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  1. Yes, you are not understanding the workflow. If you can share the 3DC file, pm me with a link to download the 3DC file. I will setup the baking up correctly and send the 3DC file back to you. This would be the fastest way to help you. Once you see a correct baking for multiple objects and uv sets it will inform you. Plus I will address areas in my pm reply where you were misunderstanding the workflow.
  2. No Sequential unwrapping of all UV sets at this time. UV set unwrapping is one by one manually.
  3. First problem solved. Second problem is when exporting a model or saving the 3DCoat file, the new uv set name is not changed. Export a model with the new UV set name changed. Close 3DC and re-open. Import the model and the old UV set name is again there. Next: Save a 3DCoat file with the new UV set name change. Close 3DC and re-open the save 3DC file and the UV set has the old name.
  4. Cool, I was just going to send in a bug report. I will test once 2024.11 is released.
  5. Use Select and Transform tool. Select a single vertex with the tool, expand to your desire vertices. You can see the falloff effect. The vertices will go from more visible to less visible in the falloff. Use the tool panel for your falloff strenght. Edit: I added another picture to show the falloff better.
  6. What is not making sense is the normal map detail you see in 3DC should be the same in SP. Make sure all your normal map import settings are correct in SP and you are working at the same resolution as in SP that the normal map was created in. "Question" are you looking at the voxel, surface room objects in the paint room. Look under the View menu and deselect Show Voxels in Painting Room if it is selected. The voxel and or surface models can overlap and hide the baked painting room mesh. Now you will see the normal mapped low polygon model in the paint room to check for quality. If you want one uv set increase the uv set resolution for better quality when baking from the retopo room. I do not know if the voxel / surface mode models are appearing in the paint room in your scene so hence the above question. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once the above is known do the below. To make it clear Sequential Texture Baking, or Names Correspondence will not bake and create a normal map for each volume with just one uv set. It will prevent occlusion and intersection errors of sculpt room voxels or surface model layers. They will be baked separately. Separate your separate voxels or surface mode model layers into more than one uv set as the Sequential Texture baking video says. That video is very old but still does cover the basics. ""Important"" and is a strict requirement the Polygroup layers and Voxel / Surface mode layers must have the same exact name for Names Correspondence to work. Picture shows what I mean. I got four poly groups, four surface mode layers, the names are the same and have 4 created uv sets. I used Names Correspondence for baking. I used auto wrap per uv set just to show the workflow.
  7. I downloaded the windows 2024.09 beta version from the website here. Installed 3DC and it appears to have installed the Chinese version. I even went to the Help, now in Chinese I believe, then went down to the change language section. It is the section that has the arrow. Counted down to number 17 which should be English, selected it but no change at all. English is the selected language for the installer. I re-installed 2024.08 beta and the problem was fixed as English is now the language. Anyone else having this problem. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Side Note: Tried the auto updater and it installs 2024.09, but there are no fonts at all, just blank where they should be. Before doing a complete un-installing of 3DC plus removing the 3DC folder under Documents, need feedback if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.
  8. You have to make sure that the PNG file has an alpha channel with no information in it. In my painting software the bottom layer was the alpha channel, Top layer was for the actual painting. I used white. Saved the PNG which kept the alpha channel. Some software asks if you want to include the alpha channel when exporting. Picture shows the results. I used it for sculpting in the sculpt room. Alpha created not for quality but for workflow informtion. Hopefully the above helps. Side Note: I generally slightly blur my alphas in some cases to remove jaggy edges. I did not blur this one as I was just giving out information. It is per alpha, some need a slight blur, some don't.
  9. There is a bug when importing multiple objects into a scene. Layers get overwritten and other UV set problems as well. I have sent in a bug report with a simple 3DC file that clearly shows the bug. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. The workaround atm is to import each model separately without any relative texture links, then import each texture per model as shown in Oleg's post. Time consuming but it does work. You will be asked which UV set to apply the texture to and there are no problems. To stress again: The model must not have any relative texture links when importing.
  10. A Big Thanks for the Black and White masking, it has been very nice to work with!
  11. I am only offering another a workflow solution. Elemno gave one. Edit: removed a sentence. A Workflow solution: No flipping required but a little more work. Create the sculpt sphere. Use cut and clone tool to cut half away of the sphere. Rotate the cut and clone object 180 degrees, Transform/ move to the inside of the top half of the sphere. Slightly scale down the cut and clone object. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the Enter Key to cut away the inside of the top half using the cut and clone object. Leave some thickness on the top half sphere. Run Autopo on the entire half sphere. Delete the outer polygons as they are not needed. Do this first before deleting. Under the View menu select backface culling so you do not select any interior polygons. Look at my scan settings. You have to manually put in the minus sign baked scan settings In the Show Outer Shell as this is now a one sided interior retopo mesh. Bake to the paint room Under the View Menu in the Paint room now de-select Backface culling. easier to view on the eyes the interior of sphere. The paint on the outside is not really there it just appears to be as back face culling has been de-selected. First picture shows the interior of the baked half sphere. The outside appears as backface culling is off so it is easier to look at. Second picture is my bake scan settings. Last image is the exported texture map. I just used this unwrapping for testing, You can choose your own. I am not saying use the solution, but it is an option.
  12. I did some testing and there appears to be a bug. I will test 2024.07 when it comes out before reporting.
  13. A picture would help. Are the imported models at the same scale as the current 3DC file you are working on. Just looking at all possible reasons. Of course, 3DC will ask you if you want to rescale the models to fit the current scene.
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