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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there! I'm "LKS" on the 3DC discord. I've been trying to learn scripting in angelscript since the recent 3DC api overhaul and I figured I'd post the results of my efforts here. Keep in mind, I'm somewhat of a turbo-noob to coding, but many of the most useful scripts I've made for other apps are just a few lines long anyway, so maybe someone will find some use! First script reduces the polycount of the selected voxlayer by half. I mapped it to alt-D. Second takes all children of the selected voxlayer and parents them to a new root. I made this to deal with the issue of deeply nested voxlayer hierarchies being created as a result of using the split tool. It may or may not work in all circumstances, but it seems to so far! I'll add updates as I do more. decrease_resolution_by_half.as reparent_children_to_root.as
  2. Hello everyone, Recently, I saw the release of zbrush 2018. In addition to fantastic new tools and enhancements, they finally put something very similar to 3D-Coat's live clay. First, I want to say that I love 3D-Coat, I bought the license even though I was a Zbrush user. When I saw 3D-Coat, I fell in love with the unique features offered by 3D-Coat (voxels, live clay and several unique program tools) that even the powerful Zbrush did not have. I may be wrong, but over time, I noticed that the Zbrush releases were very similar tools to what 3D-Coat had already had for a long time. When I started to do my work on 3D-Coat, I realized the difference of the brushes when I tried to sculpt 3D-Coat that did not have the same feeling I had in Zbrush (even many users complained about the same thing). Until there appeared brushes that supposedly would be similar to the Zbrush (Artman's brushes). I did not give up 3D-Coat and I started doing some tests trying to find ideal settings, and I started to love the way I sculpted 3D-Coat. So, I came to use 3D-Coat as my MAIN sculpting and texturing program and because I really like and care about 3D-Coat, I would humbly like to appeal to @Andrew Shpagin and the fantastic developers of 3D-Coat that, please, begin to improvise and add tools to the Sculpt Room. I know that such tools are complex to make, but because I believe so much in 3D-Coat I would very much like to see the System of layers in the Sculpt Room, Morph tools and Reprojection of details from one mesh to the other, Noise system maker, Possibility of baker of displacement map directly in the mesh (without having to export the mesh and import the mesh again), Better tools of modifiers like inflate, bend and etc, Possibility to create groups of polygons so that we can isolate and work with them at the moment we want (like polygroups). A Falloff tool or topology in the brush moves and in the other brushes so we can sculpt or move without affecting areas around the sculpture point (eg opening or closing mouth or eyes). A better integration of masks with Paint Room, because if you have a mesh with many polygons and take to the Paint room is very slow the procedure of making masks or improvise tools of the Paint Room in the Sculpt Room for the procedure to be done quickly. Improvements in the detail of the surface of the mesh, because when using an alpha the mesh gets the detailing with effect of few polygons (it is different when doing the same procedure in the zbrush, getting better). Functionalities for better control of imported alphas. As well as other tools and features that many users ask to be made in 3D-Coat. I hope you do not criticize me for asking Zbrush tools and features for 3D-Coat because I can only see 3D-Coat enhancements on Zbrush. If they do not mind putting very similar 3D-Coat tools on their system, why not implement tools similar to theirs in 3D-Coat? Sometimes I think that tools like Copy Clay (from Surface mode), which is a fantastic tool type (which is having problems with recent versions of 3D-Coat), was created and left out. Just like other tools. For a long time I have been waiting for tools and features that I have already mentioned above and never appear. I get very sad and discouraged by this. Once again, I know that it's complicated to develop such functionalities and I know of the effort of the developers to do what is 3D-Coat that we all know. I really congratulate you for creating this fantastic program and I love it, but please read my requests with love, because I would like to see 3D-Coat shining more than it shines nowadays! Before anyone tells me to ask for these features in the ordering section session, to send email to the support or something, I noticed that it does not help much, because many things are already in those places and they stayed there. I hope everyone will ask to @Andrew Shpagin and developers for new features and tools, as well as improvements to existing tools. Because I do not want to hear from many artists who make videos on youtube that 3D-Coat is not good at sculpting and detailing how Zbrush is. I would like to see many good things in the next version of 3D-Coat. It will be possible @Andrew Shpagin and developers? For those who want to see a preview of ZBRUSH 2018 on youtube, you'll understand what I felt when I saw so many things being released and improved by them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYsTuP5giPE
  3. Привет! Подскажите, как можно поменять порядок инструментов в quick access, чтобы, например, copy вызывался не по space-a-9, а space-a-1? Просто перетащить иконку в начало раздела не работает - а было бы удобно. По энду уже сделал хоткеи для основных инструментов, но редко используемые типа copy тоже хочется удобно открывать. И еще вопрос - можно ли назначать одни и те же хоткеи для управления опциями разных инструментов? Например, мне нравится делать ресет аксис через ALT+R в инструменте pose. Если я пытаюсь забиндить эту-же комбинацию для ресет аксис в transform, то в pose она сбрасывается. Мы же не можем использовать два инструмента одновременно, было бы супер круто иметь не пересекающиеся хоткеи для каждого инструмента.
  4. Hey everyone, Is there a post / video / list / ... which explains in detail how the sculpting tools compare. The tool-tips are nice but many of them feel like they can produce the same results and i would like to have an idea of there individual purposes. For example in Surface mode, when should i use the draw, clay, buildup or extrude tool? I'm trying to optimize my workflow and i understand that there probably isn't a tool specific for a single purpose but at this point i worry that i might "ruin" sculpts or get a better/faster result by choosing the most optimized one. Grtz, Ruud
  5. Hi all, i am starting to work on zbrush too and i would like to know if there is a similar option (on zbrush) for the curve stroke tool on 3dcoat. i use the curve stroke a lot on 3dcoat on pinch tool since it gives me awesome organic shapes and forms, i found on zbrush the lazy mouse option but so far i dont get the same shapes, thanks in advance for any help
  6. Hi, I'm just getting started with 3d Coat. I have been sculpting in Voxels and get a problem with some tools. "Build" and "Scrape" tools stop working although I'm moving the brush. What can be wrong?
  7. I am trying to taper an a cylinder in 3D - Coat but I don't know how to do this. Like in the image: But rather than taper the object from the end I want to taper from the center so the center looks more skinny than the ends. Is there a way to do this in 3D - Coat? I am not importing geometry I am using the primitives in the voxel room. I've tried to scale it from the center using the transform tool but I can't seem to get the best results. Thanks!
  8. Hi guys! When switching to certain tools I am experiencing a significant delay. Mostly happens in Voxel mode. Cut Off, Pose and Grow brushes are a guaranteed 2-4 second freeze. Some tools work fine, but others take quite some time. It's been happening for a few versions now.. I am wondering whether it is a proper behavior, or there is something wrong on my end. I remember tool switching being instant in the past. Here's a video illustrating the problem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lq7mrqjcj6ex3y5/3DCoat_SwitchingToolsLag.mp4?dl=0 3DC Version: 4.7.24 Tested in both GL and DX versions CPU: i7-4770 3.40 GHz Ram: 32GB GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 / Driver Version 378.49 Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Cheers,
  9. There is an idea to make a tool to squeeze in the form of a cylinder, sphere, cube or plane with the ability to transform, the similarity of the 2d mesh. And each grid square, for example of the cylinder will be squeezed out in the shape of the brush. For example, you can make this form of the model without resorting to other 3d programs. (Есть идея сделать инструмент, который будет выдавливать по форме цилиндра, сферы, куба или плоскости с возможностью трансформировать, на подобие 2d сетки. И каждый квадрат сетки, например цилиндра будет выдавливать по форме кисти. Например можно сделать такую форму модели не прибегая к другим 3d программам)
  10. Hi guys recently I upgraded to the 4.5.19 version of 3dCoat and whenever I change my tool of use, wether I click on the voxel tool or press my shortcut, it has a delay of around three seconds to change to my desired tool. Does anyone else have this problem in 4.5 and more importantly, does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks! Sebastian. Currently have tried all 4 different 3DCoat exe's and they all seem to be doing the same thing.
  11. Doing the rat tutorial with the smallest voxel sphere, when I add the neck and use SMOOTH, it erases the 'snake' immediately, unless the 'Smoothing' parameter is dropped to 1%. Since it defaults to 100%, I'm wondering why it is so strong? And: is it possible to set a default? I'm almost sure I'll never use it at 100%, and I sure don't want to reset it every session.
  12. watching the Vox Layer tutorial he has the football player arm and in the E panel chooses closed spline then draws spline across the arm around the whole/backside also . I am only getting 1/2 front of the arm. I can not figure how he marks through the back side of the model to get that full band around it ? I do have ignore backfaces on also tried it off.. in Voxel s mode also. I am using 4.5.03 now when I try too close the spline on last green square it just disappears . I am using the Closed Spline in the E panel mmmm Ok I had Depth Limit on turned that off also now all works thanks for the answers it was driving me crazy.
  13. In the Sculpt Room => Surface Mode I can't access some tools from the Tool Palette whose section headers are collapsed and can not be expanded. Background: There was a discussion on one of the forums started by Carlosan about the Left Tool Panel using tabs and I suggested: You can already collapse/expand tools under a tool heading section by clicking the triangle to the left of the heading. Perhaps right clicking the triangle would expand the current section of tools, but collapse all the other sections? which I still think is a good idea. I later went back to Voxel mode with some of these Surface Section Headers (LC and Objects) still collapsed. I exited 3D-Coat several times, and it also crashed a couple of times while doing some internal rendering for output. That was yesterday. Today when I returned to Surface mode of the Sculpt Room these sections are still collapsed and will no longer expand. The little triangle to the left of the Section Header changes from pointing down to pointing to the right when I click on them, and the other section collapse and expand as normal, but it will not expand the LC and Objects sections. In addition, bringing up the Quick Access Tools with the Space bar shows all the tool sections that are expanded but only shows the Headers and not the tools of the LC and Objects Sections that are collapsed, so I can't access these tools that way. So far I tried un-installing and re-installing with no success. I also looked through some of the XML files and the system registry to see if something jumped out at me, but nothing obvious did, although I suspect the problem is in an XML configuration file. This is in Version: 4.1.17 all editions, and it also happens with the stable release. Thanks for your help with this...
  14. Does anyone know of a way to sculpt like this. As you can see they have some lovely hard edges and indents - in 3d coat i cant get this king of effect, if i were to sculpt a rock using build,scrape/pinch tools, the rock would end up smoother looking; without receses and crevices but only out going parts in the rock. Anyone know of tools/brush tequeniques to make rockes like this? (btw, they were made in zbrushy)
  15. Hi all, I've been searching for an instructive resource for hard surface sculpting tools and workflows that are similar or alternative to those used in ZBrush. I haven't been able to find much of use, so I've come up with a plan to make a conversion chart of sorts. Google "hard surface sculpting" and you'll find myriad in-depth ZBrush tutorials, but very few detailed resources on hard surface sculpting in 3D-Coat. So, since many of the tasks in these ZBrush courses can be ported to 3D-Coat in some form or fashion through a clever combination of tools, workflows, etc., I figured I'd start a thread to begin heaping up various ideas here. The idea is to eliminate the need for every newcomer to 3D-Coat to have to reinvent the wheel through experimentation to see which techniques work well and which don't. I'll be posting my discoveries as I go, but feel free to pitch in with any ideas or questions you have.
  16. I just want to first say Hi to all on this forum. I also want to express my thanks to Pilgway for making such an intuitive application as 3D Coat - I have never come across such an easy to use and sensible 3D modelling app as this. I have been using it for a couple of months and it has transformed my attitude to modelling in 3D. I wouldn't recommend anything else! That said, I would like to suggest a feature that I can't seem to achieve with the crease or pinch tool. I often get to a place in modelling where my edges get too rounded, and I would like to sharpen the edges I would like to sharpen up these edges to a more 90 degree angle Please forgive me [ a newbie ] if there IS ALREADY a tool that does this and I have just not discovered it - but I have often been in a position where I would like to do just this. Any thoughts??
  17. This is my first time using a sculpting program and to be honest i am just a little overwhelmed by the amount of tools there are. Out of curiosity what are your 5 most commonly used sculpting tools. Why would you select those tools over others, and what type of object would you use them on. (hard surface, organic)
  18. Ok so I bought the student (windows) version about a week ago and have been very happy with the software thus far. I'm not sure If this has already been asked or if I'm using the correct terminology, but here it goes. While I was re-arranging the interface in the Voxels room, I noticed that the view icon at the top of the toolbox (and beside the Brush pressure sub-menu) is missing. I have used the Mac version before (which does have this option), so I am curious why it isn't showing up. Any tips?
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