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Found 56 results

  1. I recently can across a issue where I heavy need to import a obj file with textures already applied. For context I have a model that had multiple texture sheets and UV'd pieces that have existing textures I need to edit. Problem is that when importing any type of geometry file the program does not apply textures automatically. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a issue as having only one or two texture sheets wouldn't take much time to import the textures manually. Thing is that this project has upwards of 12 separate UV'd pieces, each with around 4 textures. Meaning that I would need to manually apply 48 textures for this one model. If there are any tricks or ways around this problem please reply back, as I will even try external plugins a try for fixing this issue. This is urgent as the window on this project is closing quickly. Thank you for reading and hope to hear back soon.
  2. Cherrydoyen

    [Solved] I need help, can't stop erasing.

    I recently started to get back into 3d coat, and decided to go back into my 4.5 version, but after fooling around and having my cat stupidly run across my keyboard after being spooked, I can't seem to paint on the models I'm using anymore? Whenever I go to draw or color on any part of the model, it erases instead of coloring. I've looked through the settings, tried all the keybinds, uninstalled and reinstalled probably about 10 times, restarted my computer about 4 times, unplugged and even restarted my tablet drivers, and nothing. Can someone help out?
  3. dcortez96

    Virtual Memory Issue

    Hello! I'm encountering an issue with 3D Coat where I am unable to even start the program before I get a message claiming that I'm out of virtual memory and that I should increase the amount of virtual memory in my system settings. It's weird because I wasn't getting this error before when I used the program last month. Now all of the sudden it appears out of nowhere. So I uninstalled the current version I was using, and I went and installed the latest version of Coat, but I still got the same result. I even went and tried to increase the amount of virtual memory like the error message suggested, but that didn't work either. Does anyone have a possible solution to this issue? Thanks in advance. A couple pointers: I'm not using the Steam version of 3DCoat I'm making sure to use the 64 bit DX version I tried the OpenGL version too, still got the same "out of virtual memory" error message The message appears immediately after the splash screen when starting up the program, I'm not opening a file or anything My gpu is an Nvidia Geforce 1060 6gb I have 16gb of ram, and an intel i7 6700 processor
  4. Hello I'm sculpting in zbrush, exporting as .obj and then importing to 3D Coat for manual retopololgy. However, when I import the .obj in 3D Coat, what I get is like a soft, inflated version of my object. It works fine when I open it zbrush again. Any ideas? Apologies if this is a dumb question or in the wrong spot, I'm new to 3D Coat and this forum Thanks!
  5. PredTeck

    [Solved] Need help in texturing

    Greetings! I'm relatively new to 3DCoat and i'd like to get some help. I'd like to "paint" some bolts into the model in one layer, got the alphas needed for it (some bolt alphas from the net). I paint it as depth checked only, after that i create the occlusion and curvature map. My question is: how can i add materials only for these alphas? If i "Fill whole layer" the whole model gets painted, but that is not what i needed. I want the bolts to be different material, and the base another one, ect. I know i can paint them afterwards one by one, but with hundreds of bolt, that could take a reaaaaaly long time.
  6. spyder

    Help ! NOOB !

    Hello !! I am trying out a 3D coat tutorial, but i cant seem to get my layers to "clip" like the tutorial video. In the first screenshot is where a vox tree layer was dragged into another so that you can make transform tool changes simultaneously. However when i do the same , my layers just keep falling down on each other. Like in the 2nd and 3rd screencaps. I tried making a folder layer also like the example video, but needless to say my layers dont get grouped in effortlessly, and just fall back down or above the layer draged too.. X( HELP !
  7. my first glass attempts in 3D-Coat: ClearGlass.3dcpack IMPORTANT: Make sure Layer 0 opacity - 25% or lower! then on layer one (or any other layer above 0) use the glass material. make sure the material is on 100% opacity but the layer opacity is on a low % (me = typically choose 15% or less) --- message me if you = need any help sorting it out :]
  8. Hey folks! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in tutoring my wife in 3D coat for payment. We're in Kansas City, MO around Westport so if anyone is close by and can meet in person that would be even better. I was thinking something like a video call where she could share her screen with the tutor would be good if they can't be here in person. She's doing pretty well I think but she's so frustrated without someone around to help when she gets stuck. We are both traditional clay sculptors but new to the digital world. As I said we would be willing to pay. Thanks!
  9. Plat

    Help with symmetry retopo

    So I'm retopologizing a head for the first time in 3d coat, and it's going great, except for the symmetry will sometimes break. Heres what I mean: One second the symmetry will be working perfectly, and then, as per my first screenshot, it only shows the geometry that overlaps the x-axis. Disabling symmetry reveals that everything is normal on the one side, but if I toggle it back on the same thing happens. Is too much geometry over the line? No amount of undoing will fix this problem. This has happened twice now. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hi 3d Coat! How to install 3d Coat beta 4.8,22 an Mac? Please give me a download link 3d Coat 4.8.22 beta How to activate 3d Coat beta 4.8.22 . With respect.
  11. Is there a fast way to select a Paint Object from the 3D view? I want to single out a spesific object to paint on it, but finding it in the Paint Objects pannel takes way too long. I know you can hit H and it will automatically select a voxel layer but that doesn't work with paint objects. Is there a way to convert paint objects to voxel layers Another possible workaround would be if I can somehow see the Paint Object's name when I hover over it in the 3D view. Even naming the layers won't help btw because there are way too many of them.
  12. Hey Everyone... I saw some old videos (from Raul Fernandez) about the Copy Clay tool from Surface Mode - Sculpt Room. In the videos, Raul Fernandez showed that when you copied some part of the mesh or when you load an object saved in a folder, a preview of the copy would appear in the brush before you even applied the tool. 1) I'm trying to use Copy Clay, but I'm not having this same preview of the copy in the brush before applying the tool. Is there something wrong or is there no longer a preview of the copy in the brush? 2) Please, could anyone explain all features of the the Copy Clay Tool (not only for me, but for everyone here in the community)? I could not find explanation in the manual or video about this tool. I already thank you for your attention.
  13. Darkzero779Projects

    Odd bug after a windows update?

    I had updated on my surface pro 2,lately I can only pan an orbit around whenever I try to do anything, Even when I have my pen on the sculpt it just navigates when i try to stroke on it at all. Will try to go back on my windows before update to get back to it,but if anyone had similar issues let me know and if you found ways.
  14. swampshell

    [Solved] Retopo to Paint

    Hey all, I've been having some issues in 3D Coat when I attempt to transfer from the Retopo room, baking my retopology, to the paint room. I looked into several forums that I stumbled upon in my googling adventures and there are a few individuals who seem to have a similar problem, calling it a bug but not mentioning any possible solutions to the issue. However, I am uncertain to whether it is a bug or simply an error on my part. Here is what's happening. I start in the retopo room and go to bake the object using Bake into scene (microvertex). I then adjust the outward mesh, then I work on the inner part. I've found that in order to get more of the internal from being visible I must use the brush tool to adjust the depth (rather blindly). BUT, after a certain amount of time there are still points in which I cannot get to hide. Once I've done what I can manage I continue on. (note: the image below does include the settings I've been using, but I've also tried upping it to 4K which doesn't seem to help any) Now, once I get to the paint room I've discovered that numerous chunks of my model are broken and littered with transparent scars. This is not the first time this has happen to me. However, last time I could fix it by creating a new layer and using the brush to fiddle with the depth (which essentially covered/erased the marks). This time though, it's not helping. Is this some sort of bug? An error on my part? If it is a fault of my own, does anyone have a suggested solution?
  15. Hey For some reasons my lines are pretty jagged whenever i paint them from further away, resulting in a less-than-desired effect. I've drawn 2 strokes with the exact same brush, only difference being that i drew one up close to the model, and one further away. Anyway to prevent this? I really like the program, but this is pretty deal-breaking tbh.
  16. Hey guys, I've been using 3D Coat for a little while now but I am tearing my hair out with this problem. I import baked normal, albedo, roughness and metallic maps then overpaint them. However, when I try to overpaint the normals, the imported normal map always seems to blend through. How can I prevent this? I am trying to paint a smart material over the top to give some variation to the brick pattern, so I am using the same material but scaled up. So how can I paint this smart material on to the model without the imported normal blending through the painted area? Many thanks, Matt (See in the image below, The smart material preview shows how the larger bricks normal map blends into the smaller bricks normal map)
  17. renatokg

    [Solved] HELP - black selection

    Hi everyone. I just start using 3D coat a few months ago and still studying.. Just made this model and after I tried to AUTORETOPO I got this annoying black selection on my model. How do I get rid of it? It's not only on sculpt room, as well as paint room for instance... Thanks a lot!
  18. I have done a lot of research and found loads on youtube, some videos to buy on steam, and found on pluralsight. I bought 3d coat for several reasons and read lots of things about it before i made my decision. The questions i am hoping to be helped with is there anyone that knows a good tutorial to show how to do curves over a hard surface? i was trying to do a bagged pickup truck to try out the modeling. I have been learning blender and i have known about 3d coat for years but finally had the money to buy it. is the pluralsight hard surface 3d coat tutorials any good? could i do a good job in time making characters female or male? would i be better off to sculpt characters in zbrush if i bought it down the road or can i do the same in 3d coat? is it harder to do same stuff in 3d coat as in zbrush? should i just stick to blender for hard surface modeling? I am sure there are more questions i could come up. I have done a lot of reading and i know some answers in ways but not to my liking if that makes sense at all. My plan is to one day be good enough to make my own characters, and etc bring them into i am guessing blender to do small animations with for fun, this is all hobby and would like to create my own universe of people and things that i enjoy that i could share with others for fun. Ty for any help you can give. ( I posted this on steam forums to under the game but i was not sure how many actually used that ( since i bought from steam ). Was not sure to put in 3d coat under general or here so i decided to play it safe to. )
  19. Cminion

    Newbie Questions

    I have seen 3d coat for a long time and finally bought it on steam. Right now i am learning blender but next is 3d coat because it looks like i can have a lot of fun making stuff with it. The questions i have though is this about what i want to do in the future. One day i hope to get good enough to make my on little anime style 3d animations for fun to share with everyone. Questions Should i learn zbrush to or can i sculpt just as well as zbrush for characters? I really want to do my own custom bagged truck and though blender would be best for that but i know you can do some nice stuff hard surface modeling with 3d coat to, so would it be better to do stuff like that in blender, 3d coat, or something else? Is there any good tutorials ( i have looked up loads ) that go over creating curves on hard surface modeling well ( a example would be a car hood or something on those lines ) ? can i make stuff in blender and bring it over to uv unwrap , paint then take back when its ready to be rendered or animated in the future? when it does come to animation down the road should i just learn blender or something like iclone? i am a far ways away from animating but just though i would throw the question in there. ty for any help you can provide 3d coat is a great program from all i have seen. the only thing is i seem to have a hard time finding good tutorials with detailed work and explains things well.
  20. BlueBead

    Object Corruption

    I started using 3D Coat about a week ago, and I've run into this problem twice now. I was working in the retopo room for a while and had most of my voxtree layers hidden. When I unhid them later, one object that was in surface mode was full of holes. Trying to convert it back to voxel mode only made it weirder. At first it just looked like I had the surface hidden with the cell tool (even thought I never used it on that object), but as I tried to unhide it it only got worse. I've tried reconstructing it, using mesh doctor, resampling it, and nothing works. I think those triangles are just straight up gone. Then I tried to import the object from an earlier save, but that would crash 3D Coat every time I'd try to edit it. I'd get an error saying the program was unstable and not to overwrite my work. I've had similar problems with the cell tool not wanting to unhide cells and leaving square holes, but in those cases I was able to fix it with the fill tool. Does anyone know what's happening here and how to avoid it? I've kinda resigned to my fate that I'll have to redo that object, but if there is a way to fix it I'd love to know. Thanks in advance.
  21. firexstudio

    Texture Export Issue

    Hi! I am making a texture for a gun and encountered this problem. The texture in 3d-coat texture editor looks nowhere same as the exported one. This is from 3d-coat texture editor: And this is what is being exported: First of all the look is really different. And more importantly the exported texture has random stuff around the edges of texture. It looks like it just filled the free space of texture for some reason. Any way I can fix those problems and get the look I see in texture editor? Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi there, I loaded the default Mannequin and posed it in different pose but accidentally saved it over the t pose. How can I restore it back to the t pose? Thanks
  23. Im fairly new in 3D Coat - I can figure out the painting / UV tools pretty easily. I just cant get my textures into 3DS max and have them look right. I chose the Export preset for 3DS MAX psychical shaders - and i get a normal map - Metalness - roughness - IOR - which is all good. I import my model and create a psychical shader and put my maps into the right spots - but the materials just dont look right... Atm im using standard lights and the Scanline renderer (I just wonna try it out before heading into arnold). Can anyone explain me how to export correctly ? Or maybe make a step by step guide? Best Regards Jonas EDIT: Some screens
  24. hello, I'm still a little bit new with 3Dcoat, but this never happened before. I edited my texture in photoshop and imported it in 3Dcoat to apply it on the model, then for some weird reason, I couldn't paint on it anymore. so I restarted 3D coat and opened up the file. the 3D model was invisible, I could still paint on it and it would show up in the UV. but not on the model. I made a new file in the hopes of solving it. but the model was invisible again. is this a bug or am I missing something? like I said, I'm still new to the program and maybe the solution is obvious. Thanks for reading. -Bram
  25. tabbycat

    Paint Brush help

    Hi, I just picked up 3DCoat and I'd really like to use it for my hand painted models, but every time I try to paint the brush does this weird bevel effect that I can't seem to get rid of. I've looked online for ages and looked at countless tutorials for hand painting but they all seem to be able to have a normal brush stroke straight off. Can someone help me?