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Moving forward to keep in pace with the industry I absolutely agree . For me  what I call the core of the program needs attention as in every time I use it I can not believe that some things are not there  but there  is  always a work around for it.  Its all those smaller things that  I think would keep the average user using the whole program more , longer , and bigger user base . I would take a more  polished solid 3dc build (a Branch) with all its rooms striped but to there full potential  . The learning curve is fine  and no I don't want 3dc to end up like  a Ray Dream Studio . My self I am just  a average home  user with just over 1 year using 3dc  for recreation  but I still have my 5 1/4 floppy's and the printed manuals of RDS  but my 486 DX Machine is dead lol .  If its one thing I do love  is people who speak there mind I may or may not like what they say or agree with it but I do respect it .  Having a place to even talk about making 3dc better is a Great thing  that I do not take for granted.

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Hi guys, I had to SignUp just to try and explain some things regarding IPS forums as I come from pretty large IPS Cinema 4D community where I administrating everything.

When you go to UNREAD CONTENT you have many options to setup, what you want to read and how you prefer it. 

Few things like "My Activity Streams" on the top left can be tailored as you prefer and includes default Streams like "Content I started" etc. What you really want to check is "Create New Stream", you can tailor here what ever you prefer, once you are there I am sure you will realize how cool this system really is and how is intuitive to use.

I hope I managed to help you guys. I hope Ill soon add 3D Coat to my arsenal. Its a sad story that it cant be purchased via PayPal, so I must see what my options are.






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