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  • Posts

    • Thanks. The closest equivalent would be using a curve to guide the stroke, but that's more cumbersome than a 'repeat stroke' tool. I'm still much enjoying my 3DC rediscovery journey, viewing lots of interesting video tutorials. One new question: Once you're creating a curve with the Curves tool, is it possible to change the outer end red sphere from which the curve will smoothly continue? In other words: how do I smoothly continue building a curve from the start sphere, in stead of the end sphere? I hope I'm clear enough. 
    • Once you're creating a curve with the Curves tool, is it possible to change the outer end red sphere from which the curve will smoothly continue? In other words: how do I smoothly continue building a curve from the start sphere, in stead of the end sphere? I hope I'm clear enough. 
    • Inset command does not work with Ngon in Modelling Room. It works ok with Quad and Triangle. I think model tools should be free to work with Ngons, Quad and Tri's. Its important to get quick shapes regardless of poly vert count. What you think? inset.mp4      
    • It is a good idea. I believe they are hardcoded and it is not possible to change them Please contact Andrew to ask for this feature request Thanks  
    • I forwarded your issue to dev team, but please keep in contact with Andrew Shpagin to ask a possible solution. Thanks
    • Find the messed up on C:\Program Files\3DCoat-2021\UserPrefs And replace with default. Hope it help   ExportPresets.zip
    • I don't believe your question about repeating strokes was addressed, was it? "1. Is there an equivalent to ZBrush's Repeat Last stroke ('1' key) ? I used that a lot in ZB to repeat the exact same stroke a few times when desired." This is a feature I would kill to have in 3DCoat.  Any headway here in your 3DC rediscovery journey?
    • Thanks for starting the discussion there, Metin Seven!  It can only lead to good things when artists explore different tools.
    • Very cool!  I'm going to use this one.  Thanks for sharing!
    • Since I use a set of custom sculpt brushes (like the Artman collection etc) and group them in presets for quick access, I would like to assign custom icons to them.  As it looks now, I have many custom brushes all with the same "source" brush icon.  For instance, if I used the Clay brush as a starting point for my custom brush, the modified custom brush in my presets has the Clay brush icon.  The problem is that I have four "Clay" brush icons in my presets and I have to look at the name to determine which modification I want.  Is there a way to assign different custom brushes to preset brushes?  I know we can change the system brush icons in Texture/Icons64 directory but those icons carry over to preset custom brushes.  I haven't found a way to change icons in presets. It's a minor thing but would make sculpting workflow faster and more fun.  Thanks for any tips.
    • But why must it be manually done back and forth between modelroom and paintroom Take mesh from paintroom Update paint mesh with retopo mesh I don't do anything like that in modo or blender. I can switch to editing poly, editing uvmap, painting  seamlessly on the same mesh. Why not do it similar to paintroom <> uvroom? It's automatic with a little baking process in between. But the workflow is seamless and clear as ice. 
    • The "comunity license" expired on 10 january...is there prevision to reupdate?
    • My default setting was "use API from 4.xx", using this setting the views are not locked in Ortho Front/Back etc When I switch that setting off in 3D mouse menu, the view lock does work as intended. But after the switch, setting "reverse" in the Devices Advanced settings has no effect in 3Dcoat. That means my controls are always reversed making navigation impossible. It seems 3DCoat does not take this setting from the 3D connection device
    • Hey gang... was wondering how i can reset the settings to the default for the export prompt. i may have accidentally messed up (saved over) some of the presets and i want to restore them, and the restore to default option does not affect the export settings.
    • Hello, this issue was solved on last versions. Could you try this steps please. - Completely new folders structure. Really streamlined and logical as it was proposed. Almost all now is split between two folders - data and UserPrefs. As it is logical, UserPrefs is user-created content. Data is sort of temporary stuff. The folder in documents changed, now it is Docs/3DCoat-2021/. Even if the folders structure is changed it is compatible with the previous one.   - As soon as 3DCoat detects some files copied to the new location in Documents from the old one, it will convert the files to the new structure. Also, if you will install 3dcpack it will be installed correctly (except presets that use old tools that are not present in the toolset). So, to migrate from earlier version you may copy folders from old versions to Docs/3DCoat-2021 or create 3dcpack in old version and install using latest.   Hope it help  
    • I always want to have the newest version of 3d Coat installed and ready for work; but every single time I install, I have to reload all of my brushes and materials over and over again for every upgrade, even just point version upgrades. Why can't 3d Coat upgrade in place? Other users have told me to just install to the folder 3d Coat was already installed to, but that doesn't work. Why doesn't 3d Coat know that it is updating rather than doing a full install, like other software?
    • I am using the third default alpha as can be seen in the activity bar. This behaviour is "new" and I hope it is not intended.
    • i always thought this was intended... but i believe the outside of the alpha isnt a full 0,0,0
    • After importing external normal map in Paint Imported mesh mesh mode the effect of the normal map is displayed on the viewport, but I cannot export the result as a displacement map (I would like to create old-school bump map). Also I cannot find a way to convert it to a displacement map internally. PS: the mixing the expressions Height/Displacement/Bump in the workflow is a little bit problematic IMHO. Any tips how to solve it? Thanks.
    • Here is to illustrate in video the problem with CTRL+Extruder digging into a cube, after a few stroke you see the tool is adding a disc(plane) all around the alpha.   Untitled.mp4    
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