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  1. 50 seamless custom METAL GRUNGE SERIES 1 PBR SMART MATERIALS https://gumroad.com/l/wibea https://www.artstation.com/p/RV3PD
  2. 55 seamless WEATHERING DUST AND DIRT PBR accurate SMART MATERIALS https://gumroad.com/products/ACnoF https://www.artstation.com/p/23xlB
  4. Greetings Karsten , this one was created at the same time with the water paint mask based on your feedback / request. BUT we can only create it as a shader water type , almost ready to be precise. In order to make the same thing with the real 3d water existing in IL is a totally different story.
  5. WOOOO HOOOOO THIS IS IT!!! Huge THANKS to YOU all who , helped , contributed , supported , to the early BETA users , the beta testers , our families for their support and love through out the extremely hard road of development. My personal goal is to get as much compatibility as possible with 3D Coat (3D COAT MANIAC) , working , researching , experimenting new possible ways of achieving this. SPECIAL THANKS TO ANDREW SHPAGIN , DON NASH , CARLOS ANDREONI , JAVIS JONES , ARTUR J ZAREK , DAVID BLACKWELL , (lets hope i haven't forgotten anyone ) and every single person from this community that supported , helped etc etc. We will continue with MORE PASSION to get INSTANT LIGHT to its BEST. June - 19 - 2017 Instant Light OFFICIAL RELEASE Version 1.0.44 MAJOR UPDATE and FIRST OFFICIAL RELEASE ----Core optimisations---- FIXED SAVE LOAD not happening on mesh IF USER MESH had topology problems (1.0.44) Import textures got a massive update x50 speed up Save load API updated (1.0.44) Save Load x 10 speed up (1.0.44) New Animation System with Splines Animation Path for helpers , cameras and objects NEW Decimation ENGINE to decimate and export your models!!!! FPS system updated Mathematic System got a huge update + performance boost + timescale fixes Twean system got updated PhysX Engine got updated ----Render Engine Updates---- Rendering logo and look dev now is OFF by default (1.0.44) Render engine got a massive update F9 video realtime renderer updated + leak fixed and even faster rendering REALTIME 0 render time HD effects updated + bloom layer fix and faster render AO got re written from scratch + presset updates + leak fix Color camera engine updated + fixed a leak and speed improvments Lut system updated Standard shader got updated NEW antializing engine + quality boost and mask antializing When rendering on secondary cameras NOW AFTER the render , camera go back to quick camera in order to CULL OFF GPU. (1.0.27) Advance materials (only advance materials) now on the first selection system asks if materials will be USER driven regarding WATER , SNOW etc or WEATHER driven. (1.0.27) Setting can also be altered via the interactive weathering panel and when a new material will be createn it will obay the second user command USER OR WEATHER (1.0.27) IMPORTAND now GPU and CPU can be manually cull off by just pressing the middle mouse button MMB (1.0.29) ----Additions---- BENCHMARK for testing your CPU and GPU (1.0.44) On new scene now it deletes all users materials (1.0.44) Added mesh export to cloth panel to export the collider mesh as well (1.0.44) FLIP MATERIAL ON CLOTH ADDED (1.0.44) NEW REALTIME FUR / GRASS SHADER with height option / MASK to add the shader on paint height at will!!!!! (1.0.44) This new shader can have both fur / grass on a model with a painted height mask. SUPERIOR quality (1.0.44) ADDED Pin HOLDERS for cloth (1.0.44) HIDE UNHIDE PIN HOLDERS while they still work and hold the cloth (1.0.44) Added object recognition and lettering on imported objects (1.0.33) Version Updater on welcome screen notifies for new version and gives link for download Hidden option (auto reveals) for a limited number of discounts for DEMO / TRIAL USERS Multiple camera settings (DOF DISTANCE) for all 10 secondary cameras Splines Animation Path for helpers , cameras and objects Image Reference !!! Water shader properties and water shader Floor and Floor materials for your hero characters / monsters etc Turntable now can get saved / load (1.0.27) Decimator export now informs user that it needs LMB and RMB on the selected item to export it (1.0.27) Poly hair now has add expo and rem expo so it can be applied on the helper to hide it (1.0.27) Independent DOF (1.0.27) Animation and Animation Render tabs on 3D Pie (1.0.29) All weathring attributes are not fully contolable from weather as well.(1.0.29) Snow (and all other effects) can melt and regenerate based on weather (1.0.29) Enabled procedural cloth creation for the public. Splines animation system added start stop animation (1.0.33) ----Corrections---- FIXED HAIR BLACK RENDERING ISSUE IN RT ROOM (1.0.44) Fixed the seams off button description FIXED on timeline close it leaves the background on (1.0.44) FIXED Cloth opacity not working as it should after load (1.0.44) FIXED On load advance materials looses opaque , cutout etc (1.0.44) Fixed helpers transform on load , helpers now dont get saved load as they are only size helpers (1.0.33) FIXED secondary cameras RT ROOM from 5 and up now all cameras work as expected in both rooms (1.0.33) FIXED issues with secondary camera rotation Now all secondary cameras work as expected under any situation Editor or RT Room or Look Dev (1.0.27) Saves as overwrite pop up window and blocker fixed Fixed F11 new render engine to behave correct under any user mistake / wrong usage Fixed standard material , auto snow and wetness will be on as default (user must take it off) Fixed logo render Fixed Look Dev helpers , spheres and color card to be on and off per render session (settings) Fixed position of update button Dof distance slider to not open all at the same time / give info at the same time (save load leak) DOF focal size fixed (1.0.27) Interactive weather now auto closes and open on any render command (1.0.27) Test on POLY hair came out positive no issues (user request for checking) (1.0.27) Soft shadow on omni lights came out positive (user request for checking) (1.0.27) Hero Stands now save and load correctly (1.0.27) Fixed save as not coming up on the second save as attempt (1.0.27) Fixed AO on standard material (1.0.29) Fixed issue with G.I very rare room crash (1.0.33) fixed issue with G.I parented objects (1.0.33) Fixed issue with shadow culling (1.0.33) fixed important leak in UI (1.0.33) fixed text issues in UI (1.0.33) ----Known Bugs----- NONE ----Near feature Release will contain----- Poly modelling cloth simulation (from external apps) Cloth Pins Decimator keep original mesh and revert to it Asset Bundle for materials , models etc User HDRI WACOM FULL support http://www.instantlightrt.com/
  6. Did some test today for Instant Light for the upcoming official release...... https://www.artstation.com/p/lnmAJ
  7. I am having this from 28 or 29 i thought it was my drivers!!!
  8. 3D Coat license price is extremely low when you consider what software provides to the end user. I really hope our friend JimB is not in a serious trouble that forces him to sell it for some extra cash , also wishing to CoatFly to buy his asap. Bought my PRO used as well (had Edu first) and never regret it , (hopefully i will never regret it in the future as well lol) as it took my to another level , literally. Just my thoughts as i feel sad when i see people selling....
  9. 69 seamless Hero Stands MEGAPACK : https://gumroad.com/products/vpvJg https://www.artstation.com/p/GWERQ
  10. I use obj
  11. I will tell you what i do in those situation. I "explode" the parts , paint them so they get the AO correctly and then get them back in the editor / modelling software. Attaching a link to show you what i mean by explode.
  12. Artists that want their art to be featured in the RELEASE VIDEO of IL kindly send models and textures to support@instantlightrt.com
  13. GREAT NEWS UPLOADING FINAL PUBLIC PRE RELEASE 3!!! http://www.instantlightrt.com/try-buy.html Instant Light PRE RELEASE PR3_024_R_2_2 MAJOR UPDATE and FINAL PUBLIC PRE RELEASE ----Core optimisations---- Import textures got a massive update x50 speed up Save Load x 4 speed up Look Dev Core got updated PhysX got new engine and can stop and start locally (individual settings of each model in Inspector) Cloth Engine got a massive update Save / Load of cloth shapes Save / Load of cloth individual vertex Save / load of cloth mesh , after user manually converts it to MESH ----Render Engine Updates---- Render engine got a massive update Cloth simulation Quality settings and accuracy Interpolation got updated and now is the default methoed Material duplication now share the same textures if this applies to the same shader ----Additions---- Add multiple AREA lights by Control D Now you can render by default the Look Dev spheres and color chatcher , options on Scene floating tab settings Blue letters indicate core settings for cloth Now you can render by default the Instant Light Logo options on Render floating tab Look Dev got updated Canvas animation got updated to a transparent view to open more visual space On Realtime Render room now when iso is pressed Look Dev 3d helpers get auto hidden Parrent material got shared On new scene got default material in stock objects ----Corrections---- Fixed cloth memory leak Auto close of shadow catcher fixed Fixed save load materials under the material tab Fixed Logo render options for black (default) , color and light versions Shape after cloth core update was giving a wrong gizmo center , fixed. New scene , turn off floor Fixed hand flickering issue ----Known BUGS---- In material / shaders FUR Gravity got disabled due to bug issue , will be re enabled in the next build
  14. Procedural Heavily Damaged Metals Pack 1 became a best seller really fast so here is Pack 2!! Gumroad : https://gumroad.com/products/JGBzU