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  1. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Solved] 3DCoat 2022 - Vox Clay brushes only sculpt squares was marked as the answer   
    Vox Clay is very specific brush, it does not use alpha intentionally. 
    Instead, you may use any of Voxel Engine brish that may use alpha and similar to this brush. Look the Clay brushes, enable dependence on alpha in brush settings.
  2. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Fixed] Ptex Baking scale issue was marked as the answer   
    Fixed in 42
  3. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Fixed] camera freaks out when using 2d paint and ortho camera was marked as the answer   
    Fixed in 42
  4. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Fixed] initial subdivison: Catmull-Clark was marked as the answer   
    Actually Catmull-clark subdivision is used in 3DC as main subd method.
  5. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Fixed] Rawvox import and export issues was marked as the answer   
    Fixed it in 2022.40
  6. Andrew Shpagin's post in Prolonging upgrades info - Any issues: notify the Sales/Licensing office at Sales@Pilgway.com was marked as the answer   
    Our web team still works over the updates extension page. Anyway, till it will be done, you will be able to use all new updates even if date will expire.
  7. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Fixed] i see strange result (retopo) was marked as the answer   
    You pressed SHIFT and it shows the preview for the "close hole". It looks a bit strange, I will correct the preview.
  8. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Solved] Convert color layer to normal map within 3DCoat was marked as the answer   
    Layers menu -> Copy channels

  9. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Fixed] 2021.23 - 1 second lag after every stroke while sculpting was marked as the answer   
    We made a special program to test WinTab/WindowsInk interfaces, please unpack, run and check if it produces correct trajectories in both modes. 1 and 2 switched the WinTab/Ink
  10. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Solved] Viewport locking does not work with 3D Space mouse compact was marked as the answer   
    Looks like the driver issue because 3d-coat does not control viewport locking, it is controlled by 3dconnexion driver. Please update driver, uncheck 4.xx mode in preferences.
  11. Andrew Shpagin's post in Tileable 3d textures was marked as the answer   
    Ok, I discovered and seems rendering Z buffer gives best result in this case. In next build you will be able to export projection from Y-axis to textures (including depth, color, specular, emissive). So this problem will be completely resolved in next build, you will get completely seamless texture in this case. Possibly I will drop link there preliminary to test.
  12. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Fixed] 2D - Paint brush jagged and broken edge after patch 2021-76 was marked as the answer   
    Please check the 79, it shoud work well there.
  13. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Fixed] 3DCoat 2021 Missing Export Color to Ptex was marked as the answer   
    Recovered in upcoming build 60 (tonight).
  14. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Fixed] Smooth Tool does not appear to be pressure sensitive was marked as the answer   
    Corrected in upcoming 56
  15. Andrew Shpagin's post in Optimizing 3DCoat laggy performance. was marked as the answer   
    After each stroke Coat writes Undo to disk. But usually you will never feel it.
    You may change path used for all files that are created dynamically (settings, new items, materials etc). It may take 500MB - 2 GB in general.
    Create file coat_data_path.txt in installation folder and put path to new placement of data, like
  16. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Solved] Serious problem in Paint - Edit Projections in Ext Editor fails. PLEASE HELP!!! :( was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for info, problem reproduced and fixed, wait for next build.
  17. Andrew Shpagin's post in Quick question. Does paint room paint in 16 bit depth? was marked as the answer   
    3D-Coat will not export 16 bit color. But 16 bit alphas are good for bump and displacement.
    So, alpha will keep 16 bits but it is applicable mostly for displacement.
  18. Andrew Shpagin's post in A few pre-purchase questions... was marked as the answer   
    1. If you have several objects or materials, press ALT + eye icon in any panel (objects, material, surface, voxels, retopo, layers) to isolate - like in PS. Hiding polygons is also possibe.
    2,3. I don't know. But OBJ/STL formats are very common for all applictions.
  19. Andrew Shpagin's post in External AO imported incorrectly was marked as the answer   
    Fixed it in 4.5.22
  20. Andrew Shpagin's post in Mirrored UV glitches was marked as the answer   
    Enable symmetry plane while painting and all will work well.
  21. Andrew Shpagin's post in Basic question about Poly size. was marked as the answer   
    Im microvertex approach it means export of displaced and additionally subdivided mesh.
    Sizes mean polycount of exported object.
  22. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Solved] Baking suddenly does nothing was marked as the answer   
    I don't know why, but object's scale is incredibly tiny. If it is in mm - tube size has atomic scale.
    Go to Sculpt room, geometry->Edit scene scale and set scale to be 1.
    Then all will work.
  23. Andrew Shpagin's post in Undeletable retopo fragment was marked as the answer   
    Go to select tool, open UV window, zoom in, select wrong island, press delete command from the left menu.
  24. Andrew Shpagin's post in [Solved] Issues unwrapping with symmetry was marked as the answer   
    Please select the island use LSCM for unwrapping that particular island select + LSCM buttom).
    Or mark seams a bit differently - on outer edges.
  25. Andrew Shpagin's post in [SOLVED] cannot paint in texture editor was marked as the answer   
    I looked the problem and it is really a bug. I corrected it, fix will be in nearest beta.
    But you may easily avoid problems if you will subdivide quad once to avoid so big polygon.
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