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  1. Normal Maps looking weird in unity

    No unity normal issues as well here.
  2. SPOILER ALERT Instant Light 2 ALPHA is coming .... and its going to be UNREAL..... STAY TUNED...... NOTE : Mac Os ALPHA is going to be available from DAY one of the ALPHA for all Mac Os users. ALL Mac Os users will be upgraded to v2 FOR FREE!!! instantlightrt.com
  3. 3DCoat Startup issues.

    This might be a bug as i get it since 4.8.09 , restarting the app works sometimes as well. I am getting this mostly with the extrude brush , or when i select it as first brush.

    Exactly as Carlosan and Falconius pointed out , just remember to change the name each time as its going to overwrite the previous image.
  5. NVil (formerly known as VoidWorld)

    Problem solved Artur , i just deleted and re installed , re checked everything and all working as they should. Yeah , my bad , thought it was an applink issue ....
  6. Why the weird normal maps?

    Hmmmm , works fine in 4.8.05 . No reason to not believe your saying and i see the results as well. Which version are you using? I would like to try with it as well.
  7. NVil (formerly known as VoidWorld)

    Yeah , checked everything , paths , folders , applink is enabled as well , i am getting other issues as well (smouth issues , facet polygons and some others). I will delete completely , re download and try again , i couldn't find an exe setup so i downloaded a zip with all files in it (Nvil latest version Dec 21 if i remember correctly). Strange thing is that non of those issues exist with Rocket 3F , on exact same models and applink works there as too. Many thanks for the reply , will try again as Nvil is on of the easiest and standalone powered modellers i ever used so far , many thanks for pointing it out .
  8. Why the weird normal maps?

    Uv set smoothing ---> No smoothing in bake settings works as well.
  9. Normal Maps looking weird in unity

    Are you using the Unity export preset? What version of 3D Coat are you using?
  10. Sadly you lost me

    Yeah , same here with the currency's , thats why i pointed out Steam to him , as for me and for all steam purchases so far VAT was not charged (bought 3 softs but so far i think i was not charged something extra , i pay in USD in steam if this makes a difference).
  11. If everything else is fine (you have no weird brush loaded or any stencils for example , this has to do with your actual uv. If you get stretches then your uv needs a bit or relax or re do.
  12. How to restore deleted shaders

    You can get it back by using a HD recovery software on the folder where the material existed before the deleting!!! Been in that situation 2 times and managed to recover the files back (more than 90% of them).
  13. Sadly you lost me

    Buying the license through Steam is another option for you to consider , as very correctly AbnRanger says , Pilgway has nothing to do with currency exchange rates , VAT , or any other extra , they just provide the software with a nice price tag. BUT on the other hand i understand your frustration and thats why i pointed out the Steam alternative.
  14. NVil (formerly known as VoidWorld)

    Any news regarding the Nvil / 3D Coat bridge? Cant get it working from Nvil to Coat unfortunately....
  15. Can_03.png

    Well done!!!