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Found 156 results

  1. Ich habe mal angefangen einen Cartooncar von mir zu retopoen. Hat bis hier ganz gut geklappt. jetzt steck ich aber fest, da ich nicht weiß, wie ich einzelne Teile und Auswahlen meiner Vorlage unsichtbat machen kann, um auch die eEinzelnteile und Innenflächen meiner Vorlage zu retopen. Irgendwo habe ich gelesen, daß man die Vorlage aufsplitten kann und dann Teile unsichtbar klicken kann. Das scheint hier aber irggendwie nichht zu gehen oder? Vielleicht finde ich hier Hilfe? Tipps und Tuts etc.?
  2. alvordr

    Retopo to UV Room and/or Paint Room

    Hello. I have a situation that seems to arise with 3D coat, where I've modeled something in the Voxel Room, and right clicked on it to send it to the Retopo room with Autotopology...tweaked the topology and even UV unwrapped in the Retopo Room. The problem is that the UV set doesn't show up in the UV Room, nor can I see anything in the Paint Room. What am I missing in the workflow? Thanks.
  3. Plat

    Help with symmetry retopo

    So I'm retopologizing a head for the first time in 3d coat, and it's going great, except for the symmetry will sometimes break. Heres what I mean: One second the symmetry will be working perfectly, and then, as per my first screenshot, it only shows the geometry that overlaps the x-axis. Disabling symmetry reveals that everything is normal on the one side, but if I toggle it back on the same thing happens. Is too much geometry over the line? No amount of undoing will fix this problem. This has happened twice now. Thanks for your help!
  4. I'm currently working on some Retopo. I've always liked 3d coat and its retopo tools, but recently I feel certain things are slowing me down. I've been using hotkeys and stacks to speed up which I enjoy. The Select tool seems slow though. Is there a way to use Lasso/Marquee tool to select verts,edges, and faces? Thanks
  5. Hi, I imported a high poly object into the sculpt room to use as a retopo reference. It was too small so I scaled it up with the Gizmo. Switched over to the Retopo room and built a retopo mesh over it. Exported the retopo mesh; which is now too large compared to the original high poly reference mesh when it is appended as a new subtool back in Zbrush. What is the proper workflow here to handle scale issues. The original high poly mesh was sculpted in Zbrush and is a proper size ( approx. 2.0-2.0-2,0 in tha software). Thanks in advance- I looked through the forums but must have missed the answer.
  6. Wasili

    How to choose the baking side?

    Is there any way to choose the other side of retopology for baking? I copied the right side of the jacket to the left and I need to bake the left side but by default the bake is right. Is there any way to choose the other side? That's what I'm doing http://take.ms/f7JjI
  7. Guyverzero

    [Solved] Retopo Strokes not working ?

    Hey, In the middle of a retopo (female character), I grabbed the strokes tool to create a few loops around the fingers, in this case, set my segments and hitting Enter gives no result (Or it appears to not). After trying multiple times on different fingers, legs and the body there is some kind of geo there, but its as if its all collapsed in on itself and would be a nightmare to unravel it. I'm using version 4.18.15D(DX54), is this an issue with the reference mesh or a possible bug?
  8. McCabe

    UV Stacking

    Hi folks, I have a question with regard to UVs. I have read other threads on a similar subject but found now solution. - I am using only 3DC and I have a Scene I have done in the sculpt room. Its made of 3 separate Meshes. - I make a Low-res decimated version of the the scene and export that as an .obj. - Move over to Retopo room and import that Low red version via the 'import retopo mesh' - Once that is done I do all the seems on each mesh, unwrap each mesh. all on separate UVs (or at least I think it is. they are not overlaped in the 'UV preview' - Then Bake the normal to tranfer over the detail from my High Res to the Low Res Version. and here is where I have my issue - I move over to the paint room and even though on the Bake process it asked me about the three UVs I wanted to bake. in the paint room they are just stacked on top of each other...why? (Note, I looked in the UV room and they are stacked in there too and cant seem to find a way to separate them.) I am miffed :S Cheers.
  9. swampshell

    [Solved] Retopo to Paint

    Hey all, I've been having some issues in 3D Coat when I attempt to transfer from the Retopo room, baking my retopology, to the paint room. I looked into several forums that I stumbled upon in my googling adventures and there are a few individuals who seem to have a similar problem, calling it a bug but not mentioning any possible solutions to the issue. However, I am uncertain to whether it is a bug or simply an error on my part. Here is what's happening. I start in the retopo room and go to bake the object using Bake into scene (microvertex). I then adjust the outward mesh, then I work on the inner part. I've found that in order to get more of the internal from being visible I must use the brush tool to adjust the depth (rather blindly). BUT, after a certain amount of time there are still points in which I cannot get to hide. Once I've done what I can manage I continue on. (note: the image below does include the settings I've been using, but I've also tried upping it to 4K which doesn't seem to help any) Now, once I get to the paint room I've discovered that numerous chunks of my model are broken and littered with transparent scars. This is not the first time this has happen to me. However, last time I could fix it by creating a new layer and using the brush to fiddle with the depth (which essentially covered/erased the marks). This time though, it's not helping. Is this some sort of bug? An error on my part? If it is a fault of my own, does anyone have a suggested solution?
  10. agelvik

    [Solved] Retopo Symmetry problems

    Hey, I continue to run into this problem. Sometimes all I have to do is undo a few times, but most of the time this doesn't solve it. My retopo mesh suddenly doesn't show when I turn on symmetry back on again, sometimes it does but just barely visible in a strange behavior. It's very random when it happens, how can it be avoided and fixed when it occurs? P.S, I don't turn on symmetry mid-way, I always turn it on before I begin retopo. Before symmetry: After: Another example: Using version 4.8.07
  11. I'm seeing duplicate edges on my retopo... and they're really difficult to remove (del edges tool sometimes do not 'select' them automatically even though I mouse-over them) is this something to do with "cloth" tool in : Sculpt Room -> Objects -> cloth ?
  12. Hi there. I have some vertices under my Ref mesh, how I can push them out ? Sincerely, Alvaro
  13. I do not know how to fix this , i have been at it for hours. I can provide the save for anyone interest in trying to fix or maybe someone can tell me. Every time i bake i get either a super weird normal map and very weird AO that has weird artifacts in it or is just white and black splotches. The normal map looks like it is covered in small bumps or the eye lids are screwed up with other parts doing the same. I am not sure what to do after 4 hours of trying to get it to work. Even if i just try to AO the sculpt and not the retopo with sculpt it does it. here are some pictures. I just want to paint it , export it all to blender and add hair there ( i think it would be easiest to do with some of the tools in blender for hair ). this is only my 3rd sculpt in here. 3d coat is the first program i have sculpted in and it is a awesome program so far. this is also my first time retopoing so im sure some of it is messed up to. those are just 3 times of issues i had even other ones where inside breast had very dark spots on AO and i do not know how to fix, i smoothed to hoping that would fix.
  14. MartianGirl

    Missing maps?

    Hi again everyone, So sorry to keep posting my newbie questions. I have been scouring the forums for answers,but can't seem to find the answer I need. I have been testing the baking, even though I have followed the amazing advice from Abranger and lots of videos on you tube, I can't seem to make it work. I am clearly missing a step somewhere. I have my High Poly model and my Low Poly retopo all named and on layers. The Uv seams all done, the uvs packed the way I need them. I have to bake parts separately. After baking a part, I go to the paint room and there is nothing in the texture editor. I turn off the vox tree and there is no lowpoly model with any baked goodies on it. Am, I missing a simple step? All help, very much appreciated.
  15. Michaelgdrs


    Greetings to all. I will start posting to Gumroad my smart materials collections. All materials will be : Seamless custom PBR accurate materials (game engines optimized 512 x 512 pixels) 9 Texture Channels Each (depends on material type) Dermis ( Base colour / Diffuse ) Subdermis Hypodermis Ambient Occlusion Base Color Bump Curvature Normal Detail_Normal Diffuse Displacement Emissive Glossiness Height Metallic Opacity Roughness Specular Pseudo SSS mask Compatible with : 3D Coat PBR ( smart materials included ) Substance Painter ( materials included ) Toolbag 2 ( materials included ) Unity 5 PBR ( materials included ) Zbrush ( Texture painting ) Unreal PBR Substance Designer for texture based nodes ( SBS and SBSAR NOT INCLUDED ) Render Engines Compatibility : Mantra PBR Mantra IPR Renderman Arnold Redshift Vray Indigo Maxwell Octane Furryball Thea and any renderer that supports Here is my first collection (will be posted shortly) teaser.
  16. kwhali

    Retopo live boolean?

    Is there a way to copy part of your retopo or import other mesh data to another layer and affect another with a live boolean/replace effect? Similar to how this Modo feature is shown: *should start at 21:38 showing off the feature until 21:47. I've requested something similar for sculpt room(but more of being able to use a reference mesh to snap to like retopo offers), now I'm having some trouble finding some sculpt room like features in retopo.. The sculpt mesh is 10 million triangles, and retopo 1 million. It came out mostly well, but had some errors I will fix. Draft quality(Fastest) took about 8-10 hours to process(Intel i5-6500 3.2GHz quad core, Nvidia GTX 1070, 32GB RAM, SSD), seemed mostly only able to use a single thread Appreciate any tips on how to speed that up but get density of that size(which unfortunately quite a few other operations have trouble performing on, edge must avoid accidental doble click with select, which can take >20 mins to perform.. brush select work fine though).
  17. Dreadnought - E3 Teaser ( Making-Of ) Retopo of the Fighter was done in 3dCoat http://www.aixsponza.com/index.php/projects/dreadnought/
  18. Hey guys, I have the same problem as a while ago. Scaling on the model is ok, scene scale, measurement units, etc. everything fine. After unwrapping the upper body part I want is only 4.45x3.75cm large. I am really desperate right now. This has to work. I have some customers for made to measure garments. If I don't solve this it's really bad. Amethysta_1.3b Body.eps
  19. I have noticed with a mesh I import with bad geo, decimate does not help much, but when I tried enable proxy with Decimate 16x, it made a much nicer topology(lost detail aside). Unfortunately I cannot seem to replicate this proxy decimation(decimate 16M mesh to 1M is not same results). I can use the clean clay brush and manually get similar result, but would like this decimation approach proxy feature uses vs current decimation method.
  20. Hi there, I'm trying to bake my sculpt model to low poly mesh by "Bake w/ Normal Map (Per-Pixel)" but baked maps has strong noises on any Materials. this is sculpt mesh. (sorry for poor mesh, this is my best.) and this is baked mesh on Paint room. diffuse and normal map have strong noise.. (it should say dithering?) what happen on my 3d-coat? I'm using ver4.7.26(GL) Alienware 17 R2 w/windows8.1 64bit thanks,
  21. sirseko

    Triangulate retopo model on export?

    Hi, Is there a way to instruct 3D-Coat to explicitly triangulate a mesh exported from the retopo room? I need this because I want to use the model in Unreal Engine 4 and Substance Painter, and both use different algorithms for triangulation. I've tried triangulating the exported model in Blender, but that just made it "blocky". Cheers, Dave
  22. Hi, I was wondering if the following workflow is possible: 1: Sculpt a model using voxels and/or surface tools. 2: Use Autopo to give a nice quad topology to the mesh. 3: From the Retopo room, send the retopo object back to the Sculpt room, so you can sculpt on the retopologized mesh. I guess a workaround is to export the retopo mesh and import it into the Sculpt room, but I hope that isn't necessary. Thanks, Metin
  23. JackKnife

    Weird Specks on Retopo Bake?

    Hi all! New to 3DCoat, so I might be doing something wrong, but there's these weird speckles on my retopo'd model. Any ideas as to what went wrong?
  24. So I imported a low poly model and cut off a small portion of it. But when I unwrap it the UV Map is completely different from the original one and when I import the texture it had before it's all messed up because it doesn't fit the new uv map. So is there a way to make changes to a model and still have the original texture wrapped around where it was before? It's really frustrating not being able to keep the models original texture after unwrapping.