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as I continue my 30-day trail and having spent some more time in 3D Coat, I start to like it more and more.
I discovered the baker just yet (baked out a normal map) and was very impressed, of how this is done.

Normally, I bake in Substance Painter and or designer, (xnormal before that) but there is no visual feedback, of what your settings will look like.

3D Coat does have visual feedback - like showing ray-distance to inner and outer shell and you can define areas, that have different distance setting,
which is great. In older versions, AO baker was not that good, I´ve read - was there an update already to this baker?

Does it bake curvature map from normal map or from hight/low poly?

Is there some GPU acceleration implemented already?

Could you bake "by matching name", so you do not have to explode everything to get clean bakes?

For normal map, 3D Coat seems to be really good, so I am amazed that I´ve found so little statements of users saying "I use 3D Coat for baking"


Please tell me your experience and opinions on that.

Maybe some dev got answer to my questions, regarding the bakers?



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49 minutes ago, micro26 said:

Curvarture is created from normal map and geometry in paint room but havent found high to low. Also you cant bake using cage or low poly with hard edges which is something i look forward in future updates.


What do you mean you cannot bake with a cage? I'm not sure what it is you are expecting. There is an inner and outer cage, and you can make fine-tuned modifications to it. The video here shows custom spherical zones, but that has recently been rewritten to allow the user to adjust trouble spots with their brush.




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Sorry i mean custom cage using smoothing groups. Does it do it cause i think it treats low poly as 1 group and couldnt get clean hard edged beveled normalmap. If you can provide a tutorial of 3dcoat baking using smoothing groups id be greatful


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