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Bake to low poly


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So not sure why I can't find any docs on this. Im just trying to bake to an obj that I brought in from and external package.

1. sculpted high poly (Vox mod)

2. exported high poly

3. made retopo in external package

4. imported into paint and auto UVed.

5. put low poly in one VoxTree layer and High in another layer.

6  In retopo room went to Bake>Bake w. normal map (per peixel)


does nothing


Im not sure how to transfer the high and low poly to a Retopot group..do I need to do that? .



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You are wrong.

Your lowpoly should be in the Retopo Room.


Import your Lowpoly into Retopo Room, create your Uvs or let do it automaticly.

Then Bake.

Then switch to Paintroom and you have your Lowpoly there.

There is no need to import it in Paintroom and of course into Voxel Room.

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I will add you are making the process more complicated than it is in 3DC as Malo is pointing out.


1. you sculpted your mesh in 3DC... That part is complete.


2. You chose to export the high polygon mesh.


3. You created the low polygon mesh in another application. That is a user's decision, it does not matter the reason why... 3DC's retopo tools are state of the art for creating low polygon models but each artist has an application they like to use...


I will give below a little more detail for the correct method of getting Hi-Res information baked to the low-polygon model


The high voxel / surface mode mesh you created is placed as you stated in a vox layer in the Sculpt Room... It can be original one or the one you exported and re-imported.


Next import your low polygon mesh into the retopo room. "Retopo Menu"  You are presented with a question to snap the low polygon model to the high detail sculpt. If your low polygon model was done so in the other application no need here... Test snapping and not not snapping choose whichever one works best.


If your model has no uv-seams then use the uv tools (left toolbar) to create them by hand or use auto-seams under the same tool set--Picture included.


Under the same uv tool section, select unwrap. Your uv set will be created.


Last under the Bake menu, choose Bake-w-normal map (per-pixel). You did this once already.

You will be presented with 3 dialog boxes which are not covered in this answer. Explore the 3DC Youtube channel for the answers.


Once the baking is completed you will be transfered to the paint room. 


Side note: In the paint room under the View menu, deselect "show voxels in paint room" otherwise the voxel/ surface mode object will hide your baked one.


Done except for the painting and adding any addtional details.


Video for navigating around 3DC's Youtube channel. There are new and old videos and 3DC's interface has changed in some areas. 



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 the reason I want to use this external package is because its this thing is INSANE!! it will auto-retopo this 13 m poly building in under 45 seconds. .Don't get me wrong 3dc is great but for my workflow time is the biggest factor.. And 3dc keeps running out of memory. 


Maybe the Andrew could implement the "instant mesh" code to give another option for retopo. please please please.


I'm including the files here: if anyone wants to try and get it to bake a normal.


I can't get it to work.


Oh thanks Journeymen! Im so add I moved on but if I can get this to work I'll go back and paint it.






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So the two methods of 3dc to bake.

One is to import hipoly to voxel room and import low poly in retopo room. Then bake and switch to paint room to see low poly with baked normals. Process seems spread out and not intuitive imo.

Other way is video by Abranger using texture baking tool. WIth hi poly object you bake into low poly object and it produces textures on the hd. Preview using another intance of 3dcoat and start importing textures and apply to low poly object. Could be better process.

Maybe add a new wizard in the start panel.
Bake low poly from high poly.

So you start by choosing low poly mesh and point to high poly mesh on hdd. 
Choose some options. Then bake either preview mode or final. 3dcoat shows paintroom with the baked textures. Finalize baking if you only did test preview. So final screen is paint room with high quality texture applied. Just like SP.


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21 hours ago, Carlosan said:

Your proposal was shared with the developers.

Ty Geo_n !


Also that process is similar to xnormal process. Advantage of xnormal is no need to load hipoly to ram. It reads from hdd even the heaviest models.
But I also like the how SP can show a preview bake in your lowpoly model.

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