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  1. After the big success of 1 and 2 i am uploading the third series of procedural heavily damaged metals. https://gumroad.com/products/ILXWz
  2. Greetings to all friends , i am launching a new SERIES , that will include EVERYTHING I USED TO CREATE EACH THEME. GOING REALLY HARD ON THIS WITH QUALITY YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE (from me at least lol), EXTREMELY HIGH STANDARDS. FIRST SCENE WILL BE AN ORC CHARACTER FULL SCENE / ALL TOOLS INCLUDED ALL NEW FULL SCENE SERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN ANY OTHER COLLECTIONS - NEW UNIQUE FULL CHARACTER / FULL SCENE SERIES PRE BUY NOW DISCOUNTED PRICE $12.99 FULL RETAIL PRICE AFTER ALL FILES WILL BE UPLOADED $39.99 ORC CHARACTER FULL SCENE , SCULPT , RETOPO , PAINTED MODEL , SPLINE TOOLS , custom BRUSHES custom SMART MATERIALS AND TEXTURES MORE THAN 120 IN TOTAL YOU GET EVERYTHING to create , orcs , knights , slaves , monsters , dragons , ANYTHING RELATIVE TO THIS STYLE Model in cover is wip / rough BASE sculp Final model paint / materials / tools used will be revealed in 2 weeks time in FULL PRICE QUALITY WILL BE AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE with MOVIE STANDARDS Material categories : Skins , fur , hair , metals , leathers , damages , flesh , wounds , wood , scul , basically anything you could find on an orc character. PRE BUY NOW. https://gumroad.com/products/sVsgN
  3. Procedural Cables ADDON for Instant Light RealTime PBR Renderer (Requires at least a Student / Unemployed PRO version of Instant Light) Sneak Peek : https://youtu.be/5cwDu1Kks4I PRE BUY : https://gumroad.com/products/LaAfE Get early access and 50% DISCOUNT by just PRE BUYING the Procedural cables Add on. Discount Price : $12,99 Retail Price : $26 Access will be granted to license holders on the next Instant Light Update.
  4. RETAIL PRICE $12,99 when files are uploaded. (in the next couple days) PREORDER / BUY NOW WITH 50% Discount https://gumroad.com/products/lVKjC https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oo5dm Categories : Patterns, Plain fabric, Wicker, Wool Cloth Simulation in Instant Light procedural cloth creation Retopo / Paint in 3D Coat Rendered in Instant Light PBR Renderer
  5. Review on Instant Light 1.2 new features , including the Polygon cloth Engine
  6. 2 cents dropped lol , using similar method to IL 1.2
  7. Instant Light OFFICIAL RELEASE Version 1.2.12 CRUCIAL UPDATE ON OFFICIAL RELEASE ----Core optimisations---- System optimization (1.2.12) Save / Load optimizations -- Faster save and load , (1.2.12) UI IMPROVMENTS and SPEED OPTIMISATIONS (1.2.12) FPS system updated (1.2.12) Benchmark scene upgraded (1.2.12) ----Render Engine Updates---- Render Engine Internal core got updated (1.2.12) Render engine updated (1.2.12) Visuals upgraded , bloom , zdepth added for extra realism , zclip added , issues with transparent models fixed (1.2.12) Advance water shader got a re write (1.2.12) Animation spline system upgraded (1.2.12) SS system upgraded (1.2.12) ----Additions---- More than 110 new materials added to the materials presets (1.2.12) Now UI settings and CORE SYSTEM SETTINGS can be saved (1.2.12) (scene setup floating UI) Polygon cloth enabled and working (1.2.12) Removed BLUE AND ORANGE icons (1.2.12) Preview on material presets now shows on mouse hover before click (1.2.12) UI Themes Light and Grey Dark (1.2.12) Free Ram instant at scene (1.2.12) Cornell box added as an extra demo scene (1.2.12) Procedural Cloth settings presets (1.2.12) Added save load visual to let user know app is running while save / load (1.2.12) Procedural cloth vertex got smaller (1.2.12) Enabled material scale (1.2.12) 3D Coat to Instant Light improvments (1.2.12) Area Light got a bigger beam (1.2.12) Area light got new exposed properties on Inspector (1.2.12) On new scene the G.I setting now go to default (1.2.12) Added demos folder on Load UI (1.2.12) ----Corrections---- Fixed load scene on welcome screen to NOT loose the icons of editor and look dev (1.2.12) Rare problem with floating UI visuals fixed (1.2.12) Header 1 material on off fixed (1.2.12) Sim stop on Poly cloth not working (1.2.12) Bend stiffness on poly cloth fixed (1.2.12) Sim time control on Poly cloth fixed (1.2.12) Fixed issue with Scene setup floating windows going opaque when pressed. Now it only goes one time opaque just to save the settings . (1.2.12) Preview spheres moved to unknown area to prevent visual leaks (1.2.12) Fixed lag with Poly cloth floating UI ----Known Bugs----- 1) Preset materials cant be saved , will be fixed on next release (1.2.12) ----Near feature Release will contain----- Poly cloth creation TURN TO MESH AND EXPORT ON DISK (PRIORITY) SAVE LOAD TRANSFER TO GPU FOR EVEN FASTER SAVE LOAD (PRIORITY) TEXTURE CREATION ADDON (PRIORITY) Procedural cloth re add on sim Poly modelling cloth simulation (from external apps) Cloth Pins Decimator keep original mesh and revert to it Asset Bundle for materials , models etc User HDRI WACOM FULL support www.instantlightrt.com
  8. Hey Artur , 1.1.52 was a closed BETA , visible only to selected testers, you can apply at support@instantlightrt.com for further testing on closed BETAS , BUT, in a couple days 1.2.. will be available with many additions / surprises !!!! Currently 1.1.40 is available for download here ---> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bx1hDPLcQcmqWEJNMnhtNWpfZlE?usp=sharing P.S Yeah it was full , so sorry , deleted some.
  9. MAJOR update coming up soon.... instantlightrt.com
  10. Success on first Mac closed Beta. Some tweaks and it will be passed on Public closed Beta. Beta testers state your interest for testing at support@instantlightrt.com
  11. Leaks brushes Series 1 for 3D Coat https://gumroad.com/products/pMzHt https://www.artstation.com/p/xPqxR Added as free to the brushes LIFETIME collection
  12. In this case , we will take it in priority. PLEASE DO SEND YOUR SUGGESTIONS TO support@instantlightrt.com Reasons 1) I have the new UI Designer on hold to review your suggestions and give me a timeline to do what it can be done currently at least on visuals. 2) To keep this thread clean , this was made to showcase what Instant Light can do , support is for everything else. Many thanks.
  13. Guys , out of a little less than 400 licensed users of Instant Light , i got complains regarding UI from only 4. Already stated that we are working on a new UI for 1.5 or at least make this one a little bit more pleasing to the eye. In any case , i respect your opinions , all of them as always and letting you know that we are working on it.
  14. EXPERIMENTALLY MADE WITH THE UPCOMING TEXTURE CREATOR ADD ON for Instant Light . Series 1 gumroad.com/products/Vgfy Series 2 gumroad.com/products/QNfoh