a separate diffuse and depth textures, and they work great except for the depth painting. No matter what I do, areas 'outside' of the parts carve into (reduce) the depth when I don't want them to. Here's a pic to explain: On the left is with material overlay, and on the right is without. Both are in relief mode. Notice how outside of the circular grate the depth map is being reduced over the areas I have painted in. The depth texture has no depth info in these areas - I'm using a transparent PNG. I have also tried using non-transparent and having black there instead. I also tried mid-point grey too. They all give the same result - they carve into the depth map when what I want to happen is only the non-black, non-transparent areas of the depth map should be used, and they should be raising the depth. How can I achieve this?
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