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  1. Your texture resolution?? And paint channels as Carlosan said.
  2. Unfortunately with out unwrap this is not possible.
  3. If you adjust vertex positions it works. If you do the changes in the tweak room even with baked retopo models it works.
  4. More or less Yes to all of your questions , i am on a table and i find it extremely hard to answer in details right now , you need to check the official youtube videos on how rooms and commands operate and questions will be solved.
  5. BUST LIKE A BOSS https://gumroad.com/products/ebNCs you guys requested this now that the Mouse Character Tutorial is about to be delivered (came out awesome and you are going to learn soooooo much from it) LINK---> https://gumroad.com/products/XsAw So , you requested a very detailed HOW TO BUST FULL TUTORIAL , to learn everything , practice techniques , how pros do it , to answer questions regarding likeness busts , all the tricks and tips , FACIAL BRUSHES and in general to brake it down and make it easy EVEN if you never sculpted before. DONT MISS THIS ONE AS WELL Pennywise BUST FULL TUTORIAL Materials will be free to the lifetime materials collection Brushes will be free on the brushes lifetime collection Tutorials will be free on the tutorials lifetime collection https://gumroad.com/products/ebNCs
  6. Realistic Procedural Woods (New technique 2017 - 2018) https://gumroad.com/products/EOhRx https://www.artstation.com/artwork/LGvOR PRE BUY PRICE : $8.99 FINAL PRICE : $19.99 More than 40 Seamless REALISTIC PROCEDURAL WOOD smart materials plus patterns (MULTILAYERED) +Demo scene +Mini Tutorial Several types and patterns 3D Coat scene and mini tutorial on how to use included. (ONLY materials will be included FOR FREE in the lifetime MATERIALS collections) MUST HAVE COLLECTION FULLY PROCEDURAL. Image reference credits : Piece Round stool by Take Home Design
  7. Uploading the Realistic Procedurals Leathers collection. Here is a render with the new STRT Stochastic Realtime UNBIASED NEW render engine of Instant Light Realistic Procedural Leathers https://www.artstation.com/p/Zbz2R Rendered with NEW Stochastic RealTime UNBIASED of Instant Light More than 60 Seamless REALISTIC PROCEDURAL LEATHER smart materials plus stitches strips (MULTILAYERED) +NEW STITCHES BRUSHES (will be included in LIFETIME BRUSHES collection) +NEW STRIPS BRUSHES (will be included in LIFETIME BRUSHES collection) +Weathering +Demo scene --Advance Demo scene 2 will be uploaded next week --Mini Tutorial coming up soon (how to use the materials) Several types and patterns 3D Coat scene and mini tutorial on how to use included.
  8. Modelling low poly straight from the retopo room , then bringing it to the sculpt room to do the sculpt details and finally baking it in the retopo room. This way you only model once!!! Just like making a low poly model in maya or max for example and bringing it in for sculpting and baking. Finally in paint room i paint the low level normal details on a different normal layer. I have a full tutorial series based on this technique , i will upload it on my tutorials collection soon.
  9. Realistic procedural leathers are coming out even better than the real thing !!!! Render is 3d coat
  10. Unique FIRST STRT UNBIASED rendering solution in Instant Light RealTime PBR Renderer. NEW LOW PRICES as well. Sneak peak / preview
  11. Hello to all fellow artists , friends and supporters. Realistic Procedural Leathers (New technique 2017 - 2018) PRE BUY PRICE : $8.99 FINAL PRICE : $19.99 (AFTER ALL MATERIALS AND FILES UPLOAD 1 week time) More than 40 (at least) Seamless REALISTIC PROCEDURAL LEATHER smart materials plus stitches strips (MULTILAYERED) Several types and patterns 3D Coat scene and mini tutorial on how to use included. (ONLY materials will be included in the lifetime MATERIALS collections) MUST HAVE COLLECTION FULLY PROCEDURAL. https://gumroad.com/l/strd
  12. Got it sometimes on older versions. Click on symmetry and go to paint room!!! , then come back if its not auto fixed click again on the symmetry and it will be fixed.
  13. Heeeellloooooo to all friends , artists , lovers , haters lol (seriously , there is one guy that dislikes my videos etc , i will HUNT YOU DOWN FIND YOU AND ask you kindly why are you doing this looooooooollllllll ) In our main subject now , first of all A HUGE THANK YOU FOR BUYING LIKE CRAZY THE LIFETIME TUTORIAL COLLECTION. AND AS YOU CAN SEE NOW , IT DOES PAYS OF!!!!! This is the second tutorial (free for the lifetime tutorial subscribers!!!!) , i am preparing , decided to leave 2 finished ones , for later on so i can prepare you guys even better with this one. First tutorial preview is shown here (the Lightsaber!!!) First tutorial PREVIEW https://youtu.be/egG1W9RDp_g and it will bring you in to 3d coat from scratch to PRO in no time (will be available by the end of the week). This second tutorial (THIS ONE) will get you in the organic sculpting / modelling and i will push it a lot BUT always and at the same time making it soooooo easy to understand that you will be truly amazed. ---> https://gumroad.com/products/XsAw 3d coat for sculpting and materials Substance Designer for materials Houdini for FUR and LOOK DEV Instant Light for FUR and LOOK DEV TIPS / TRICKS / BRUSHES / MATERIALS EVERYTHING Discount will be available for a couple days. Full tutorial and scenes will be uploaded in maximum 2 weeks (Educational versions of softwares can be used so all can gain access to the knowledge provided) Reference scene by Antonio Ferrer
  14. Materials for the Blizzard hand painted style have been uploaded. Categories based on 6 examples : Metals : 12 Wood : 8 Fabric : 1 Bones : 2 Weathering : 11 Palettes : 4 Highlights : 2 Light directions : 2