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  1. Hello everyone, Recently I have discovered this great app and want to share my first project using 3D Coat as a main modeling tool. Personal piece with an emphasis to tell a narrative. Based on a miniature toy style. Most of this stuff is full 3D with some minor adjustments in Photoshop. Edgaras Cernikas Freelance Concept Artist edgarascernikas.com
  2. Hi there! My journey began with an idea to create some steam bike, but after some thought process, I realiize, that this is to common, and steampunk-guys should dream about automated vehicles, even in old times! First thought was about some kind of rickshaw, in which instead of real driver will be mechanical guy. In first iteration just him was steam-powered, and just pushing the pedals like a normal human. At this point name of the project was born - it's Stesla. That's funny, cuz Elon Musk's Tesla now seems like are most popular and innovative car with AI driving, and adding S to this brand name creating little pun with 'steam-powered-tesla". So, I did few more itetaions, in which driver began to be part of machine more and more. And at some point I tried to think like a victorian guy and just realized, that there is actually vehicles in Victorian period, and this is horse-powered broughams! You can see mash up of bikes and brougham at this image: I actually love that concept and did more work on it. So there also was few iterations, but on the same base: Glancing to the references helped me with brougham shape, so, now it looks more dynamic plausible. Also, quick tip: adding curtains really helping with made vehicle look more being in use and, actually, livable. When I realize, more or less, what do you want, it was time to fugure it out, where and how I wanne see that vehicle. As this is victorian epoch, that seems logic to place such vehicle to old streets. And then I started to work on the composition. After few more adjustments, I added light to set some tone to whole work. Obviously, after that I grabbed all the passes and composed picture. After playing some time with that, I was satisfied with result: So now, when pre-production stage is almost complete, I decided to share everything with you, my young forum topic reader. :-) There will be more work with the concept of driver and interior, and then - final modeling, texturing and all that stuff, which you perfectly know, if you know what for 3D Coat is. :-) C&C are VERY welcomed!
  3. Inspired From the movie: ‘LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN’, I decided to go with the stretch look for vehicles, like NEMO’S CAR! so I did a sketch and started blocking out, shaping and sculpting my own ideas. I just learnt the 3d coat software 2 weeks ago. 4 days in and this is what I have so far. Got a ways to go so much to add! This software is amazing artists can make their ideas come to life! This is so much fun!
  4. Hello Guys! At last we are happy to announce First Official Contest's Winners! All of you put a lot of effort and creativity in your artworks, and all of us could see very good results! For many of you it was a great practice and improvement of your 3D skills. We received a lot of thanks from you - big pleasure! Without further ado let us announce the Winner... And the Winner is... (tra-tah-tah-tah-tah) ... andeliseev with his great 'Turtle Submarine'. Congratulations!!! Second Place: ostapblender with his wonderful 'Stesla' work. Congratulations!!! And we decided to give three 3rd places to: - Kargall and his 'Seven Wheels for Speed' - Vladukenzo and his 'Steampunk TriTruck' - pauloduarte with his 'Tank Fortress' Congratulations to everyone, Guys!!! Of course, it was a hard task for us to choose between such wonderful works of Art. Also we want to mark Sculpting and Texturing works that we liked: - 'Six Wheel Cabriolet' by kornblume (sculpting). Prize: 3D-Coat PRO license! - 'Taxi' by zmei_f (texturing). Prize: 3D-Coat PRO license! All the Winners, please contact Stas (sales@3dcoat.com) for 'Prize-receiving' information. Thanks again to everybody who took part in the Contest! We hope to see more of you on our Second Official Contest which will start soon!
  5. Hi there! Starting my topic here. First - the sketch! Hope you like it Read this article if you didn't yet: http://www.creativeshrimp.com/steampunk-machine-blender-tutorial.html Good luck to everyone!
  6. Hi, we go for a steampunk seven-wheels racer. Now, come on!
  7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pilgway Studio is Happy to Announce the First Official 3D Modelling Contest! Please, find the terms and contest rules below. We encourage you to discuss your thoughts and contest-related matters in this thread. THEME: Steampunk Vehicle TERMS (extended): May 10 - August 10, 23:59 (GMT+0) PRIZE POOL: 1st place: $1000 3D-Coat Professional 12 Months of Sketchfab PRO Sketchfab T-shirt 2nd place: $500 3D-Coat Professional 6 Months of Sketchfab PRO Sketchfab T-shirt 3rd place: 3D-Coat Professional 3 Months of Sketchfab PRO RULES: 1. Starting your own topic in this subforum. 2. Post your final image as well as screenshots of the work-in-progress assets with your comments in the topic created. 3. The model should be sculpted and textured in 3D-Coat. 4. Poly-modeled in other 3D modeling software is allowed. The model should not be publicized earlier! The exceptions are: secondary objects used for the final scene. 5. You may use any number of pre-modeled parts for "kit-bashing". 6. Rendering and post effects may be done in 3D-Coat or other applications of your choice. 7. You may use any additional software for things that can't be done in 3D-Coat, i.e. fog, clouds, cloth simulation, grass/trees arrays, hair, etc. Final IMAGE Requirements: 1. Model should be rendered with a background (interior, exterior or a studio environment). 2. Image longest size should not be less than 1920px. IMPORTANT: If you need extended TRIAL, please, write me or Carlosan a request in Personal Message! Feel free to share the message about the challenge in social networks! You may also submit your final creations on Sketchfab with a specific tag "3dcoatchallenge2016". On behalf of the Pilgway team, wishing you good luck in the contest and may creativity abide with you!
  8. Hi all! I want to make turtle submarine. This is my original concept. Now it is time for block-in. Good luck for everyone
  9. SteamPunk moto with Female Rider in a Desert War scene. Had limited time to work on it , now hopefully i will get my hands dirty for good. Wish me good luck lol.
  10. Oh! I learned too late about the competition. So i'll try to do something for the rest of time. Gool luck to all!
  11. Hi all! this contest sure looks fun, im still working on the concept but so far the idea is to mix elements of old vehicles, wepons and the robot/tank idea. come and watch from time to time, any ideas, coments and critics are most than welcome.
  12. Starting a little late, but hope I can finish on time. I'm not very experienced in 3d coat, but the little I know makes me very impressed, always seeing amazing works made by users here in the forum, so I'm taking the opportunity of this contest to learn more 3d Coat and trying to make a cool model. My vehicle will be a very large tank fortress. Here are the references and a quick sketch in 3d coat: References: Basic Sketch: Cheers.
  13. Hello, everyone decided to participate in the contest. Made this sketch of a motorbike, which I shall call Scorpicus, for the competition. I am fairly new to hard surface sculpting, so I hope I will get some help and pointers from this sweet community. Cheers.
  14. nickm


    Here's the final image -as you can see from the basic render, I have added finishing touches in Painter. Some of the other entries look awesome!
  15. Hi This is my first 3D Coat project, so has been a very steep learning curve, and I'm sure not all of the techniques used are the most practical. Here's some of the progress screens - all of the model was created and finished in 3D Coat. Will post the final image as soon as completed later today.
  16. Hello all, let's see if I can finish on time. My concept attempts to combine several different vehicles into one ultimate steampunk machine. I will try to show you how I created a lot of the parts in 3D_Coat.
  17. Hi This is a sketch I did a few years ago in Blender. I hope it turns into a powerful steampunk vehicle for this contest with the incredible help of 3D-Coat. If in this contest we can use vehicles of fantastic worlds and a little humour. I hope you all enjoy with this new experience and the best win. Good wind and good sea for all !!!
  18. Hi, there. I'm a little late to the party. Will post my progress here. After a lot of references , I decided to create some context to the piece. It's a racing, maybe inspired by wacky races or something like that. This is the first pass on the car: The design is not final though but pretty close.
  19. Bit late starting, had lots of problems getting access the forum. Must be browser related, would appreciate any advice on this. I had to use my wife's iPad in the end. Will be submitting a steampunk BAtmobile. Images To follow.
  20. I do some stuff like spider or scorpion, just mindstorm in my head, many pieces
  21. Awiz


    Hi all !! I wanna try to make a model of steampunk airship. Here is the beginning of my work
  22. hear is my entry to the contest I have been using 3dcoat for several years i think it needs some improvement especially in the render area but its the best 3d software out there I am unconventional in that my models are all to complex to convert to polygons so i use the surface paint tool for texturing if i win the contest i would like to see a system to add an optional custom floor mesh made of polygons that shadows could render on to for compositing with background images i would also like to see the model not get moved relitave to the background image when you press render this makes compositing a nightmare so hear is my thread drop in and check out my progress
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