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  1. Here's another video on Sculpting with Volumetric Materials.
  2. Hello! These are free glass materials, 3 options. They are very simple, do not judge strictly. I will accept constructive criticism! Have fun! Free Glass Materials
  3. I was going between 3DC and Blender a bit trying to hit the sweet spot I wanted for something, and I noticed differences between the two renders, especially caused by varying roughness values. I decided to get a bit scientific about it, so here's the results of my tinkering. I used the studio.exr panorama from Blender in both programs for a fair comparison. The 3DCoat environment settings were left at default, but the light was deactivated. The HDRI was normalised when I imported it. The HDRI strength was left at default value in Blender too. A simple sphere, identical colour value in all renders. I'm making no judgement as to which renderer is 'better'. This is just purely for comparison, to see how roughness values appear in each in order to make texturing a bit more predictable. I did notice that in the HDRI there is a tiny but bright spotlight high up adjacent to the other light, but for some reason this isn't picked up in the 3DCoat renders. Perhaps it's just a tiny pinprick and too small to be picked up. I don't know. There also appears to be a light down low, right of centre, but only on the renders for 25% to 40% roughness in the 3DCoat renders. I don't know where that's coming from. It isn't apparent in any of the others. The most noticeable differences is that the reflections in the 3DCoat Paint Room preview are a touch more intense than both of Blender's renders, but the same reflections are a bit feinter in 3DCoat's Renderer. Also, at around 35-40% roughness, the 3DCoat Renderer has greater blur on the main reflections near the centre, which has almost become a single bright patch, whereas all the others still have two distinct light sources. Like I said, this isn't about picking a 'winner' or 'favourite'. It's just to help me predict how my textured objects will appear and render in Blender to save time to-ing and fro-ing making adjustments. Just thought I'd share. Regards, Derek
  4. Hi to all! I wanted to display my mini library of various materials, brushes and just textures. They were either downloaded from the Internet or made by me In total, there are more than 200 items in the folder I will also ask other people to post their links to their materials) We will collect the community base) If someone will share their views, I will add them to the topic description P.s it will be updated over time, new materials will be added) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d15dS2sFyGiRTR2AFvjO4eT9bpn4u35w/view?usp=sharing There are a lot of materials (I won't put them all on the screenshots (I'm lazy))
  5. Is there a way in the paint room to have multiple materials, each with their own layers and textures, similar to how Substance Painter handles importing a mesh that has multiple materials assigned? I have a character model with one material assigned to the hair, one material assigned to the head, and another material assigned to the rest of the body. Each material has its own texture. I started basic colors and painting in Substance Painter and Photoshop, and I want to do the rest in 3D Coat. Here is my process and how 3D Coat handles it: I export an FBX from Maya, with "embed media" toggled on. I make a new file in 3D Coat and choose "Paint UV Mapped Mesh (Per-Pixel)." I tried multiple times with different import settings (see step 4). All the textures in 3D Coat are gray. I use the ctrl+P "send to Photoshop" function to add my previous textures back into the 3D Coat textures. I get a prompt saying "select UV set to export." If I have toggled on "import tiles as UV sets" when I created the file, then the materials/UV sets are renamed to 1001, 1002, and 1012. If I have toggled off "import tiles as UV sets" when I created the file, then the materials/UV sets retained their original name. If I have toggled off "import tiles as UV sets" when I created the file and toggled off "treat materials as separate textures," then whatever I paint on one part of the mesh also gets painted onto a different part of the mesh. So obviously this one is the wrong choice. I pick the material/UV set in 3D Coat, then In Photoshop I paste my original textures into my "Layers.psd" generated by 3D Coat, then save and close Layers.psd. Back in 3D Coat, the texture reloads and layers for the first material shows up fine. I repeat the process for my second material. If I give the second material a different number of layers than the first material, then in 3D Coat all the objects that received the first material disappear. They do still have visibility toggled on in the "paint objects" panel. If I give the second material the same number of layers than the first material, then in 3D Coat the objects that receive both materials stay present. In the "texture editor" panel, I can still toggle between materials in the dropdown, and the texture editor shows the proper texture for these. But they all share the same layers. So it appears that 3D Coat allows multiple materials, but they all must use the same textures and layers for those textures. This is not ideal - I'd love to be able to only use the layers I need for each material, and to name each layer appropriately. Is there a way to do this that I'm missing? Thanks!
  6. Hello friends I have just installed the new version of the program and I want to transfer my materials, brushes and stencils from the previous version to the new one. I think I must make a package and then install to other one , and I did not know how to ? Is there any other way or Tutorials? Thank you
  7. my first glass attempts in 3D-Coat: ClearGlass.3dcpack IMPORTANT: Make sure Layer 0 opacity - 25% or lower! then on layer one (or any other layer above 0) use the glass material. make sure the material is on 100% opacity but the layer opacity is on a low % (me = typically choose 15% or less) --- message me if you = need any help sorting it out :]
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post a feature request. But i`ve use 3d coat over the years as well as substance painter. And one thing that has always bugged me (excuse pun!) is there isnt a search feature for materials and the like. I have probably 300+ smart materials. There isnt a way to list them, only thumbnail views. You have to hover your mouse, wait a second and then the name appears. Try that when you have 20+ folders of materials each container 30+ materials. Its painful. Surely its time to have a search feature so you could just type eg. con ... and concretes would appear. Same goes for alpha brushes. This is such a useful feature in substance painter. *Please* add a search feature.
  9. Hi ! I am a noob here... I started painting this after I model it in surface mode. In some points including all the grass the texture is very bad looking. The images that I am using to texture are 2048x2048 pixels or bigger. The preview looks awesome... I read the topic about the preview and understand that they will not look the same. But as you can see there are some points with very big difference. I marked the with red. I want to obtain the quality from the preview if possible or at least the good zones (marked with blue). Is a bad mesh surface or something ? (for me it looks like the surface is the problem, what s the best tool to divide the surface ?... or something like that). I imported it from rhino exported as .STL and has over 50 million triangles. Thank you !
  10. Hello, just a quick question. is it possible to maintain my selection tags and material assignments from Cinema4d to 3D Coat and back? I had assigned materials and after i did my UVs in 3d Coat and exported my fbx back to Cinema4D all that was gone replaced with a single generic material. No selection tags, no materials? Could this be because of an export setting or is the fbx file format? i dont know. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I know probably this is a easy thing but cant figure out how to fix it. In voxel mode when i change materials to use someone more confortable for sculpting the pose tool has no longer the colorfull gradient but a grey one. Its harder like this to see how its working.
  12. Hi guys, I hope the question doesn't sound too silly, in that case, pardon me for my noobness! As you know I'm still relatively new to the software, and in these days I'm studying the smart materials abilities of 3DC. My two questions are very simple and straightforward: - Can I create smart materials/materials in Substance Designer and then import and use them in 3DC? - Does it make any sense? I mean, does 3DC smart materials editor has any flaws or lack, or I can just craft the craziest, cartoonish or hyperrealistic materials? Thank you for your time! ^-^
  13. Greetings to all. I will start posting to Gumroad my smart materials collections. All materials will be : Seamless custom PBR accurate materials (game engines optimized 512 x 512 pixels) 9 Texture Channels Each (depends on material type) Dermis ( Base colour / Diffuse ) Subdermis Hypodermis Ambient Occlusion Base Color Bump Curvature Normal Detail_Normal Diffuse Displacement Emissive Glossiness Height Metallic Opacity Roughness Specular Pseudo SSS mask Compatible with : 3D Coat PBR ( smart materials included ) Substance Painter ( materials included ) Toolbag 2 ( materials included ) Unity 5 PBR ( materials included ) Zbrush ( Texture painting ) Unreal PBR Substance Designer for texture based nodes ( SBS and SBSAR NOT INCLUDED ) Render Engines Compatibility : Mantra PBR Mantra IPR Renderman Arnold Redshift Vray Indigo Maxwell Octane Furryball Thea and any renderer that supports Here is my first collection (will be posted shortly) teaser.
  14. Artem Ba

    8 Classic Lamps, 3

    From the album: 8 Classic Lamps

    All the sculpting I did in 3D-Coat in voxel mode, and Render in Unreal Engine 4. I did not use any post processing.
  15. Artem Ba

    8 Classic Lamps, 4

    From the album: 8 Classic Lamps

    All the sculpting I did in 3D-Coat in voxel mode, and Render in Unreal Engine 4. I did not use any post processing.
  16. Hi All-- Hope all are well....incredibly grateful if you can tell me how to accomplish this...and ASAP I'm building out some models in SILO3D--and I'm using 3DCoat for UVing so far. I absolutely love it. Here's my trouble: I've marked up my mesh in the OBJ (silo) w/ some simple Materials....then I head over after UVing (3dcoat) to substance painter where I replace those simple MATs w/ glorious procedural ones. Problem is when I hit "APPLY" in the UV room----my material names all get nerfed back to vanilla (all one color, one same mat). What do I need to do in 3DCOAT so this doesn't happen? I imagine I need to tell it something in the paint room etc before I hit APPLY UVs. I'm on a tight deadline so this will hugely help my workflow. Thanks so much--and if you wanna call and walk me thru it I'll definitely return the favor. Roger
  17. Is it possible to animate materials within 3DC? It would be pretty amazing to have a small timeline to keyframe material & layer properties and output the animated textures.
  18. I hate to have to ask, but I can't find any instruction on how to actually install .3dcpacks Are they supposed to dropped over the active program? When I drop on the application icon inside the folder, the .cdpack file just copies into the folder at the first level.
  19. Hi there! I am a new-ish user to 3dcoat and a new user to the forum. I have been using 3Dcoat primarily for it's awesome smart materials. Suddenly today, I open up the program and all of the smart materials look "flatter". It's not from pressing 2, either. I tried pushing all of those and nothing reset. I thought "glossiness" or "metalness" at the top may have been accidentally adjusted, but I pushed them all up to 100 and nothing changed. If this were just one material, I would assume that it's a messed up map or something but it is ALL smart materials that have this current issue. Basically all manner of glossiness or reflection seems to be gone. I assume I must have fat-fingered a hotkey or something but now I have no idea how to get it back to making this program usable to me. The weird part is that I can open up older files and THOSE files seem to still have the shiny-glossy look that you see in the thumbnail. But as soon as you try to start applying new materials to the meshes, it's the flat looking stuff again. I'm totally at a loss as to what has happened. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  20. 18 tile materials inside - (DOWNLOAD - https://www.dropbox.com/s/rr5gk5l7wcsawyq/18 tile materials and textures - Arno Leonardo (%40X-Ymodelling).zip?dl=0 ) Pack 1: Pack 2: I = new to making materials - would love to know what you thinks :] thank you !
  21. Hello, My name it Didzis Beitlers. Just started using your software at Catdaddy games. How can you quickly find the material that you have added to a piece of geometry in order to modify it some more? In max there are indicator triangles in material editor that let you know, but don't see anything similar in this program.
  22. I am trying to use smart materials, but im getting like wierd, 10% of the smart material results, as if I had multiply turned on or something. But I dont, everything is default and I cant figure out what happened over night, things were fine yesterday! I have tried many different meshes etc, same results, restarted, same. here is a gif of what I am seeing, what setting is on or what is happening? I am at a full stop here and so confused! I have watched lots of tutorials, but have NO clue how to even describe with words what this problem even is: http://imgur.com/CTt0Fbi
  23. Hi, all! I was under the impression that you could bake 'render room' shaders onto an object so that the material can be exported as images along with the mesh. If this is possible-- how the heck is it done? I can't seem to figure it out... Thanks! Bryan
  24. In this tutorial I show how to use manual retopology of an imported model (obj) and how to add smart materials for it:
  25. Hey guys, have you been messing around with the new PBR Smart Materials in version 4.5, but you don't feel like you really know what you are doing, or if you are doing it correctly? Well don't worry, because I found this really great tutorial about how to paint with the new PBR Smart Materials in 3D-Coat! It is made by an Italian guy who goes by the name of DoctorDanko on Youtube. His Italian accent is only mild, so his English is still very easy to understand. (Big thanks to DoctorDanko for making the video!) In the video you get a good explanation of what the new PBR Smart Materials do, how to paint with them, and also how to build your own. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hyz8OrzBtA
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