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Found 22 results

  1. Hello! In latest 3DCoat (2021.02) I try and import FBX meshes into the Sculpt Models tab and they do not show up. OBJ files work perfectly. Is anyone else having this issue? Thank you.
  2. Hi, Still a newbie to 3dcoat, sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place to post this question. I have a few questions, I am not sure if my workflow is correct. What I normally do is take a decimated version of my high res sculpt into 3DCoat as a reference mesh, then I retopo it, I do the uvs from the retopo room and export out as an obj. Normally that has been working fine. I recently had some issues as the obj wasn't working for me with something else so I had to change the export to fbx to go into my other programme. My issue is that I have one model and I need 4 uv maps, which I created and named. so i exported out the retoped model as an fbx but when I took it into sub painter (version 1.71) the uv maps were broken up into lots of different parts.... Could someone point me in the right direction with the uving, I have watched multiple tutorials but still can't see the answer I need. Am I missing a step in the process with uving? Thank you in advance.
  3. Using Maya 2020.4 and 3DC 2021.0.2 (New Release). I tested exporting to FBX and OBJ from the paint room to open in Maya. I get proper textures but the geometry is garbled up badly. I made a voxel to surface geo and exported straight from sculpt room with some decimation and that exports fine to fbx and obj. But from the paint room for some reason it's a mess. Haven't changed but a few hotkeys in 3dc 2021. This is using the export constructor btw. I can send the 3DC and Maya files if needed to support but they are a bit bigger than the allowed 44mb.
  4. I exported my model from Zbrush as an FBX (Ascii, not binary) but when uploading it to UV in 3Dcoat the spherical buttons are missing their faces and do not want to automap as the other body parts have. I haven't had this issue before and when testing the buttons alone they imported fine. But when importing with another subtool, they are missing polys. I have remade the buttons but still have the same issue. I also double checked that the normals are the same way and tried a few different settings to no avail. And lastly I have tried using an OBj instead of an FBX, which kind of works, but is no were near as simple because it automapped the groups very oddly. Not sure what else to try. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, I have a problem with the import of a file in the UV Room. When I import it as an FBX nothing appears (shift+A doesn't make it appear either). However, when I import it as an OBJ some faces simply disappear! The file is a pro boolean collapsed to an editable poly (mentioning it because it might be important) from 3dsmax 2020. I have tried changing the FBX to 2012, 2018, 2014... and to ASCII from Binary but nothing seems to work. BTW I am using 4.9.05. Can someone please help? Thanks!
  6. Hello! Sorry for my English, I use a translator. I have after updating Windows 10 to Windows 10 1511 (the last major update), stopped working import FBX files. If I make a Model for Microvertex Painting, writes that The Model is Empty. If I make a Model for Per Pixel Painting, nothing happens at all. In other programs FBX opens without problems. I tried various models. Even if import OBJ image in 3D-Coat. Then save it as an FBX, then the FBX does not open. Such a problem on my 4.5.19 and the latest beta ... Can anyone suggest how to solve - FBX I was very comfortable ...
  7. Hi, When I import .fbx files from Maya nothing shows in 3D Coat, almost like the mesh is invisible. I've tried "Import Object", Import, creating new instance and opening the file that way, nothing seems to be working. I would use .obj, but we're using .fbx for the project I'm part of. Are you aware of this issue and if so, do you have any fixes for it? Software used Maya 2017 3D Coat 4.7.06 (DX6x)(Educational) 3D Coat 4.7.06 (GL6x)(Educational) Hardware used GeForce 980ti (driver 376.19) i7 - 5820k @3.30 GHz 32GB Ram
  8. Hi there! I've done some vertex painting on a model in Blender and I'd like to import my model for further vertex painting in 3D Coat. I haven't been able to find any resources on how to do this. All tutorials I've seen talk about a voxel room, which doesn't seem to exist anymore? When I open up 3D coat, there is an intro panel that has the option to "Import for vertex painting". I've tried this but the mesh imports and I cannot see any vertex colors. Painting with the brush seems to work though. Any clue why this is happening or how ot fix it?
  9. I noticed that if I take in a scanned object with "Repair Scanned Mesh", it retains all of the colors of the original. I assume these are vertex colors, but I don't know for sure. The original mesh in this case was exported from RealityCapture and DID have a UV map in the original. But when I finish my repairs and export it, there is no UV map, and no vertex colors at all. How do I repair the model AND retain at least the colors? They're still there, in the 3D Coat file. Just not in the exported FBX file. Thank you! -Chilton
  10. Hey my fellow Artists my problem: what i want: import fbx file and paint them, export the textures and use them in Unity What I can do: works perfectly with a single fbx file with one mesh problem: fbx files which hold several other fbx files (armor, bodyparts...) with their own texture sets When I import it in 3d Coat I get the whole model with all parts kind of randomly lying around in the paint room is there a way to separate the fbx files? like just getting the armor, painting it, and maybe combine it later again with the main fbx?
  11. Hello, I have a beginners question regarding basic workflow. I do all my modeling in Cinema 4D and at this point, am looking to use 3D Coat for the UV tools (SO GOOD!) and the painting. Basically, I'm just looking for resources/youtubes you may now of that discuss this workflow. For example, I want to know how to get a Normal Map for my object, but most of the tuts I've come across talk about baking a normal from a low poly/high poly mesh created within 3D Coat. At this point, 100% of my modeling will be done outside of 3D Coat, and I'll just be UV'ing and painting. Just curious if anyone else follows this workflow or has any tips for me in regards to preparing the model. Thanks in advance, Kel
  12. Hola Just wondering If it's now possible? Cheers, vincent* ---------- Visual Story Concept Development / Senior Env Lookdev & MattePainting (Available July)http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
  13. Hi, is it possible to export an .FBX mesh with embedded textures? By default 3DC seems to export the mesh only and the textures are saved as separate files.. Thank you!
  14. If I import any fbx file for Per Pixel Painting that was generated by 3D Coat, no matter how large the file is, 3D Coat crashes instantly. But, it only happens with fbx files that 3D coat has created. This forum won't let me start a new topic in the bug forum so I have to do it here. I need to be able to import fbx files because it's the only thing that supports multiple uv sets.
  15. Hi, Guys. I'm experiencing some problems here on my workflow. I have a model separeted in various objects. Each one have its proper UVs and everything is on place, no UDIM (despite using UDIM would be good. But when I do import with Importing Titles as UV Sets all my UVs are stacked on each other). When I import OBJ file to PPP workflow, 3D Coat shows this screen. T The problem is: I have 12 objects with UVs but it only shows 6 UV sets on the importing options. When I click OK, suddenly 3D Coat shows 6 UV sets and 6 surface materials (of 12 objects) and the result is some UVs stacked on each other, also my UV names are not the same as I created, as you can see on the image: When I try to import a FBX file instead of a OBJ file, it shows ALL of my UVs on the importing screen and PRESERVING the UVS names, which is really good. However, the problem with FBX importing is this. While all my UVs are absolutely perfect, the model itself isn't as you can see on the image. If I try to subdivide de model on importing screen, the result is: Some additional info: Tested with 3D Coat 4.5.19 (trough Steam) and 4.5.29. UVs are created on MODO 902. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hey there Coaters, I am having an odd problem importing a hi poly .fbx into the sculpt room. I import it and as usual hit enter to set the mesh without modifications, then when I switch to the 'build clay' brush, my models normals come up reversed. This is one component of a larger model. All components are built with the same technique within Maya. I had a workmate look over it and try to save it out of Max, yet to no avail, still reversed normals. The only solution I found was to do 'Combine' within Maya. By adding another piece of geo to it, the problem goes away and both meshes have correct normals when imported to the sculpt room. Any ideas why this would be happening? Pics below... Thanks Guats
  17. Hey, is it possible to export severel meshes in one .fbx file? I need it for lods in UE4. Does every mesh need his own UV ?
  18. Hi All I've been trying to come up with a solution for this for a while - I think I've found one - but figured I'd post about it in case there was a possible solution I've missed. My issue is that I work in iclone - we don't have a rigging set up, but what we do have are characters we can customize - ie make more clothing for....we can export these characters as fbx, and re-import them as fbx. Problem is, I can't import the fbx characters and their rigs to 3D Coat to customize without a host software. I can't import the fbx skeleton / character to blender to host, ( breaks up the rig ) - I have messiah, but you can't import fbx there either..... I can import to shade 3D for Unity - but their tutorials are very scarce and there is no applink ...so that's a drama to figure out. any ideas on how to do this in a way that doesn't take a month of tutorials, or 1,500 - $4,000 worth of software to host the rig so I can work on the mesh in 3D Coat ? The only solution I've found so far is carrara 8.5 - even thought it doesn't have an applink, it has a good selection of tutorials, the process of skinning looks pretty straight forward - so in theory, I should be able to update the mesh relatively quickly and affordably in comparision to all other softwares that can host. would be great if we had an applink to 3DX5 pipeline. which is the module that allows us to import / export fbx to iclone. Cheers
  19. Hello! I am currently using the 30 day period to evaluate 3d coat. I want a better way to retopologize than what maya has to offer. After i retopologized my object i attempted to export it as a .FBX, which resulted in a crash. In fact i tried all 4 versions of the program executable and everyone one crashed when attempting to export the retopo mesh as a .fbx. I have submitted the info as prompted but i just wanted to post it here and see if maybe it's something that I'm doing wrong. A good note is that exporting to .OBJ works just fine. Attached is the screen shot and here is the submitted info of the report. http://pastebin.com/WbVuRQEh Thank you! -Jon
  20. Does anyone else have problems importing fbx files into UE4? I import the fbx, color, and normal maps and almost everything has at least one black spot on it after rebuilding lighting. Other than the black spot, everything looks awesome.
  21. Hi there I use 3DC in my UVing workflow and have an issue with exporting smoothing groups from 3DC. I do have them when exporting from Maya, but seem to lose them when re-exporting from 3D Coat. How do I make sure I include the smoothing groups when exporting to FBX from 3D Coat? Also: Is the switch to FBX Version 7.3 planned/on the horizon? Cheers, Michael PS: I'm on Version 4.0.18 (Cuda/DX64)
  22. It's evident that the applink support falls short in many instances for example 3dsmax 2013 has been out for the last six months and has no support also other have issues of it not working at all with their software. As a touted feature, it;s very disappointing to find that applinks do not work after all for you. I think it would be beneficial if 3dcoat supported the FBX format a little better, to the degree that texture maps would appear in their relevant slots when opened in 3dcoat. Personally I use mudbox over 3dcoat painting because, I'm not willing to set up all my shaders again, each time. Thanks I'm aware of the 3dsmax 2013 update link, in the back of said app thread, but like many it does not work for me.
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